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  1. Queefer


    Other spellings are available
  2. Queefer

    Forced To Share

    Agreed - another great bassist.
  3. Queefer

    Forced To Share

    Agreed - shittest programme ever made. Nothing from you list of best bassists - and what about Tony Levin and Nick Beggs ?
  4. Queefer

    Royal Wacky Races

    Do they tarmac drives as well ?
  5. Queefer

    Fat Horses

    Horses should never be allowed to get fat - it totally ruins the taste of the meat.
  6. Re your lack of front garden: Is a narrow path leading into a busy road a euphemism for a Brazilian or a landing strip?
  7. Your generously donated "Cunt" eloquently proves my point. Now quick sticks ,fuck off and empty the washing machine before you need to change sanitary product.
  8. Clearly it's not only the motorbike that's up on blocks
  9. Reasonable but Punkape would never settle for utterly butterly - surely Normandy bio butter with sea salt would be his minimum - or unicorn .
  10. Queefer

    The Raisin

    Sadly there are over 1.8 million worldwide. I have just checked and luckily Screwfix can deliver drill bits and spare felling axes quickly and at reasonable cost.
  11. Queefer

    The Interabled

    The cunt thinks it's a fruit machine - he just got 3 lemons up.
  12. Arrange some cushions and soft furnishings around it and get used to the fact it's likely to be a feature for the foreseeable. Man work, unlike domestic chores, requires considerable lengthy thought .
  13. Queefer

    The Raisin

    A most magnanimous offer which I presume is also free of charge. Should demand exceed your ability to supply, please count me in . I have an old fashioned brace and bit which could do the job .
  14. Queefer

    Unnecessary insertion of words into sentences

    I sort of like this nom know what I mean
  15. Queefer

    Cunts That Don't Pay Bills "Because it's Xmas"

    Stop whingeing and join the real world. You'll probably cry when your customer goes tits up in January. Get a nice safe job with lots of training courses and a fat pension which more suits your temparement . Try being a librarian. Uncommercial cunt.