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  1. judgetwi

    Top cunts cards

    Who the fuck are “us” shithead? Who appointed you the leader of the pack? Don’t look for your internet pals to back you up. If you’ve got some made up accusations you want to throw at me let’s hear them you two bob little prick.
  2. judgetwi

    THE biggest cunt ever

    So i’m fat, queer AND unemployed? All the things you snowflakes see as victims of society and you cry over all the time. But all you have to do is take the piss out of wankers like you and all the bile and venom comes pouring out. Am I getting to you little boy? I don’t have to make shit up about you. Your hypocritical words speak for themselves. By the way, I don’t know what “sanctioned at the job centre” means. Is that where you work, typing away and feeling so superior to the web fingered detritus of capitalism? No wonder you hate the working class so much. Wait until the peacefuls turn up mate. That will change you carrotcruncher snowflake mind and no mistake.
  3. judgetwi

    Top cunts cards

    Excellent! You’ve got nothing to say so you make up stuff about my weight and sexuality. It’s only a matter of time before you start accusing me of raping children. Despite the fact i’ve told you you’re going to do it you just can’t help yourself. Watch me do it brightboy.
  4. judgetwi

    The need for a second EU membership vote

    You’re not really Irish at all , at all are you? I suspect you have never been to Ireland in your life. You are just a wanker.
  5. judgetwi

    Adam Rowe Scouse "Comedian"

    Too fucking right mate. There’s a whole world of comedy to be extracted from the rich cunts and their celebricunt arselicking friends. Don’t expect to see it on the telly any time soon.
  6. judgetwi

    Top cunts cards

    I wonder why you can’t just tell us your opinion without reminding us how rich you are, how hard you are , how many flash cars you have owned and what a sexual athlete you are? Could it be because you are a sad, lonely little wanker who lives a fantasy life on tinternet? Prick.
  7. judgetwi

    THE biggest cunt ever

    Biggest cunt ever? You should feel sorry for this fucked up piece of shit. Maybe if he ran some cunts down in the street, jumped out and started stabbing them you’d all be crying about his “mental illness”. Has anyone noticed how the rich cunts are trying to convince us that we’re all mental. Poor, ripped off at every turn , think your vote actually counts? Fuck off cunt you’re just depressed. Take some of these happy pills you fucking mug. Oh look....... here come the lazy, workshy royal princes to tell us it’s ok to cry. Muggy cunts.
  8. judgetwi

    Cunts who ask you if you have a spare cigarette

    Well you may call it a “dog” and if it’s “sleeping” then I am very jealous. But then i’ve seen a lot of pornography so understand my limitations.
  9. judgetwi

    Cunts who ask you if you have a spare cigarette

    Wow! That’s quite an accusation from somebody who has an erect penis as their avatar. Of course your love of cock doesn’t necessarily make you a “homo”, you may be a female for all I know. However, may I suggest you are in breach of Rule 9........”promotion or depiction of pornography.” Obviously I leave such decisions to the brainy people, like Mrs Roops. It’s fuck all to do with me.
  10. judgetwi

    Top cunts cards

    You’d think that a rich cunt like you would have something better to do on a Friday night than churn out these pointless two bob nominations. Sadly, I have to go to bed now so I can’t solve your loneliness problem. Can you lend me 5 grand by any chance?
  11. judgetwi

    Jessica Fletcher, interfering cunt

    No need for counselling wanker. Just get rid of the telly.......,your little brain might be able to adjust to real life eventually.
  12. judgetwi

    Cunts who ask you if you have a spare cigarette

    We can’t all be multi millionaires like you Frank. That’s just the way it is. Thanks for your sympathy by the way. Much appreciated.
  13. judgetwi

    Obsessed career cunts

    What’s your fucking problem? You’re as rich as fuck and hard as nails. Just slap them around and sort the cunts out. I expect your report on my desk first thing Monday morning. Fucking get on with it cunt. Don’t want to hear your whining.
  14. judgetwi

    Cunts who ask you if you have a spare cigarette

    0ooooh, get you dear! So the hardman who tells people to fuck off in the street cries like a girl when somebody takes the piss out of him. He has to make up shit about me being in a wheelchair and wearing nappies like the little boy he is. I am a smoker and i’ve lived in London all my life. These days I rarely smoke in the street because I would say about 70% of the time you will be asked for a fag. It’s always some foreign cunt. No white Englishman has ever asked me for a fag, that’s a fucking fact no matter what the snowflakes say. You look them straight in the eyes and say NO very firmly. You don’t make excuses, like...... this is my last one mate. They see that as a sign of weakness and they will try and intimidate you. You might end up giving them your phone and wallet. Then you won’t be able to phone the coppers, not that they will give a fuck anyway. You don’t ever, ever, fucking EVER tell a stranger in the street to fuck off. You just don’t know what kind of fucking nutter you are dealing with and what he’s tooled up with. That’s some advice from some cunt who knows what he is talking about. Now fuck off and make up some stories about the sexual activities of members of my family you pathetic little boy.
  15. judgetwi

    Cunts who ask you if you have a spare cigarette

    Frank doesn’t work, he’s a multi millionaire. Don’t fucking try and tell me he’s been lying all this time. If I believe that i’m going to look like a right thick cunt.