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  1. Equally twatty are the car parks where you can only pay by mobile. Cunts - what's wrong with cash. By the time you set up the fucking mobile account you have missed whatever made you park there in the first place
  2. I fucking hate that smartass teddy boy Kermode cunt . I went to primary school with Alex Cox - he was obviously weirdly brilliant even at age 8.
  3. Pity you were not under it
  4. I was fairly sure that even Cuntweazel Corbyn would manage to steer clear from this carefully constructed trap but oh no his political correctness won out and he is supporting the bitch
  5. ME is nowadays referred to as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - which is a malady all CC users are suffering thanks to your incessant drivel.
  6. It wouldn't faze me to see her severed head in a bin
  7. Military bullets only cost about 50p so the chance to join the firing squad of this little shite and his social worker would raise a tidy sum. You can put me down for £500 - I'm a crap shot but I'm sure some among the bidders would get a hit. If nobody succeeds in killing him and he ends up a vegetable that's all to the good too. Snivelling little utter cunt .
  8. Decent man by all accounts - unlike the pathetic oxygen thief that posted this nomination. When is that cretin Bishop going to save himself 15 hours a day and fuck off from this site - a real CUNT.
  9. You forgot the nearly complete set of Esso1966 world cup coins , the vast collection of miniature spirit bottles and the Spanish flamenco dancer toilet roll holder
  10. A bunch of petrol station flowers and a large bottle of Diamond White should give "access all areas"
  11. Tell us when you are next there and we'll make sure we are out
  12. What the fuck is hypnobirthing and why does it in any way involve a Norfolk bloke. Apart from paying for ever more I reckon you've done your bit. If it's NNUH I need to tell you you are fucking doomed.
  13. Is it coz I black ? No bitch it's because you are fucking thick .
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