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  1. judgetwi

    Everyday bombs

    Of course it was, I read it on the Brussels Broadcasting Caliphate website! You can’t expect me to believe that there would ever be a cover up at Jimmy Savile House. Now then, now then!
  2. judgetwi

    Sir Christopher Chope MP

    Fuck me! Who the fuck are you.....Oscar fucking Wilde or something? What sort of wanker uses a phrase like “the absolute foulest of beasts”? We’re not talking about Peter Sutcliffe here. Get a grip on reality for fucks sake!
  3. judgetwi

    People who post stories just to stir up shit

    I could go through all your spelling mistakes Mr Bigtime but, fortunately, I know they are all deliberate just to make me look a cunt. One day I hope to be a right Cleverbollocks like you. I’m already much richer than yo’ by the way. Much, much richer than yo’.
  4. judgetwi

    Highly educated but useless cunts

    This is a joke right Mr Bigtime? You don’t expect us to believe that you don’t know she’s referring to Stephen Hawking? Another one of your cunning little traps right? You can’t fool me Mr Bigtime Cleverbollocks!
  5. judgetwi

    Scooter muggers

    So Sadface David, or whatever the cunt’s name is, had his phone snatched out of his hand by scooter muggers outside Euston station just days before he was appointed Home Secretary. You must be a thick cunt then, flashing a phone about on the street in a place like that. Either that, or you are lying through your teeth and making the whole thing up. We’re all in it together.
  6. judgetwi

    Sir Christopher Chope MP

    Vile!! Everybody I don’t like is VILE! The snowflakes’ favourite insult ( other than bigot, racist, sexist, homophobe, islamophobe, little Englander, fascist, Zionist, Nazi... and a few others I can’t remember) Obviously it would be a waste of time to point out the utter unintended irony in this post. If you can’t see it I can’t explain it.
  7. judgetwi

    Sir Christopher Chope MP

    Jesus Fucking Christ! First of all this old tosser is an MP which makes him a thief, a liar and a total cunt. Secondly he was awarded a knighthood for his contribution to public service. Er..... that means he has spent his life with his tongue firmly wedged up the rectums of even bigger cunts than himself. That makes him a triple cunt. A little bit of research would reveal that this posh wanker makes a habit of fucking up prospective bills. Firstly, he doesn’t like Private Members Bills ( unless there is a brown envelope involved obviously) and he doesn’t like any bills on 1st and 2nd reading being “nodded through” on Fridays when all the other bent cunts have fucked off to their mansions for the weekend. He has a long history of this. The only reason why this is a story is because the Blairite Broadcasting Corporation, the right on media and the twitterati have made it a story. The daft old cunt probably doesn’t know what the fuck is going on and I very much doubt he has even heard of “Upskirting”. The usual crowd of wankers being offended and crying their little eyes out.
  8. judgetwi

    Brown shoes with a blue suit

    Poor old Frank. So desperate for attention that he has to pretend that some disgusting sexual deviant would stoop low enough to ejaculate in his mouth. Down with the dead men.
  9. judgetwi

    Windows (Fucking) Update

    Fucking hell! When you get that kind of message from a doyen of the genre you sit up and take notice! My Lady, i’m thinking of recreating the Crediton level crossing on my model railway. Any chance you could post some up to date photos, save me dragging my arse down there and having to mix with the inbred yokels and the Eurotrash hotel labour? Cheers!
  10. judgetwi

    World Cup 2018 on TV

    Morning Lord Smarm. Any idea when this “punish a Muslim” day is? ?
  11. judgetwi

    World Cup 2018 on TV

    You know, as the Establishment keep telling me I voted Brexit because Putin brainwashed me i’ve decided to adopt the Soviet Union......Er......Russia as my second team. I have discovered that they have a player called Jerkoff. I don’t suppose you spell it that way but I am sure it will amuse the little boys on here. COME ON YOU REDS!
  12. judgetwi

    World Cup 2018 on TV

    You can never have too many kebabs, that’s what I say.
  13. judgetwi

    Sainsbury's undercover security operative

    Try the fish fingers. Fucking marvellous, just like the old days.
  14. judgetwi

    World Cup 2018 on TV

    You have to feel sorry for the poor old A-rabs. When they get home they’ll all get their feet cut off. It’s called Sharon’s law, or something like that. Perhaps they could claim asylum and well known footballer, Taxdodger and humanitarian, Gary Crisplover, could house them in one of his mansions? Don’t hold your breath.
  15. judgetwi

    Windows (Fucking) Update

    Dude? Fuck me. That’s irony, satire, sarcasm or some shit like that, right? You don’t ACTUALLY talk like that obviously?