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  1. Queefer

    Black Friday

    I love Black Friday - you get huge discounts on all manner of armaments and explosives too meaning more dead Kunte Kunte trash for your pound .
  2. Queefer

    Brexit Secretary

    Reddit members average IQ is approx 23 - so ignore the twats. Send the Johny Foreignerthe bills for 2 world wars - who is laughing now you cunts.
  3. Queefer

    Richard Baker

    Bring it on gassy pants
  4. Queefer

    Brexit Secretary

    Until somebody spoofs Barnier and his mates by saying we are off with no deal - (we are only telling them now so they can plan the closure of Audi, Mercedes, BMW and VW and Peugeot factories) - these cunts will not listen. We have yet to field anybody who could "negotiate" their way out of a smelly fart in a phone box. It's us who have them by the balls if only we could see it. What we all want is EU membership trading rights without free movement of EU citizens and without all the useless legislation and federalism the EU thrives upon. Our withdrawal wrecks their money pissing budgets - hence their reluctance to permit it .
  5. Queefer

    Richard Baker

    Is it that White Bum Boy Bertie is dead then ? Wheres the party !
  6. Queefer

    Brexit Secretary

    They say that the British nation always provides a saviour in times of emergency - Churchill, Wellington, some say Thatcher... Who will it me now - Saddiq Khan , Chuka Umunna, Shani Chakrabarti ?
  7. Queefer

    The Death of John Wilson

    Exit means exit
  8. Queefer

    Young Blokes Shaving Their Armpits and Bodies

    The Pubic Enquiry should be commenced forthwith under Judge Twi and to keep the gender balance, the famous Supreme Court Judge Lady Mary Hardon.( Whose previous judgement in Wipe Bum Boy Bertie v. Camberwell Gipsy has been most illuminating) y
  9. Queefer

    Telemachus Orfanos

    Are these films a bit like Schindler's List then
  10. Queefer

    The Camera Never Lies

    If I was the proud owner I would paint on a Japs eye and a few blobs of baby batter
  11. Queefer

    Telemachus Orfanos

    Sounds like a pornstar to me
  12. Queefer

    The Cunting Media

    Sir Craig'll turn up but will deem it unsafe to leave his car.
  13. Queefer

    Freight trains.

    Burst ring syndrome is for woofters
  14. Queefer

    Telemachus Orfanos

    Merely nature's way of improving the standards of live "music" . Never happened at a Genesis, Pink Floyd or Steven Wilson show. Case rested.m'lord.
  15. Queefer

    Samantha Jones

    Is sex machine another word for dildo