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  1. The Pretend Posh Boy has never been near a church in his life, except perhaps to nick the lead off the roof or rob a spastics collection box. This golf club of his is where he lurks in the bushes like a pikey nicking balls while they are in play. Then he sells them to the new arrivals in the car park like the benefits scrounger he is. He’s a fake, fraud, thief and compulsive liar. I don’t know why you bother with the cunt.
  2. Chillies and Chilli Sauce are for foreigners and similar riff raff. Definitely not for an Englishman, pissed or otherwise.
  3. Hey Yank, is it Black Friday this week? I’m looking forward to some new YouTube videos of rednecks battering the shit out of each other over a half price telly. I particularly like two fat black Yank women rolling around the floor shouting “BITCH”!!! and “HO”!!! as they fight over a food blender or a cordless drill. Fucking classic.
  4. Fuck me, we’ve all used that “it was my chair scraping across the floor “ excuse. You could tell the bloke talking was trying very hard not to laugh. Very professional. I would like to have seen his reaction when the methane cloud entered his defenceless nostrils.
  5. The Donner story is something all you Yanks learn at school but over here a Donner is something you buy off an Abdul on a Friday night and shove down your throat with pitta bread and onions. Hey! I wonder if that’s where the name comes from! I hadn’t thought of that. I’ll ask Abdul on Friday night.
  6. Oh dear. It appears that HRH has, allegedly, been making derogatory remarks about peacefuls and used the phrase “ni**er in the woodpile.” Fucking underage girls is one thing but once the snowflakes sniff blood you are in big fucking trouble. I can imagine the Prince storming around Buck House shouting “I ain’t doing no chokey for no one!!” And he won’t of course. Cunt.
  7. Oh I don’t know, the Pigshagger gave us the referendum, dropped his rich mates in the shit and allowed us to see these MP cunts for the traitorous bastards they really are. We owe him for that. Think of all the contacts he has lost and the money that has gone down the toilet as a result. The ruling class will never forgive Dave which is probably why he is whoring his shitty book all over the place. Mind you there was no need to chuck the Camberwell Gyppo out of her caravan. He can’t be that skint. Cunt.
  8. I’ll give you one of my tips. If you ever feel your hatred and bile beginning to fade, whip out a picture of the grinning Tony Blair. It’s like getting a shot of something illegal and used by a Tour de France winner. No need to thank me.
  9. You mean like trains, railway timetables and obscure villages that no cunt has ever heard of?
  10. No they fucking don’t. When I come to power they will be whipped through the streets and then hanged, along with all the other Posh Boys. Pretend Posh Boys will, however, be treated in a psychiatric hospital so you don’t have to worry. Yes it may involve years of straitjackets, drugs and electro-convulsive therapy but it’s for your own good. That’s the kind of sharing, caring bloke I am. No need to thank me, I haven’t done anything yet.
  11. judgetwi

    The Irish

    There is only one God and his name is Allah. You should remember that the next time you are crying over the poor Palestinian children Mein Herr.
  12. Is Prince Airmiles a member of your imaginary exclusive golf club by any chance? Actually, i’m surprised you don’t brag about your imaginary scores on here. I’m sure you are regularly under par if you know what I mean.
  13. Pot, kettle, black. Judge taps into the open goal.
  14. judgetwi

    The Irish

    Cambridge University is a seat of learning that has been around a very long time. However, I doubt that there is a single cunt within those hallowed walls who can explain why you have been around for an equally long time and nobody has kicked your fucking head in. Or perhaps they have?...... kicked your head in I mean. That would certainly explain a lot.
  15. I’m not picking on anyone. And I don’t think you should be coming on here, or any fucking where else, and describing other people as “feeble minded.” Just my opinion....... or did I get it from the BBC website? Give me some time to think about it and i’ll get back to you and tell you to fuck off. Possibly.
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