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  1. Beep..beep..beep.........the sound of a tosser reversing. “A handful of Germans” Herr Oberst? Of course, it was all the fault of Ukrainians and Latvians. Nothing to do with the Krauts who you love so much. What a shame you have a cunt like me challenging all your bullshit. May I suggest you go back to your usual BIG FONT formula? That way you grab the attention of the usual dimmos who love sticking their tongues up your bum. No need to thank me.
  2. Treblinka was an extermination camp not a concentration camp.....a big difference between the two as any self respecting Nazi should know. You’re not a fraud are you Herr Oberst? Good grief, is there nothing you can rely on these days?
  3. judgetwi

    Sara cox

    Have you been to Barking lately Marjorie? It’s like being dropped into the middle of Karachi......the Infidel is not welcome there. If the BNP had a Barking branch back in the day they failed miserably, with or without my help. Don’t forget to wash your tongue Marje. 😬🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧😁
  4. judgetwi


    The cunt is a pikey. Battering the shit out of women and children, inflicting cruelty on horses and dogs, stealing anything that isn’t nailed down is just part of his culture. Suspending his licence is a blatant act of racism. Unfortunately the cognitive dissonance between racism and feminism has fucked him up the arse. Perhaps, if he were a peaceful and cunts weren’t dying of Corbyn19 the likes of Shameless Checkmebankaccount and the BBC might take up his cause. No matter, as soon as there is money to be made I suspect Mr Hearns will come to rescue this poor, misunderstood innocent boy.
  5. I may have missed it but i’ve heard nothing from the weeping, multi talented, “ashamed of my country”, Lily fucking Allen. Probably too busy down on the Kent coast guiding in rubber dinghies, full of doctors and nurses from Syria, with a torch reflecting off her wide open fanny. Enduring image. 🤮
  6. I actually feel sorry for Hewitt.....what the fuck does this idiot know about real life? Everybody he’s ever met wants to lick his arse and every woman he’s ever met wants to suck his cock and marry the cunt. That ain’t real life for fucks sake. The Markle bitch was smart enough to spot his pathetic vulnerability and has used it for her own advancement in the Hollywood, sleb world she has always aspired to. Who could have predicted they would end up in LA, alongside her mother, Oprah and all the other sleb parasites? Hewitt, you stupid poor dumb wanker.
  7. Oh for fucks sake. I give up. Smugboy is a Blairbaby! Who would have guessed it? Not this thick cunt obviously.
  8. As I said Smugboy “a money grabbing cunt who likes to exploit cheap labour.” I’d prefer it if you didn’t force me to quote myself as it makes me look a bit of a cunt. Much better if you paid attention in the first place. Ok brainbox?
  9. judgetwi

    Sara cox

    Would you really little smug boy? You seem to be unaware that , just like you, I can make up any shit I like. The fact that you have failed to grasp that simple fact tells me that you are not very bright. Ok, i’m actually a Professor of Smugness at Yale University. My PhD dissertation was “Smug Fucking Wankers on the Internet who Repeat Total Bollocks They Have Swallowed From the Libtard Media” Hope this helps and, yes it’s ok with me.
  10. I presume like all so called “entrepreneurs” he is a money grabbing cunt who likes to exploit cheap labour. My experience of Spoons is that at least the cheap labour is not foreign trash who suck up the resources that they haven’t paid for. If you don’t like Spoons, their clientele ( which I suspect is the object of your ire) or cheap booze and sausage and chips, then fuck off up the Cafe Royal and pay your way.
  11. In the spirit of being a lying bullshitting internet wanker I can honestly say that Penny, as I used to call her, was the dirtiest slag I have ever come across. Never heard of this Felicity bird, sorry.
  12. Bertie Big Bollocks. A case in point. QED.
  13. Went down the Tesco Express at 6pm to get my wife beater and fags and, after standing in the queue for 20 minutes, (2 metres apart, what happened to fucking yards?) and the fucking place was stripped bare!! Not that i’m bothered. For years I’ve been growing spuds, collies, cabbages and assorted veg in my garden as well as a large collection of chickens, rabbits and the odd squirrel I can trap. Add to that all the tinned and frozen stuff i’ve been storing up in anticipation of the disaster of leaving the wonderful E cunting U. I’m sitting pretty, me. Ok, I just made all that shit up so I can be the Big Clever Man on the Fucking Internet. Hey!.......just because i’m a braggart wanker lying through my teeth doesn’t mean I’m not smarter than you. Thick muggy cunts.
  14. Whichever post you are talking about it didn’t come from me. If it was some cunt impersonating me I presume Mrs Roops removed it because it didn’t come from my IP address, or whatever they call it. Hopefully she can confirm this. I don’t go in for physical threats or nasty personal stuff. I’m just a pisstaker Marje. Sorry you were upset but it’s not down to me.
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