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  1. So I come in from the pub with my carry out and my chicken and mushroom pie and chips and I have to read this kids stuff shit. Listen mate, nobody has ever heard of this cunt and nobody fucking cares ok? Stay away from YouTube and just go down the pub you whispy bearded, two bob fucking knobjockey fucking hipster cunt. I suspect i’m getting banned for that. Freedom of speech eh? Who needs it anyway?
  2. So the Slag Princess and her bitch are crying about the paparazzi camped out at the gates of their Canadian mansion. Threatening legal action because some cunt took a picture of her walking a dog (not the boy Hewitt apparently) in a public park. Well boo hoo you fucking scrubber. The rest of us get photographed and recorded on CCTV every day of the week and nobody asks our permission. What about our privacy you whore? I seem to remember the Slag Princess turning up at Wimbledon to support her “friend” Serena, whom she had known for all of five minutes, and sending her tax payer funded bodyguards to stop members of the public taking photos of her. What a fucking slag! I think the message is clear.......you want photos you have to pay for them......cold hard cash you cunts. Poor Harry, reduced to the status of a pimp. I fear he has inherited his mother’s intelligence.
  3. It’s not to get northerners to London it’s to get MPs and Peers to the gay clubs of Manchester. The Flying Cockman. If they all get a good dose of AIDS it’s well worth the money.
  4. It was my old Dad who wrote that. I remember sitting in the car and watching him do it. I didn’t know what it meant either so I asked him. He said....” it means he’s a cunt, son.” I knew what that meant.
  5. I was going to tell you about how I fucked Holly Willoughby, or however you spell it, on Saturday but it’s so long ago i’ve forgotten about it. 😁
  6. Like Diane Abbott’s son you mean? Fortunately, for the many.......not the Jew.
  7. Indeed. I had a fucked up telly I wanted to get rid of a few years ago. Can’t remember what the council wanted to charge me to take it away but I was moaning like fuck about it. Some bloke advised me to put it in a bin liner, leave it in the front garden where every passing cunt could see it and some pikey would nick it. So it was there for two days and it disappeared. Trouble is , the next day I was driving down this road a couple of miles away and it was sitting there in the middle of the pavement. Fuck me, you try to be a responsible citizen but you can’t rely on the pikeys for anything. Cunts.
  8. You seem to have forgotten that this noble cause has been supported and legitimised by Prince Baldybollocks and Prince Woke Ginger cunt. How dare you question their Royal Highnesses!! You are obviously mental. You need to be locked up in some mental institution. ( for your own good obviously) Unfortunately we can’t afford that because of all the dough we are paying to keep this two bob Kraut family in the lap of luxury. Tough luck mate. Oh, there’s also the fact that the next Jihadi who stabs the fuck out of some poor cunt in the street needs that place before you. Suck it up......as the fashionable people say.
  9. So I come in from the pub with my carry out and my saveloy (oi oi SAVA-LOY!!) and chips and I have to read this blatantly obvious thread derailment. I am seriously pissed off. How come I didn’t realise that Marjorie was a remoaner, an Establishment arse licker? He’s licked every arse of every 24 hour cunt on here in the hope that he might be popular and I just didn’t see it. I must be some sort of thick cunt or something. Sometimes you just have to hold your hands up.
  10. More woke brainwashing bullshit from the increasingly cuntish BBC Drama Dept. I saw some blurb for this and noted the foreign name of the actor. I looked the cunt up and was genuinely shocked to find that he is white. I was actually expecting a real “Prince of Darkness”. Bring back Christopher Lee and the magnificent cleavage of Ingrid Pitt you fucking gay cunts.
  11. judgetwi

    Ohhhh fuck

    The trouble with shitting yourself in public is that it’s rarely a nice little log that you can wriggle down your trouser leg and just leave somewhere and nobody knows that you were the dirty cunt. No, it’s always an explosive, runny mess, usually preceded by copious amounts of alcohol and the sudden onset of stomach cramps. You look around, in panic, for somewhere to dump your load but it just isn’t there. My only recommendation is to drop your strides in the street, let the good times roll and shout “booshka booshka, no speak Ingleesh, kurva kurva!” It seems to work round my way, anyway.
  12. judgetwi

    Arlene Foster

    I am familiar with the content of The Protocols, Herr Oberst, although, unlike you, I don’t own a well thumbed, spunk stained copy of it. As for Ghislaine I recall that at least one of her customers is a well known member of a prominent family of Aryan German ancestry. Wheels within wheels.....some cunts will do anything , betray any principles, for money the filthy cunts. You and I are above such things obviously. It’s no wonder we are such good pals, don’t you agree Herr Oberst?
  13. We have far too many urban foxes round my way, fed and encouraged by the fast food waste chucked all over the pavement by the Greta Thunderpants generation, constantly crying about the environment.......”you make me go to school on a Friday? How dare you?” The mating season is coming up very soon, when you get woken up in the middle of the night by their blood curdling screeching and screaming........the foxes I mean, not the spoilt know it all brats. However when it comes to remoaner scum and friends of that piece of shit, Gina fucking Miller, give me foxes any day of the week. I want this murdering scumbag hung, drawn and quartered. It’s the only language trash like that understand.
  14. Only a spotty teenager uses the word “bants”. Add that to your appalling spelling and grammar and you’ve given yourself away. Do you really think anybody is falling for your faux alt.right bullshit? Well, maybe a few dumbfucks have but that’s the nature of the beast.
  15. Fuck that! What have the fucking Poles got to do with it? A bunch of vodka drinking, loud mouth, booshka booshka, racist cunts round my way. You’ll have to explain this to me from the viewpoint of a rich cunt living in a Cotswolds mansion. Some of us aren’t as smart as you, Billy Braggart. Sorry.
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