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  1. thanks for the advice, but i`m not going to run the gauntlet of scummy mummy`s decrepit coffin dodgers & johnny foreigner getting something for nothing in the waiting room.i`ll get by on my synthetic opiods for now.why don`t you show me how it`s done fella?
  2. thanks for the feedback wolfie, must do better.
  3. big thanks to the attention seeker this morning who ruined thousands of people`s day by sitting on a bridge over the river & bringing the entire city`s traffic to a standstill.if you really want to end it all jump in front of a train or slit your wrists the proper way , not fuck up everyone else`s day, cunt.
  4. your right wolfie,what was i thinking, no amount of hairstyles is gonna do it for steph she has to be the muscle in this operation
  5. you can`t get past the know it all bitch on reception.
  6. apparently the beeb has around 500 transgender employee`s on it`s books, i`m just wondering if our steph is the new union rep?
  7. absolutely spot on, & it is scary.
  8. this relentless cuntfest should carry a government health warning, with the sickeningly sweet pairing of the silver fox & holly blow your beans over me boobies combining to lay down a daily pile of shite to the daytime tv masses (i know baws is gonna pan me for being 24/7 tv watching white trash, & i`m sure panzy will get some brexit blame in here somehow) but i honestly can`t stand more than a few seconds of this garbage, part of my job is i`m around tv`s most of the day & i like a bit of background noise, i never watch it , i just hear it & whoever fills the content needs kicking unconcious on a daily basis.you have the usual z list cunt talking shite, holly doing that incredibly annoying squeaky voice , but the biggest piss boiler is whichever cunt thinks up the freakshow segment, you get the usual banal nonsense then they shoehorn in the bloke who got fed up of waiting for his sex change op & decided to slice his own cock off with a stanley knife or someone that shits themselves when they sneeze or the loons who think the earth is flat ffs.also i want that fat cockney cunt with the stupid braces off combat dealers dead, preferably in horiffic fashion.
  9. that`s very kind of you decs, i do read your comments with interest, you put it down better than i can matey!
  10. i haven`t been a member for long, but from what i have seen frank seems to get some clog, not that it seems to bother him too much.i have to say i do enjoy some of his short shrift responses at times.
  11. now he`s upped the bar again & changed his name to ye! you have to hand it to this ill fitting slip on wearing loon, he has reached levels of cuntishness never seen before.
  12. wasn`t it great to see this megamouthed cunt quit in the early hours of sunday morning?all the hype all the bullshit all the shameless abuse of his opponent & his team & he gets a sustained battering from his opponent who apparently kept muttering to him, talk shit now on the way to mcgregor tapping out again!disgraceful excuse for a human being, but because of his huge ego he`ll be back to get battered again & i`ll be watching with a smile.
  13. who said i voted?also i made no mention of immigration at all?are you a millenialist by chance brought up listening to the bbc agenda driven home throughout school & university ? i like to have original thought & grew up questioning why the bbc news was always so one sided?i can see from other members you have a very strong opinion on this matter.honestly i can`t stand politicians & from what i have seen eu politicians are even more freeloading than our own useless shower.
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