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  1. This from a weirdo who jerks off to photos of Irma Grese and Juana Bormann and has a pair of Goering’s shit stained pants in a temperature controlled display case. I think you can answer your own question Herr Oberst.
  2. Hey Yank! Never mind that bollocks. What about those Jets eh! Did you see Sam Darnold’s 92 yard touchdown bomb? That was a thing of beauty don’t you agree? Sorry about your mob getting fucked over week after week. Actually, i’m not......I just made that shit up in the hope that someone will actually like me on here because i’m a sad little fuckwit. Fuck the Fins! Bunch of wankers!
  3. You’re a bit of an idiot My Lady but that is quality, I have to say. Having said that you need to be locking your doors and windows if Gladys is out looking for revenge. Admittedly he might nick your cavernous drawers off your washing line but my advice is to stay inside and call the coppers. You don’t want to mess with Gladys.
  4. What the fuck is wrong with the Hewitt boy? Ok, we all know he has to get married and produce brats.....that’s his fucking job for fucks sake! This cunt could have shacked up with some of the finest upper class posh totty this country can produce...... proper sorts who know how to behave and understand what Royalty is all about. No, not this cunt! Ginger bollocks chooses some two bob Hollywood slag who rapidly turns him into a weeping, tree hugging, SJW fucking Nancy boy. Once this old whore has had the second scum brat she’ll be off back to Hollywood. She might as well have “Oprah Winfrey Mark 2” tattooed on her forehead. Once Her Maj snuffs it the Royal family are in big fucking trouble. The very people they are trying to appeal to are the same people who want them dead. Trust me.
  5. So I come in from the pub, fucking soaked again, with my carry out and my vegan pizza and my “free” bottle of “freshly squeezed Florida orange juice” (yeah, right) and I have to read this fucking shit. What’s your problem My Lady, you fucked up bitter old cow? Are you Anna fucking Soubry or what? What have these people ever done to you.....or anyone? It was an accident you bitch, nothing to see. While i’m here I must say this sort, Samantha Libreri, doesn’t look like any Paddy bird I’ve ever seen. Given her surname I suspect she Is one of the many immigrants soon to be flooding into Arland. Unfortunately for Pansyboy the vast majority of them won’t look much like Samantha. Shame.
  6. Well what a surprise! Rich fucking slag funds a load of Norfolk dimmos to do her dirty work for her. Who is this “Dickless” person you refer to? Is this some empty headed carrot cruncher I might have some familiarity with? Or just another brainless cunt?
  7. I have to totally agree My Lady. This beach, like all other beaches, should be kept clear for the safe arrival of rubber dinghies from France carrying hard working, tax paying EU citizens who will make an invaluable contribution to our economy. What kind of impression will our peaceful friends get when they have all that dogshit on their brand new Nike trainers? It’s a fucking disgrace!
  8. Fucking hell Gladys! Citizen Smith, Joe Whatsisface and Che? That’s quite a political mixture there! Are you sure you know what the fuck you are talking about? Have you heard that Gandhi is the latest “racist” we are supposed to hate? You started that rumour didn’t you Gladys? Admit it you crazy mixed up kid.
  9. Hello Gladys. Hymie and Morris are walking along the street. Herr Oberst and his skinhead foot soldiers are coming the other way. Hymie says “Morris, we’re in fucking trouble here, we’re getting mugged by these cunts.” Morris says “You’re fucking right Hymie, here’s that 500 quid I owe you”. Oi vei Gladys!!
  10. I find it hard to believe that this kind of nonsense is going on in a satellite state of the wonderful EU paradise. That can’t be true. I thought racism, Nazi salutes etc only occurred in the fascist state of the U.K. That would surely explain why coach loads of these Booshka Booshka Nazi fuckwits turn up at Victoria every day of the week. Hold on ......that doesn’t make any sense does it? I’m confused now. No wonder I voted leave. If only I was smart enough to understand what I was voting for. Oh well, i’m sure i’ll get another chance to vote again very soon. Thank fuck we have democracy in this cuntry.
  11. SIR Jackie Stewart is a fucking wanker. It was this arsehole , more than anyone else, who strove for years to make motor racing safe. That’s why this massive bore got his knighthood. Better than the usual reason of being a thief, a liar and a general cunt but he took all the fun out of it. What’s the point of watching this shit if there is no danger of a tax dodging, up his own arse, recent convert to tree hugging, multi millionaire prick like Hamilton lighting up like a Roman Candle in the cockpit of his foreign car? We need some dead spectators as well ........ like the 83 dirty Frogs wiped out at Le Mans in 1955. Ah....those were the days. Boring, fucking boring. You take away the danger and you are left with Strictly Cunts Dancing. Fuck off with that shit.
  12. judgetwi

    Richard Huckle

    Let’s not forget that this is a “high security” prison full of category A and category B cunts. Yet some cunt can stab the fuck out of another cunt and all the cunts running the place can do is to wait until some cunt grasses up the cunt who did it in the first place. Then the stabby cunt will go in front of some cunt Judge ( not me unfortunately.....a real one ) and get let off because all the witnesses are fucking criminal cunts who are just cunts anyway. The perfect microcosm of the cunt world we live in. Fucking cunts.
  13. judgetwi

    Richard Huckle

    Fuck me My Lady, you don’t actually believe the personal details these wankers give out on here do you? They give you those details for a reason......they want to create an image of themselves in Cyber Space that they wish they could fulfill in real life. Look how many rich cunts there are on here. They only claim to be rich because they believe that rich cunt’s opinions are more important than any other cunts. That tells you an awful lot about them......if you can’t see that then you are as fucking thick as they are. Shame.
  14. judgetwi

    Richard Huckle

    Rule 49. Used to be effective but that was before prisons became business enterprises and POs were expected to be disciplinarians not Nancy boy social workers. Any cunt can be got to and the cunt who got to the cunt is probably just as big a cunt as the cunt who is now a dead cunt. Just hang all the cunts. That’s what this cunt says you cunts!
  15. So there’s a difference? Thanks for supplying me with that fascinating information Yank. I really don’t think we need Yanks telling us about the use of the English language and, personally, I don’t give a flying fuck about how shit is printed on a t-shirt. I either buy the fucking thing or I don’t buy the fucking thing. I don’t need some boring cunt telling me how it was put together. Give it a rest Yank.
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