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  1. Our Future Our Choice

    Are you trying to be a parody of the stereotypical thick as shit Paddy? That would require a certain suspension of belief on the part of the audience. It ain’t working cunt.
  2. Cunts who leave abusive notes on Ambulances

    Charlotte Church?

    I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt Herr Oberst. I can’t read the writing on the box and I can’t see a yellow star so i’m going to assume that this is an “Okie” child as that was my first impression. However, either way, how does this photo reflect martial artists? Is this just another of your recent pathetic attempts to be “wacky” , like some sad fuck on Comic Relief Day or what? Explain yourself you Nazi cocksucker!
  4. This unknown cunt

    What have you done with my sheep My Lady? The ram was behind the ewes and now they are separated. Is this post modernist feminism you rug muncher?
  5. This unknown cunt

    What’s up with these Taffies? Sheep not good enough for them anymore? ???
  6. Minette Batters

    Nobody’s talking about the winter Mr. I’m Too Important To Read Anything Properly. We’re talking about the lack of flying bastard insects in the summer. Some cunt is fucking about with the eco system and I wanna know who and why. And what about that Polski Sklep bollocks? What about that then? I know they’re watching me.
  7. Minette Batters

    Fuck, finger slipped. ........nothing. So where have all the midgies gone?
  8. Minette Batters

    There’s definitely something in this. When I was a kid I remember going to Scotland and, in the countryside, wherever you went you were attacked by these flying bastards the locals called “midgies”. Fuck knows what they were but it was a fucking nightmare, the cunts wouldn’t leave you alone. Now i’ve toured around Scotland 3 times in the last 7 or 8 years and.....
  9. Sol Campbell

    Just been rejected as manager of Oxford United. Fair play, he didn’t play the race card but said they had rejected “the greatest mind in football.” Nice one Sol. Mr. Fucking Modesty.
  10. Cunts who leave abusive notes on Ambulances

    Just been reading about that. This bitch will soon be appearing in some celebrity reality shit, mark my words.
  11. Our Future Our Choice

    Yeah, that’s your fantasy. The hole’s not big enough anyway.
  12. Our Future Our Choice

    Token? Muggy cunt.
  13. Our Future Our Choice

    I don’t think so. Mine says : No Pikeys No Muzzies No Remoaners Or at least it would do if it wasn’t for the Thought Police.
  14. Our Future Our Choice

    Yeah, when Pantie Knickers walks down the street where he used to go to school and finds himself in the middle of Islamabad, getting all sorts of dirty looks, he might have a different attitude. Of course, you don’t believe shit like that will happen until it actually happens, then it’s too fucking late.