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  1. Meaningless drivel. Or is it? Why don’t you say what you wanna say hard man? You know you want to say it don’t you? Go on hard man........time for you to be a hero. 😀
  2. The British election is over but the Presidential election is just beginning. Stand back and watch these intellectuals going at it. It’s time for a heated transatlantic debate! 💤💤💤🚾
  3. A bit like your long neglected fanny. Take your lottery win and buy yourself that dildo. You know it makes sense.
  4. Fake, fraud, bullshitter and liar. Oh.......and attention seeking wanker. Nearly forgot.
  5. Ooooooh. The R word. You don’t really think that’s going to work on me do you Professor? That’s a snowflake word that means “shut the fuck up.” In real life that shuts me up......I have to earn a living so I have to agree that poofs are normal, trannies are “so brave”, Jihadist murderers are “brainwashed and mentally ill” and and have nothing to do with the peaceful religion and the influx of cheap immigrant labour to make rich cunts even richer is really great for our economy.....blah blah fucking blah. But this ain’t real life Jethro. This is cyberspace and everyone can hear you scream in cyberspace so don’t tell me what I can say cunt, ok? Great story, by the way. Just shows you what a bunch of snobs you carrotcrunchers are. Being called a “dirty Hammer” would have been too much for me.....that’s way over the line in my world. But even an out of touch wanker like you must admit that the faux Cockney looks and dresses like a Booshka Booshka, as does his missus. Don’t worry mate, you’ll be getting the real thing, and much worse, sooner than you think. Enjoy. 😁
  6. Your noms are shit.



  7. Oh dear. A plea for originality from the Executive Head of Comedy of Pikey Christmas Crackers Limited. I love it when dimmos tell me to fuck off. 😁
  8. So I come in from the pub with my carry out, and my sausage rolls from the BP garage, and I have to read this primary school political topography lesson from Jethro Sheepshagger, Emeritus Professor of the Bleedin’ Obvious. We don’t have any fields in Londonistan any more Professor. They’ve all been concreted over to provide housing for cheap foreign labour and for foreign billionaires to park their dirty money. I believe old Jezza has an allotment in Islington somewhere........another communist plot (geddit?) 😁 Yes , you are correct, Londonistan is a different country. I was shocked to find that I was one of 571 people who voted for Sir Nigel in a constituency won by a dirty Blairite remoaner slag. ( majority 27000) Who the fuck are the other 570 cunts, that’s what I want to know? There ain’t many of us left Prof. But don’t think you are invulnerable out there in Carrotcruncher land. Complacency is the killer.
  9. Leave your luggage on the platform. It will follow you on the next train.
  10. You dozy dicksplash Pansy ! We civilised those countries ( including yours) and dragged them out of the Dark Ages. British go home, they said, so we did. Those countries turned into shitholes so now they all want to come here for us to look after them again. And i don’t recall the likes of Poland, Lithuania, Romania etc being in the British Empire. Not to mention those noisy Italian cunts. Typical fucking Irish........still moaning about the fucking potato famine and Oliver fucking Cromwell.
  11. He could be a mobile scarecrow on various farms in Carrotcruncher land. Of course that would put a few people on here out of work but not my problem.
  12. I didn’t use the word “duskies” Pansy boy, you just made that up. I used the word “foreigners”........you know, foreigners like you, poking their unwanted noses into my country and telling us what to do. They need to shut the fuck up and fuck right off, know what I mean? As for your “reception centres” that’s another load of bullshit you just made up. I’m not writing any more songs for you, cunt.
  13. Remoaner bitch gets fucked by the democracy she hates so much. Oh the irony. I can go to bed now i’ve seen that nasty fascist get fucked in the arse.
  14. Going out with two left shoes on is a simple error that any cunt can make. I’ve done it loads of times, although I tend to favour the right to be honest. As usual the racist media have to make a big deal of this. Along with sending her brat to a private school, the said brat being sacked by the Foreign Office for dealing Class A drugs and then being arrested for biting a copper. Oh, and then there’s the small matter of the Shadow Home Secretary breaking the law by drinking alcohol on the Tube. Fucking racists.
  15. Yeah I just saw the bitch spouting that remoaner bollocks Doc. I notice that all the Labour cunts are blaming it all on Catweazle. He’s a goner that’s for certain. The remoaners will never give up their globalist vision, you can be sure of that.
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