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  1. Do it Dex. I've just realised I've had the previous misfortune of working with their chair of the board of directors in a different role. She was pretty fucking uninspiring then aswell.
  2. Are you now describing it as an average citizen? I think we've already established she would be categorised below average in pretty much all departments apart from weight.
  3. I'd rather the cunt stop to answer the mobile, catch Pokemon or connect on Grindr than try and do it whilst still moving.
  4. I wonder if there would be as much of a story if, A) she didn't class herself as a 'traveller' (is it even a race?) 2) she was a he. C) it wasn't a mentalist. D) it wasn't naked underneath it's clothing. (WTF??) Load of fucking bollox story only made popular by BBC culture.
  5. Even Michael fucking Phelps would struggle to swim in handcuffs so it must be true about drugs making you over estimate your abilities.
  6. I see Cockney Cat Rescuers aka London Fire Brigade have joined the fight against sexism by wading in to children's TV programmes. I guess the pool table is broken again so they must have tuned in to daytime TV and been offended. Stick to putting chip pans out and local fete appearances rather than creating arguments from nothing. Oh, and I reckon the Barbie doll will put more girls off from becoming Fire fighters because they won't like the colour of the outfit and it doesn't come with a hand bag for make up.
  7. Home birth for me. Yes, even back then people didn't want to pick up every variant of MRSA known to man.
  8. Just when you want a load of Jason Bourne, Treadstone type people in post we end up with the captain of the Keystone Cops. You do realise the promotion of idiots into positions lower down the hierarchy is a ploy to make the people at the top look better,....I mean, not as shit.
  9. The stupid little cunt could have at least used an Emu's egg. They even grow there, don't they? As for him looking a bit gay and effeminate, I think all Austalians look like this nowadays. Perhaps Southerncunt can confirm.
  10. Superman 3, is that the one with the horny female villain?
  11. Fancy meeting up at Reggies tea stall, Norwich Market, Tuesday at 11am, I've...erm, got something for you.
  12. She sounds completely normal if she's not remotely interested in you.
  13. That said, I have even noticed myself that people who have the Christmas decorations up (on their council home) for a prolonged period of time, also have a shit credit score thanks to thier Sky subscription and the Bet Fred and Brighthouse accounts.
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