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  1. killemall

    Steph McGovern of BBC Breakfast

    i`ve run out of like wizz, bravo!
  2. killemall

    Steph McGovern of BBC Breakfast

    brilliant! brilliant.
  3. killemall

    chis moyles

    the entire news & current affairs wing of the bbc should be infiltrated by isis & every single one of the left wing agenda brainwashing cunts should be thrown from the roof of broadcasting hse before burning the place to the ground. that said eddie i wholeheartedly agree moyles is & always has been a cunt of horrendous magnitude.
  4. killemall

    Jamiroquai`s jay kay

    i knew i was gonna get a shoeing once the judge spotted me.
  5. killemall

    Tranny Madness

    i bet they change their status to man once the beeb finds a job for them,looking at their wage structure.mind you i expect they probably get double what everyone else does.
  6. killemall

    Dregs of society at Costco

    that looks like frank without just for men in his beard
  7. killemall

    May Giving It The Biggun.

    this morning they had a woman on who can lift the equivalent of two tins of beans up with her vag,i shit you not.who is the cunt that chooses these stories?they have some loon who finds stories like this on a daily basis.totally fucking bizarre.sorry i`ve gone a tad off the nom there.
  8. killemall

    The death of (Ian) Lemmy Kilmister

    touching tribute from ghandi.
  9. killemall

    Jamiroquai`s jay kay

    nothing that stylish,mostly floppy monstrosities.
  10. killemall

    Jamiroquai`s jay kay

    bit of a retro nom i know, but anybody who remembers this knock kneed, slip slidy dancing, cosmic cunt from the nineties hopefully will agree he`s deserving.best remembered for knocking his nail into denise van outen (although apparently she made him love her with a little l) whatever the fuck that means ? swanning around in various ferrari`s & occasionally getting headbutted by the paparazzi.oh that & wearing stupid fucking hats.
  11. killemall

    Romano Fenati

    bobandy & his cream trousers he had to remove before a fight,always makes me chuckle.
  12. killemall

    Romano Fenati

    the liquor let jim down.
  13. killemall

    Mark Carney House Price slump fear monger

    spot on mc,everytime this cunt goes anywhere near a microphone it`s doom & gloom & we`re all fucked apparently.why did we employ this Canadian cunt in the first place?
  14. killemall

    Jenny Eclair

    what`s with the sudden fascination for these adverts?from women pissing themselves when they sneeze to dry minges ffs,always seem to appear while I`m eating to boot!the vagisil episode of south park was however hilarious & well worth a gander.
  15. killemall

    Romano Fenati

    sadly the late great jim lahey is indeed dead.