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  1. judgetwi


    Indeed. My favourite is the German 6th Army, trapped in the Stalingrad pocket and fucking starving. The Luftwaffe managed to drop crateloads of condoms for their relief!!😁😁 My friend, Herr Ratsfuhrer is still fuming about that. 😃 The trouble is military logistics are run by pen pushing paper shufflers who have no idea what is going on at the front and don’t give a fuck anyway. Fortunately it was only a bunch of dirty Nazis so fuck the cunts.
  2. judgetwi


    Just sack your butler and get a new one richboy. Why are you whining like a bitch? Only poor people do that.
  3. judgetwi

    Just In Time Parcel Delivery Services

    I read somewhere that an average of 13 people a year get killed on these crossings. Good! That’s 13 fewer thick cunts using up valuable oxygen. So , do you have a point you dozy old bint?
  4. judgetwi


    Not a problem. We have thousands of military age men arriving every year with experience of weapons, explosives and surviving in a fly blown, barren , fucked up environment. All we have to do is convert them into Infidels. More money saved
  5. All leave voters are old, decrepit, thick, dribbling racists....ad nauseum ad infinitum. See any BBC or Channel 4 “comedy”.
  6. judgetwi

    Standing in the door

    Spunk talk is what adolescent boys do. You’ve never been an adolescent boy so you wouldn’t know about that. When I was an adolescent boy we didn’t do spunk talk because we didn’t have such easy access to pornography. However the world has changed , unfortunately. You’ll just have to suck it up. See what I did there? Tee hee hee 😜
  7. judgetwi

    BBC sports personality of the year

    Oh really? Or could it be that you just made that up to draw me into your usual playground sexual badinage? Ain’t playing little boy. Ok?
  8. judgetwi

    BBC sports personality of the year

    The worst thing about Sports Cunt of the Year is the fact that it’s fronted by that oily sack of shit, Gary Taxdodger, the dirty remoaner who cries crocodile tears over the bearded, 30 year old schoolboys who have had such a terribly hard life. I suspect that Old Jugears was an ordinary working class cunt who has been seduced by the champagne socialists who run the BBC. They all love poor people.....Er......except if they are British, white, heterosexual and insist on voting the wrong way. Gary has slid nicely into the company of these money grabbing cunts and is happy to parrot anything they say. Of course, I could be completely wrong. It could be that The Taxdodger is smarter than I thought. Maybe he is just a cunt who will do anything to keep his snout in the taxpayers trough. Anyone who eats Walkers crisps is a cunt. They are shit. Hope they die soon.
  9. judgetwi

    Deep fried Christmas dinner cunts

    Did you use the phrase “battered foot long sausage” simply to draw the obvious homosexual references. You really are very lonely aren’t you?
  10. judgetwi

    BBC sports personality of the year

    Nah...... he’ll use it to prop up the towbar on his caravan.
  11. judgetwi

    BBC sports personality of the year

    I hope you’re not referring to Mo Farah you fucking racist.
  12. judgetwi

    Cunts who swing

    Fucking hell, some poshboy you are! The upper classes have practiced wife swapping for centuries. I wonder why they kept it a secret from you?
  13. judgetwi

    Kevin Hart

    An interesting case when you are considering the libtard hierarchy of victimhood. On the one hand he has had a pop at the gay lords, which is strictly verboten but, on the other hand, he is black and we all know black lives matter ( unless they are being snuffed out by other blacks then nobody gives a fuck, not even man of the people Suckdick Khan) It’s a tough one. My only suggestion is that Kevin converts to Islam overnight. That trumps poofery surely?
  14. judgetwi

    Cunts who don't have a lobster pick set

    You’re having a laugh obviously. The fake poshboy is the mainstay of this site. He sets them up and the saddos knock them down. He is the straight man from every 1970’s “comedy” duo. He is Ernie Wise, Mike Winters, Sid Little, Tommy Cannon and untold other sub X factor cunts i’ve long since forgotten. Admittedly, pretending to be a snobby poshboy isn’t much of a talent but if the audience laps it up you’re on to a winner. I hope the cunt is getting paid for his efforts. It’s only fair.
  15. judgetwi

    Nathaniel Hall Gay cunt with AIDS at 13

    Soup kitchens? I had a phone call from the 1930s. They said ..... don’t vote for FDR , he’s a cunt! Try and get up to date you loser.