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  1. Rapper Rodney doesn't really sound as impressive. Fucking plonker.
  2. The handrails on prison staircases are quite sharp. What were the chances on him hitting that when "he just fell down the stairs, guv."
  3. I guess it won't be long before government forms have extra choices for the old gender question, Male; Female; Non-Specific; Fuck Knows, just to appease these fucking mongs. On a semi related note, does anyone know the best place to buy depth charges?
  4. I wonder what the headlines would be if it turns out that, in his rugby playing days, Mike Tyndall tackled this poof on the rugby field and caused a blood injury which resulted in the bummers disease being transferred. And I bet Zara & Mike must have cooked nosh for the rest of the Royals at some point. Toad in the Hole or one of Jewdys kebabs probably. Anyhow we could probably see the highest death toll of Germans since the war if this happens.
  5. It's made of gold, so fucking what. I'd trade it for a Royal Doulton vitreous china one if it wiped my arse for me.
  6. I didn't think the dirty dagos used soap.
  7. These are the sort of wankers who are queueing in the 10 items or less aisle with over 12 items in their basket. Cunts should be arse raped with a katana.
  8. I don't know. Does he have any other physical impairments apart from being a darker shade of white?
  9. I support........ Ahhh, fuck it, they're all a bunch of cunts.
  10. This is Ian Beales son isn't it. The one that whacked his step mum over the head rendering her wheelchair bound and then he went on to cave his own sisters head in. I would say he completed his apprenticeship to join Islam.
  11. Interesting nom. Punky. Clearly this bloke has a disease that manifests itself in his CNS and physically impaired him so he could no longer cope mentally. What are your thoughts on young folk ( under 30 yrs old) who solely have mental issues and chose to end it without the aid of a trip to Switzerland? - usually using a rope in their bedroom.
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