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    Obsessed career cunts

    I feel your pain. I have to deal with these snowflake cunts all the time. When they don't like something it's "unacceptable", anything which doesn't fall into their idea of "humour" is "peurile". As older blokes we're lumped into the catagory of misogynists and dinosaurs. Sorry to generalise but as a rule, the guys have short back and sides with a beard and carry brown leather man bags, and wear those stupid long square ended leather shoes 4 sizes too big. They come in to work on a bike or public transport, they drink "craft beers" at the weekend and vape. The girls are normally on FB with that fucking cuntish trout pout or instagram with stupid fucking ears and a doggy nose superimposed on their fucking over made up and software adjusted profile pic which makes the spotty pock marked slapper look halfway shaggable, which is a cuntish trick cos if you meet her on a date you'll soon realise that one has been somewhat short changed. There's no workplace banter, we can't have sexy calenders up, as mentioned they don't drink coffee or tea but have fucking veggie smoothies which no doubt taste like shit. They also do the ultimate in cuntish behaviour by labelling their lunch boxes in the fridge. The next time I see a "Chelsea Jade" or fucking "Hamish Arthur" on a lunchbox it's going in the fucking bin (after I've gone through it - the lunchbox, not the bin, that is).
  2. Cuntlicker

    Cunts who drink bleach

    Actually it wasn't bullshit apart from the grandma panties thing. Never seen Cass.
  3. Cuntlicker

    Cunts who drink bleach

    True story (ergo bullshit), I grew up around the corner from a family of first generation Jamiacans. I was friendly with one of the kids as we'd walk to school together and in return he'd give me a pair of his older sisters used panties by way of thanks (He also lived with his grandma so they might have been hers). He once admitted to me he tried to scrub himself with bleach to try and make himself white but to no avail and as a result he ended up in extreme pain. Despite his screams when the ambulance arrived, I understand that at least the bathroom smelled nice. Swings and roundabouts, eh?.
  4. Cuntlicker

    Madonna at 60

    She's had enough cock to put a handrail on the Great Wall, but overall I'd still give her a damn good licking out.