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  1. What about the trannie games? You could have the male to female cstegory and the female to male. Good luck to the commentators struggling with the correct pronouns there. As a special attraction in the relays you have to shove the baton up the next runner’s arse. If you don’t watch it you are a “transphobe” and a “bigot.” Sounds like a winner to me.
  2. Not often I agree with you Bertie but I make you spot on. A more blatant attempt to protect the Maylasian tourist industry I can’t imagine. Don’t expect the government to spend millions investigating this case. Sadly Nora was an ugly girl and the media only care about pretty girls. Pretty girls sell newspapers and get dimmos to watch Eamonn Holmes in the morning. Remember Rachell Nickell and Suzy Lampugh? A fucking long time ago but of course you remember them. They were pretty. Nobody gives a fuck about Nora. Not even a pretty name.
  3. judgetwi

    Owen Jones

    Fuck me! A bunch of obvious gays come out of the pub at 2am in London. They start getting all kissy and saying goodnight........”i’ll see you in the morning Tarquin, see you Sunday Giles...... give my love to Jemima.” A few drunks give some of them a slap. Totally normal shit in any city across the country. Jonesy, the gay rights warrior, lover of the peacefuls , the pikeys and the globalist capitalist EU cabal, turns it into a planned attack by “the far right.” In case you didn’t know “far right” means any cunt who doesn’t agree with Jonesy. Get over yourself Owen. As your mate Suckdick Khunt would say.....”it’s all part of living in a big city.”
  4. What the fuck is this shite? Millions of people are rejected and feel “a sense of betrayal” they don’t go around drowning kids. Who gives a flying fuck about what the Attorney General thinks? What a load of middle class fucked up pontification. Go and write it in the Guardian and bore the shit out of those cunts.
  5. Well you could always try growing a pair of bollocks Billy Boy. It’s a website mate, it ain’t real life. Get a fucking grip for fucks sake. Pecking order? Peck my fat hairy arse wanker.
  6. So I come in from the pub with my carry out and..........well, I was going to go to the chicken shop. But I didn’t want to accept that box with all the propaganda on it telling me not to stab black kids. Listen you cunts, if I want to stab black kids I fucking will. What the fuck are you going to do about it? Judging by this case i’ll end up with a council house and half a dozen social workers. Jesus Fucking Christ!! What kind of animal can hold a defenceless child under the water and watch it drown? And then fucking do it again!!!! Ten years? Ten fucking years? This piece of shit should be hanged, no question. But we all know some bunch of soft as shit head doctors will have her on the streets as soon as the media has found some other fucking bullshit to occupy our minds. Fuck this bitch and fuck any libtard fucking cunt and their fucking “understanding.” Total cunts.
  7. judgetwi


    Try Judenfrage and endlosungen, Magda fucking Goebbels.
  8. Payton not Peyton. But there was a running back. Hard as fucking nails. A bit like you’ve always dreamt of being. 😀
  9. Once again I have to disagree with your optimism Doc. I think there are more than enough Tory traitors to counter balance the likes of Hoey and Mann in the Labour mob. The winner of the subsequent General Election will be Sir Nigel of Farage who will hold the balance of power. The Labour remoaners outside of London will get slaughtered. Their seats will go to Sir Nigel and the Lib Dumbs. They are fucked and old Steptoe has fucked them. Not his fault in my opinion....... he is caught between a rock and a hard place and his past has caught up with him. Of course, he could never have imagined he’d be in this position in the first place. But he can fuck off anyway.
  10. Arrogant? Up my own arse? Moi?
  11. Fucking stinking terrorist loving scruffy fucking wanker. 30 odd years this arsehole has opposed the EU. He gets the slightest whiff of power and can’t get his tongue up their bums quick enough. Corbyn taking “caretaker” control of the government means war in the streets. He ought to stick to attending to his allotment and slipping the fragrant Diane the occasional length the dozy old commie cunt.
  12. I’ve always dreamed of having one of these bad boys. Unfortunately all I have is a penis. 😁😁🤣🤣😂
  13. Really? So you changed the rules again? There ain’t much point in having rules that only exist in your head Mrs Roops. Especially when they change from one day to the other.
  14. Kebabs mate. And Vienneta obviously. I’ve tried the mint one but I much prefer the original. What’s your opinion Marje?
  15. Bloke starts work at Tesco’s and on his first day some cunt comes in and wants to buy half a cauliflower. “I’m sorry sir but we only sell whole cauliflowers.” “ That’s a disgrace, I want to see your manager.” So he goes into the manager’s office and says “ i’ve got some wanker out here who wants to buy half a cauliflower.” Suddenly he realises that the cunt has followed him in and is standing right behind him. So he says “and this gentleman wants to buy the other half”. Afterwards the manager says “that was quick thinking son, I like that. Where are you from”? He says “Manchester....... but i’ve come to London because Manchester is full of whores and footballers.” The manager says “ My wife comes from Manchester.” He says, “Really? Who did she play for?”
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