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  1. judgetwi


    There must be a reason why you are making yourself such an easy target. I suspect it may be the same reason as the Pretend Posh Boy. Whatever it is, i’m out.
  2. judgetwi


    And another 5 for TDA. ”You listening nig-nog? You steal white man’s motor car you get white man’s stick right? Name and number you black Brixton slaaag!” Great film, love that fucking film. If only we could bring those days back eh, Herr Oberst?
  3. judgetwi

    Tom Daley advert

    As I recall Len liked to help little girls out of the pool by placing his hands on their bottoms. Tom, on the other hand, prefers to .......( deleted on legal advice and the fact that benders are the new saints of the cultural revolution.) Anyone wanna buy a little red book?
  4. judgetwi


    God? Pissed? Skin tight pants? Slippers? Are you familiar with the Who song “Magic Bus” My Lady? More importantly are you familiar with magic mushrooms?
  5. On the website of the window licking mongs the man with the mobility scooter is king.
  6. What the fuck is this? I thought “The Waltons” finished years ago. Fuck my fat hairy arse and be gentle while you’re doing it.
  7. Not that I know of. If you are thinking of starting one I have to point out that the use of the word “official” implies that it has my approval. I’m not sure of the legal niceties here but you definitely do not have my approval. I’m hardly going to approve of a fan club run by “The Julius Streicher of Torquay” am I? I’m sorry I have to point this out to you My Lady but you really aren’t the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree. Know what I mean?
  8. Why don’t you do it yourself? What’s your problem big boy?
  9. I’m transferring to mums.net immediately. I wouldn’t want to upset someone who uses words like “downer” , especially with a capital D. Besides, i’ve got a lot to say about that bitch Lorraine Kelly. Dontcha hate her, girlfriend?
  10. judgetwi

    Bruno Tonioli

    They didn’t have tachos in those days. Peter Wyngard....... now there was a man’s poof. Not a patch on Rock Hudson though. Died of AIDS I believe. Now there was a disease that had such promise. What a fucking disappointment that turned out to be.
  11. Pointless. See what I did there? Muggy cunt.
  12. Anyone who calls it “Glasters” or “Glasto” should stay at home and watch the Wimminz World Cup. Either that or they work for the BBC . Both ways they are massive cunts.
  13. Here we go. Welcome to Top Gear. Guest Presenter : Various Spaz clones of Jeremy fucking Clarkson.
  14. As far as i’m aware a “Harley” is a motorcycle and , when I went to school, a motorcycle only had one back wheel. When you’ve finished digging that hole don’t forget to pull the dirt in after you. Fucking window licking mong.
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