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  1. judgetwi

    Stephen Lawrence. The saga continues

    Yeah, I think I might have bumped into him last night. Has he got an orange rubber torch? It lives up his arse now. That’s what happens when you jump to conclusions.
  2. judgetwi


    Bury my heart at the Covered End.
  3. judgetwi

    Dale Winton has died

    Cue 48 hours of genius and sainthood bestowed upon this AIDS riddled old arsebandit. Good riddance cocksucker.
  4. judgetwi

    Windrush cunts

    Oh look, we did what the racist Brexit voters wanted and look what happens! You see? We can’t deport anybody from this country because the Home Office can’t cope. ( insert arguments here about why the economy needs cheap, compliant, non-unionised labour. Eg..... who is going to pick the strawberries?) You are being softened up for a 2nd referendum. You muggy cunts.
  5. judgetwi

    Any cunt that sits behind a computer and calls it work

    What the fuck does it matter? The cunt can make up any shit he likes. Nobody cares.
  6. judgetwi

    Any cunt that sits behind a computer and calls it work

    Satire. I love it. You’re still a fucking wanker though.
  7. judgetwi

    Crime soars on Isle of Lewis.

    Fuck these kilt wearing, haggis munching wankers this is happening in my local Tesco Express right here in Sarf London, the centre of the world where FUCKING REAL PEOPLE live. You have to ask the shelf stackers to get you a basket. Obviously the pikeys have discovered that there is some scrap metal value in these fucking baskets. They steal drain covers, war memorials, motorway signs, lead and copper from roofs, railway cables ( note that Lady P you SJW) there’s nothing this filth won’t steal. Pikey filth need to be fucked off back to where they came from.
  8. judgetwi

    Scarlett Moffatt-Cunt

    I wonder why you find it necessary to mention the size of your TV screen? Hello Dr Freud, would you mind parking your Ferrari round the back you small cocked Austrian cunt ?
  9. judgetwi

    May Giving It The Biggun.

    So Mrs Jellyfish, the girl who just can’t say no, goes steaming in, knickers around her ankles and spattered with Trump and Macron’s spunk. Forgive the crude analogy but here’s another one.......spare me the Churchillian speeches you fucking bought and paid for fucking muppet. Just fuck off.
  10. Oh dear, I hope you gave the little cunt a good slap. I’m afraid I don’t know what “butter chicken” is. Could you enlighten me please? While you’re there could you tell me how you expand a palette? Do you add a bit of wood on the end of it? Wouldn’t it be easier to buy a bigger one? Sorry to trouble you with you with all these questions. I know people in your position are very busy. Thanks
  11. So I come in from the pub with my carry out and my Ebi Nigiri and Korean bean sprouts ( I hope that meets with the approval of Poshboy Stickers........oi Kendo! ....lay off the sesame seeds please, those fuckers get stuck between my teeth! ) and I have to read this fucking pile of old shit. Gay? Dinosaur? This from a cunt who spends every weekend dressed as Heinrich Himmler watching his worn out VHS tape of “Triumph of the Will” that he bought in some A-rab cafe down the Edgware Road twenty fucking years ago. What happened to the BIG LETTERS Herr Oberst? Did you decide to get a pair of NHS glasses like your chicken farmer hero? You are embarrassing yourself old boy. If you can’t do better than homo abuse you are truly fucked.
  12. From your private collection? I can still see the semen stains on it you grubby little man.
  13. I would never have told my old man that. I would have got a slap because “ the teacher didn’t cane you for nothing did he?” and another one for being “a whining little poof.” They should bring those days back.
  14. There’s no doubt that littering is a peculiarly British thing, you just don’t see it in other countries. There’s nothing more depressing than staring out the window of the Gatwick Express watching the litter build up as you get closer to London. Welcome home to the land of the shitcunt! It seems to be most of it comes out of car windows and from fucking kids. Say anything to one of the little bastards and , at best, you get told to fuck off and, at worst, you are accused of noncery. Too many fucking cunts in this country . We need some incurable highly contagious disease that only infects the cunts. Either that or execute some of the bastards.
  15. Kebabs is bleeding foreign innit brainy geezer? Knees up Muvver Brown, Knees up Muvver Brown.....