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    I’m in bed, decided to browse the web, and then I read this post. I laughed so hard that the missus woke up! Usually she moans about my wanking. But I moan too.
  2. Blind Haze


    I was thinking of getting a Gavin McInnes avatar.
  3. Blind Haze


    Don’t forget Miranda Hart. She couldn’t think of anything funny so managed to shit out a comedy series which solely involved her falling over things.
  4. Blind Haze

    Serena Williams in sexist row

    Haha! So far I’ve been told that I’m not a cunt or a cretin ‘yet’. Clearly only a matter of time though. Glad I’ve found a place to voice my thoughts. Previously, I got a death threat through the mail for doing just that. Unfortunately it was in the same envelope as a birthday card from my mother.
  5. Blind Haze

    Serena Williams in sexist row

    I can’t believe I’ve not seen this website before. Thank you all for reinvigorating my faith in humanity. Honest question, if Serena were white and called Sarah, would she be deemed racist for ruining a half Japanese/half Haitian woman’s big day? The sad thing is that yes, she probably would.
  6. Blind Haze

    Serena Williams in sexist row

    Funny how the only people who say the umpire's decision was racist are black and the only people saying it's sexist are women. But I guess the male umpire was sexist for ruling against a woman and therefore in favour of a different woman. Makes sense. Serena, you abused a male umpire on live television. By BBC logic, you're the sexist. Yet I've seen stories about the 'horrifying abuse' you've received online. Whilst ignoring the 'horrifying abuse' you gave the umpire. And my first post on this website is to declare that you're a cunt.