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  1. Nice to know somebody cares about my mental well being, other than the poncing Royal Princes, Pansy boy. However, I have to point out that you are part of the problem, not the fucking solution. Ok?
  2. Indeed. Young Abbott attended the City of London School . Current fees....£5267 a term.....lunch, £265 a term (no idea if there is a KFC nearby) music lessons, £245 a term. Old boys include Mike Brearley, Kingsley Amis and Daniel Radcliffe. Apparently, Diane only sent him there because the local schools “did not cater to his needs”. As James is now working at the Foreign Office, ingratiating himself with the Establishment I think we can guess at what those “needs” might have been. Quite frankly, drinking a bit of alcoholic on the Tube, in defiance of her friend Suckdick Khunt, is very small beer (see what I did there?) compared with her lifelong crimes of blatant racism, hypocrisy and self serving arse licking.
  3. Stephen Lawrence Day today. Fuck knows how many black kids get stabbed to death by other black kids every fucking week but that doesn’t fit the neo liberal agenda. Let’s cry about poor Stephen, a victim of the racist, fascist police state we all live in. Maybe if we cry enough about Stephen we can forget about the democratic rights that have been stolen from us. St George’s Day tomorrow...... let’s sweep that one under the carpet while we’re at it. 🧐
  4. Dick Van Dyke is dead. Er......actually he’s not but , like you, his “comedy” certainly is. 😢
  5. There aren’t 8.8 million “cockneys” as you call them. Cockneys now live in the various cuntholes of Essex or, like me, in Sarf London. When we have gone the only true cockneys will be called Mohammed and Abdul. You voted for it. Well, you almost certainly didn’t but you’re getting it anyway.
  6. Sounds like an absolutely delightful Sunday afternoon My Lady. I, myself, went fishing....... on “Mature Sex Contacts.” I nearly landed Magnificent Maxine from Theydon Bois but i’m afraid she wriggled off the hook. Fucking old slag. 😎
  7. Fuck my old football boots! Back in the day I used to coach a kids football team. Four fucking years I put up with that shit. I could tell you a thousand stories about the pathetic parents trying to live their lives vicariously through their kids. My favourite came very near the end. This cunt, who turned up for every game, told me that I was playing his stepson in the wrong position and “you have ruined this team and you know nothing about football tactics”. I tried to explain to him that it was a kids game of football, they’re supposed to enjoy it , winning and losing is not that important because we don’t live in the Soviet fucking Union. Well this cunt wasn’t having it. I was a lot younger and fitter than him so I soon had him on the ground sticking my Adidas Aztecs into his bollock bag. Thankfully some other parents dragged me off him. Anyway about a year later it emerged that this cunt had been fucking his stepson, and some of his mates, up the bumhole. He got 12 years, or something like that, the cunt. I have nothing but admiration for people who give up their time and energy to coach kids sports . I didn’t have the bottle for it and it must be ten times worse in these times of automatic self entitlement. They are fucking heroes but nobody gives a fuck because no cunt is making any money out of it.
  8. Yeah, but what the fuck have these people in California got to do with the corpse robber in Manchester? I can only assume you have made some connection, in your fucked up brain, between some cunts called Turpin in California, and a fictional character, with the same name, in a soap opera set in Manchester. Why you would make that connection I have no idea but it’s about time you sought some professional help, don’t you think? Either that or fuck off you mad old witch.
  9. Fair play Smoggy, that is fucking quality. My congratulations. 🌺
  10. So you’re Mahatma fucking Ghandi now Pansy boy? 😁😆😁😁😁😁😁😁
  11. Oh dear. Accusations of homosexuality. How very 1970’s. Benders are at the cutting edge of modern social mores mate. Well.....behind the peacefuls and trannies obviously. Hampstead Heath? Who the fuck are you.... Jeremy fucking Thorpe? You come across like some old fucking cunt regurgitating the insults from a 1970’s classroom. If you have to talk like a child try and get up to date mate.
  12. Yeah, just like the fucking Irish. Some of us might even end up like Pansy boy, sucking the EU cock, and pretending that’s what we wanted in the first place. Not this cunt though. Never forgive, never forget.
  13. judgetwi


    Rich bitch, multi millionaire champagne socialist, dedicated to the global capitalist project. Hardly a surprise that she is slagging off Brexit and sucking up to the Irish traitors. A dangerous cunt indeed, but one of many enemies of democracy.
  14. Fat cunt? Hate crime alert! Hate crime alert!
  15. Nobody cares about a whining bitch. Except, possibly, a randy dog. 🐕
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