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  1. Roger cuntwing

    My wife

    I Married the fucking old dog 40 odd years ago. Fucking poison dwarf cunt. In our photos we put pictures of ourselves on Facebook. ( I know all the cunts on cunts corner don't like face book!!!) Proffesses how deeply religious she is. But I must be a cunt because I have denied my side of the family. While hers exists to my children, so my children will never know them. All because I am a big cunt!!!
  2. Roger cuntwing

    Neil warnock

    Fucking sabre toothed cunt whose teeth are too big for his mouth!! Fucking cry baby bastard when wolves beat them last season, cos they missed a penalty . Wouldn't shake the wolves manager's hand at the end. Told him to fuck off, about 10 times. Then said in an interview after how disrespectful the wolves manager was for over celebrating at the end of the game. What a two faced cunt. I have seen him doing exactly the same at away grounds, with his stupid twaty arms raised to the Cardiff fans. How the fuck did Cardiff get promoted. They are fucking shit. Shit team shit manager!! Relegation this season .CUNTS!!!
  3. Roger cuntwing

    Blonde cunt at work who creeps to the boss

  4. Roger cuntwing

    Blonde cunt at work who creeps to the boss

    Longer than the blonde cunt. Fucking hate the site of the cunt.
  5. Roger cuntwing

    Blonde cunt at work who creeps to the boss

    Thanks for the compliment perhaps you are the blonde cunt at work. Fuck right off yourself.
  6. Same blonde cunt as before. I went into work one day and I saw the stupid slag, looking all doey eyed at the boss, hanging on to his every word, like a love sick puppy!! Fucking creepy up the bosses arse cunt!!! Thinks her and her little clique are the most important people in the office. FUCK right off you fucking slag!!!
  7. Roger cuntwing

    Fat cunts who have children

    Lovely response Mr cuntbaws. I suspect your iq is the same as a retard
  8. Roger cuntwing

    Fat cunts who have children

    I know a fat cunt who has 2 children. She sits there judging all the women who are childless. Through no fault of there own. ie they were unable to have children. But through her own judgemental eye, this fat cunt thinks they are worthless pieces of shit!! Just because they haven't managed to have children. Making sarcastic remarks. What a fucking horrible cunt!!!
  9. Roger cuntwing


    Fucking old grannies who praise their grandchildren all the time. Like no one else in the world has anyGive them all the fucking money for cars and inheritance when they die.Don't you realise grannies these spongy fuckers only want your money. It's like they think they are entitled!!! Make the fuckers stand on their own remain feet. They will only put you In an old folks home when you get old!! There's gratitude for you!!
  10. Roger cuntwing

    Dumb blonde cunts at work

    more like round the cock
  11. Roger cuntwing

    Dumb blonde cunts at work

  12. Roger cuntwing

    Mr cunt

    Mr cunt. Abandons his family. Marries a dog!! Never recognizes his side of the family!! Brainwashed fucking cunt. And becomes a Catholic cunt!!
  13. Roger cuntwing

    Dumb blonde cunts at work

    I know a dumb blonde cunt at work. Shags about got so many kids by different fathers. Got men falling at her knees. Thinks she is more important than what she really is. One dumb cunt.!! Can't you see cunt face all they wanna do is get in your knickers.!!
  14. Roger cuntwing


  15. Roger cuntwing


    Cunts at work, who get into a clique, there is always the leader of the gang, all going around talking gangster shit making out they are hard!! Plus their girlfriends and wives all get together think they have their own little fucking mob!!! Wankers if you ain't in the gang. ( not that you wanna be) you are just ignored. twats!!