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  1. judgetwi

    Lee Furlong the dirty scouse binrat.

    As politicians love giving their rich friends tax breaks instead of spending our money on public services it would make economic sense to out source the Prison Service to countries like Thailand. Fifty fucking pence a week spent on a low life scumbag sounds like a deal to me. I believe there are prisons in South America where the screws only enter, armed to the teeth, to remove the dead bodies when they start stinking up the place. A little bit of imagination and an eye on the pennies is all it would take. Oh, and getting out of the Fourth Reich, obviously.
  2. judgetwi

    Anjem Choudary dangerous cunt

    Choudray is a massive danger to the Establishment and their politician friends because he mouths off what every peaceful believes. They want us to believe that this cunt is an “extremist”. No he’s not, he’s just saying what they all think. KILL THE INFIDEL!
  3. judgetwi

    Michael Cane

    Harry Brown? An old cunt wiping out low life druggie scum. Loved that film. ”You have failed to maintain your weapon, my son.”
  4. judgetwi

    Michael Moore

    Professional neoliberal who spent years slagging off the Clintons and digging up the dirt on the pair of thieving, murdering cunts. Come 2016 and suddenly he’s Hilary’s biggest fan......can’t get his tongue far enough up her arse. Anybody with any self respect would have said....... they’re both cunts, don’t vote.......but this cunt can’t keep his gob shut.......as Burger King can no doubt testify.
  5. judgetwi

    Silly cunts that use apps to order food from shit holes

    Gritty Northern Rich Boy on his favourite subject.......slagging off the poor. If only these cunts were as smart as me what a great place the world would be. Of course GNRB doesn’t understand that in order for him to live his Rich Boy fantasies some cunt has to be poor. It’s called CAPITALISM. There’s no point in slagging off the dim cunts you have exploited with your cleverness. Why do you hate them when they are providing you with all the luxuries you are constantly bragging about? Nice last sentence by the way.....”half of you won’t pick up on the salient point anyway.” I believe that’s what Mrs. May calls a “backstop”.
  6. judgetwi

    eruv hazerot

    Lady P is the ideal cretin who is easy fodder for today’s politicians. Constantly seeking approval and has no self identity, not even on an anonymous website like this. One day a Jew baiter, the next day a Muzzie basher. Today a homophobe, tomorrow a trannie apologist. Yesterday I had this name and avatar, next week i’ll have a different one. Trainspotting is the only consistency. Sad
  7. judgetwi

    Spacker John Bercow

    Other than Phoney Tony , probably the biggest arselicking, nasty, untrustworthy fucking cunt this country has ever produced. This wanker started out in the Monday Club ranting about repatriation for anybody with a black skin. In 2009, having set his sights on being the Speaker he licked the New Labour arse for votes, knowing that electing him would wind up his own MPs who fucking hate him. Having got his useless arse in the chair the stumpy dwarf suddenly becomes all libtard....., loves the EU, hates Trump , loves the trannies and the poofs. Impartial?..... gimme a fucking break. It’s well known that this pathetic cunt is a loudmouth bully who revels in his own self importance. He’s a well known groper of women, expenses fiddler and general piece of shit. The fact that he has been cuckolded by a half brain filthy pikey probably doesn’t do much for his self esteem but that’s his problem the cunt. I listened to a couple of female Labour MPs on the radio yesterday praising this cunt to the skies. Oh yeah...... what happened to #metoo you fucking slags? Politicians = lowest form of scum crawling across the planet.
  8. judgetwi


    Once upon a time people had a diary and were pissed off when somebody read it. Now they have Facebook and are pissed off when nobody reads it.
  9. judgetwi

    Sir Craig Mackey

    Oh dear Frenchie, I seem to have upset you. Are you worried that your EU friends are going to kick your arse back to Blighty and make you mix with the trash you ran away from? Ain’t gonna happen. That would mean they would have to take back all the scum, pikeys, criminals, rapists and bearded child refugees , so beloved by Gary Taxdodger and Lily “constantly fucking crying” Slagheap, they have dumped on us. They may be cunts but they’re not fucking stupid! On the other hand, with Mavis May in charge you may have a point. I’ll give it some thought.
  10. judgetwi

    Stephen Fry

    Substitutes coming off the bench for another Royal Wedding which Charlie boy’s second string runner couldn’t be arsed to turn up for . But was there a more disgusting sight than Big Fry with his little boy “husband”? There he was looking like Dr Arnold escorting the naughty, but essentially innocent , Tom Brown back to his study for a damn good caning on his bare bottom. A revolting and nauseating filthy fucking pervert. Eat your heart out Alan Davies you lisping, fucking arselicker poof.
  11. judgetwi

    EU project fear bollocks again!

    Everybody has heard of Leo Cuntface, the Irish Teashop, EU cocksucker and real life bum bandit. But how many have heard of Michael D. Higgins? Who he? He’s the fucking decrepit , Coco the Clown look-a-like EU bumlicker who is President of the Irish Republic. Michael gets paid a quarter of a million euros, nearly twice as much as the Teashop p.a. for sucking the fascist EU cock. I have looked up the list of Irish Presidents and I have only heard of two of them....,. de Valera, the well known Nazi sympathiser, and Mary Robinson, the well known EU lover and tax dodger who now lives in Switzerland. That’s not in the beloved EU of course but a well known place for corrupt politicians to store their ill gotten gains. Despite being 77 years old the EU thief Higgins is standing for re-election on October 26th, the first incumbent President to do so since 1966. Obviously old Coco knows a cushy number when he sees one. On the same day the Irish are being asked to vote in a referendum to repeal the laws of blasphemy in the Republic. You remember referendums don’t you? That’s where the rich people ask you to agree with them. You better make sure you do or they will label you as thick, racist, Nazi, Hitler in disguise and basically a cunt. The fact is the Irish scumbag traitorous politicians are no different to our own scumbag traitorous politicians. They are all bought and paid for by the bankers and global capitalists. Pansyboy is no different from our own pathetic snowflakes, muggy cunts who have swallowed all the Establishment bullshit. Fuck ‘em all to hell.
  12. judgetwi

    Forced To Share

    That’s more like it.
  13. judgetwi

    EU project fear bollocks again!

    I’ve got a DVD of Panzyboy fucking Anna Soubry up the Gary with the pair of them babbling on and on , reciting extracts from the Project Fear prayer book. Needless to say, neither of them reaches a climax. Any offers?
  14. judgetwi

    Forced To Share

    I think you may be a bit confused there. However, to be fair to the Gritty Northern Richboy, he hasn’t called me fat or gay yet. I was thinking ahead of myself there. My apologies to the pathetic fantasist.
  15. judgetwi


    Nah, Bobby was an East End boy ( before it became a suburb of Islamabad ) and if there was something there to nick fucking nick it, that was the philosophy. Ask ‘Arry Redknapp, he’s a bloke who “likes a pound note” as we used to say in the old days. However, you are bang on about the E fucking U. Fuck those cunts to hell!