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  1. NHS primary school quiz.

    I’ve never heard that expression before but I take the point. I assume it stems from the recent film. Hollywood makes things far more attractive than the reality. No doubt there are cunts running around LA with scripts about the struggle of pretty people coping with gender neutrality. Or has it already been done ?
  2. NHS primary school quiz.

    You are definitely on to something here. I saw a photo recently taken at some gay pride bollocks in America. It showed a husband and wife posing with their 9 year old son wearing a dress and showing off his painted fingernails. The cunt father was wearing a tee shirt bearing the words “on the right side of history”. That struck a chord with me. These are cunts who need a cause. They are looking around and saying “ where’s my Vietnam, where’s my fucking civil rights movement?” Sorry mate you missed out, find something else cunt. Now I don’t mind what cause people want to follow but when they exploit their own children to draw attention to themselves and be fucking heroes they are cunts and need locking up. It’s fucking child abuse pure and simple. By the way, why do all the women in these gender neutral families look like the young Fatima Whitbread? Fucking saddos.
  3. Cheggers goes 'pop'

    Listen mush, it was a case of mistaken identity. The bag was identical to mine and I picked it up by mistake. When the coppers stopped me , to my astonishment, it was full of bras and knickers! When we went back to the shop obviously some cunt had nicked the bag I had left there. I didn’t appreciate the sarcastic attitude of those officers and I only pled guilty on the advice of my brief , who is another sarky bastard. What’s it got to do with you anyway, nose ointment?
  4. NHS primary school quiz.

    I think the agenda is the sexualisation of children with the long term aim of reducing the age of consent. Fresh meat all round. Make no mistake the advocates of this perversion are nonce wolves in nonce sheep’s clothing.
  5. Mafia Wives

    Fuck me, that’s Luca Brazzi after they fished him out of the river. “Look what they did to my boy.”?
  6. Cheggers goes 'pop'

    That’s called “ indecent exposure “. Do it on the street to one person and you get arrested and put on the sex offenders register. Do it on the telly, in front of millions and it’s called entertainment. Somebody’s got their wires crossed somewhere.
  7. Amazon

    There are millions of people working in similar conditions in this country and untold rich cunts who don’t pay their fair share of tax. It’s called global corporate capitalism. It’s what you get when you destroy the unions and flood the country with cheap docile labour. It didn’t happen by accident. Anyone who thinks there’s a difference between the Tories and the Tories with Red Ties has been asleep for the last 40 years. They are all bought and paid for, all self serving, money grabbing scum sucking cunts.
  8. Mafia Wives

    A bit difficult for a blind man to pull that off, to be fair. However i’m sure there would be a few volunteers to help the cunt out.
  9. TA - Travel Anouncements

    I bet he wears brown ? shoes in town as well the scummy little chav.
  10. The gay politicos trawl through history looking for anybody who made a positive contribution to humanity and happened to be a cocklover. Then they say “ look at this bloke, he loved it up the bumhole and look what he did. Therefore gay is good.” I don’t get it. If being gay is normal and people are “born gay” why do you have to lionise benders from the past to justify your “normality”? You could equally trawl through the past and find some total cunts who parked round the back but nobody bothers because we already know it is a filthy perversion. Did you know that Mother Teresa was a lezzer and Marilyn Monroe was a pre-op trannie? No, I thought not.
  11. They were pretty quiet when they came home too. But then there were only about half a dozen of the fuckers.?
  12. National Emergency, Yes Its Snowing

    Good one Frenchie.
  13. Bottled water in Europe.

    ....... or you could stay at home and stop boring the shit out of foreigners who don’t give a fuck about your moaning and groaning.
  14. “ I don’t trade in shares”. Obviously I have mixed you up with some other mouthy cunt who was always bragging about how much dough he was making on the markets. Please accept my sincere apologies. May I also apologise for forcing you to live in my “shithole “ country. I note that despite the fact that the English are appalling racists, bigots and generally fucking cunts half the world are falling over themselves to get here. Once again , can I apologise for being English. We are the world’s biggest cunts and everybody knows it.
  15. Well I don’t blame him for that but what is relevant Doc? I’ve read your rules and it’s all bullshit. I don’t understand how you can allow this fucked up sack of shit to keep posting on here. As I remember ( correct me if i’m wrong ) mental illness is not your speciality but if I can see it why can’t you? By the way I note that the global stock markets had a big boost today thanks to my country being sold down the river to the global corporate capitalists. No doubt you made a big killing partly due to your bumbandit teashop fucking wanker. You must be very proud...... no, I don’t expect an apology you Feinian cunt.?‍?