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  1. Don’t know about that Billy Boy. Being loaded round my way is going to get you stabbed or acid in your face. Bad move. Back in February I was sitting at a bus stop and some young black bird came along, all smiles and “hello”. Then she clocked me under the light and said “oh you ain’t got no fucking money” and pissed off. Now i’m not claiming that I deliberately look like a scruffy, low life tramp but sometimes it works in your favour. I often wonder what that young lady was about to offer me. I congratulate myself that i’ll never find out if it was a knife in the throat.
  2. judgetwi

    BBC News

    .......unless you are Sir James Savile and know far more than you should do.
  3. I have to say that, if I were a copper, I would nick you two all day long and then make up something to charge you with. Some cunts just attract that sort of attention. “Wrong ‘uns” is the phrase used in common parlance I believe.
  4. Bianca is a professional sprinter and all those cunts are pumped full of steroids. It apparently causes mood swings known as “roid rage” and I think that’s what happened here. Of course, you will have to ask Marjorie the drugs expert. I believe steroids also cause your privates to shrink to a tiny size which would suggest he has personal experience of their side effects. Over to you Marje. 😆
  5. Well said Harry. We have a lot to do to make up for our imperial past. Let’s start by sending three and half million peacefuls back to their own fucking country so they can escape all the terrible “systemic racism” they suffer from here. Her Maj can also make Gingerbollocks Viceroy of India and him and Sparkle Tits can sort out the problems we caused there. Or you could stay sitting on your arse in Hollywood talking out of your dumb woke arse. Either way we don’t want you here. You fucked off so stay fucked off cunt.
  6. Bullshit. Never happened. ”So I am told”......”I have also been told.” By whom ? Have you been gossiping with Princess Margaret’s ghost again you mental case?
  7. I heard on the radio that six drivers refused to “take the knee” today. At last some fucking celebs with a pair of balls who won’t be bullied by the libtard media. Admittedly i’ve never heard of a single one of them but there’s an arseload of celebs i’ve never fucking heard of.......so fucking what! Sick and tired of these no bollocks cunts who are so scared that some dumb, know nothing pricks might not like them. Oh, go and have a weep in your safe space but don’t expect the fake social justice warrior, Hamilton to join you. He thinks you’re a muggy cunt and he’s right.
  8. Anyone remember when this cunt got stick for taking the piss out of his nephew for wearing a dress? He had to grovel and apologise like the no bollocks wanker he is. Ever since then he’s jumped on every virtue signalling bandwagon going. He’s a nasty little, hypocritical, tax dodging poof. I hope his arse heals up.
  9. Are you absolutely sure about that? You do have a certain way about you. Some people, not me of course, might describe it as being a bit of an annoying cunt.
  10. Wasn’t there some old dear murdered down there a few years ago? Cut her throat and removed her privates, Ed Gein style. Very messy. Have a nice day.😎
  11. judgetwi

    BBC News

    A cracking CV Bertie Boy. Peacefuls noncing under age girls all over Greater Manchester......Ian cries. Peacefuls blow up little girls at a pop concert......Ian sobs. Illegal street parties all over Manchester.......Ian is “disgusted” and weeps like a girl. Sounds ideal. Ian and Suckdick Khunt should get on like a house on fire. Trouble is, he’s a bit white isn’t he? Is he a Gaylord, because that would definitely help. However, Neil has a lot of friends at the Guardian and the BBC and they would be well pissed off if Neil is overlooked. There may well be cries of raaaaaay-sism and we wouldn’t want that would we? You may be right Bertie but it would require Jellyfish Johnson and Bullshitter Patel to grow a pair overnight and I haven’t seen much evidence of that happening. I just wish I could get down William Hill and get a bet on the next Commissioner to be a useless, lazy, politically correct, arselicking piece of shit. Sadly, they’re not in the business of giving money away.
  12. judgetwi

    BBC News

    I hate to tell you this but the next Commissioner WILL be Inspector Clouseau, otherwise known as Assistant Commissioner, Head of Counter Terrorism (😁😁😁) Neil Basu. A box ticker, EU apologist, much favoured by the BBC and the most incompetent fucking copper ever employed anywhere. Nailed on mate. Get your fucking mortgage on it.
  13. I don’t walk like anybody Hardman. I’m in a wheelchair remember? Walking is just a memory for me. It’s a fucking tragedy.
  14. Under endowed? That’s another characteristic you’ve invented for me. My congratulations. You know what you really want to call me don’t you? Go on Hardman, treat yourself. Think of your King of the Hill kudos. 😀
  15. Phone National Rail Enquiries, ask for Simon the Stationmaster. When you get through to Simon ask for Pikey John’s phone number. Tell him Judge sent you. He may have some information which will be useful to you. On the other hand you could stop making an arse of yourself you dozy old baggage. Fuck all to do with me whatever you decide.
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