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  1. Agreed. A Billboard cunt as well
  2. Might as well put him on Britains got no talent. As the last couple of years. Talentless cunts have won that.
  3. Every fucking song this cunt sings sounds the same. Can't stand his droney voice.was out the other night, the place I was eating, had his fucking CD on, whever I go I can't escape him. Why do cunts on radio 2 always request GEORGE FUCKING EZRA. Most over rated cunt ever.
  4. Ugly little fucking whiney runts,who play pool, grow their hair, try to act young!! Think the world owes them a living. FUCK RIGHT OFF !!! SQUEEKY VOICED CUNTS!!!
  5. I can't fucking stand people in the street who fuckihg whistle, when you are walking down the road minding your own business, then if you just happen to glance, these cunts whistle louder and persist with their fucking annoying whistling.!!!! They think they are the only cunts in world who are able to do it!! FUCK OFF!! And keep your fucking whistling to yourselves, you irritating cunts!!!
  6. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘like it.
  7. Fucking human rights lawyer, that no one had ever heard of before she got married to George Clooney. A fame grabbing, celebrity chasing CUNT!! who do you think you are, at all the awards ceremonies, at every celebrity event you have to be there amal! Showing off your outfits and hogging the limelight!! Do us a favour and just FUCK OFF!! You CUNT!!!
  8. Thinks she is a fucking saint and mother Theresa of the modern world, trying to save us all with her total FUCKING smugness!! Fuck right off you royal cunt!!
  9. Can't fucking stand this cunt. Marries into the royal family. Thinks we are all going to forn at her every breath and hero worship her every fucking move!! Sickly doey eyed cunt!!! looks at harry and pretends to be pure and fucking chaste!! FUCK OFF YOU WASTE OF SPACE CUNT!!!!
  10. I Married the fucking old dog 40 odd years ago. Fucking poison dwarf cunt. In our photos we put pictures of ourselves on Facebook. ( I know all the cunts on cunts corner don't like face book!!!) Proffesses how deeply religious she is. But I must be a cunt because I have denied my side of the family. While hers exists to my children, so my children will never know them. All because I am a big cunt!!!
  11. Fucking sabre toothed cunt whose teeth are too big for his mouth!! Fucking cry baby bastard when wolves beat them last season, cos they missed a penalty . Wouldn't shake the wolves manager's hand at the end. Told him to fuck off, about 10 times. Then said in an interview after how disrespectful the wolves manager was for over celebrating at the end of the game. What a two faced cunt. I have seen him doing exactly the same at away grounds, with his stupid twaty arms raised to the Cardiff fans. How the fuck did Cardiff get promoted. They are fucking shit. Shit team shit manager!! Relegation this season .CUNTS!!!
  12. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
  13. Longer than the blonde cunt. Fucking hate the site of the cunt.
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