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  1. I'm proud to say that the only difference between Boris and Donald is that we weren't fucking stupid enough to actually vote the cunt in.
  2. Says the old hag who can only manage a toothy smile when she drinks out of the glass they're kept in overnight.
  3. Who would have expected such a selfish opinion from an American?? Fucking idiot.
  4. And MORE importantly, what the fuck are they going to do in Indonesia if they aren't sewing Everlast, Karrimor or any other outsourced British label clothing for a pittance.
  5. Let's hope the sperm donor isn't a Dolph Lundgren from Rocky 4 type character as it'll be a struggle to determine who had the dominant genes when the poor little thing emerges from her clam bucket.
  6. A source said "she was sick recently, just seconds before going on air" That's fucking weird because I get sick just seconds AFTER she appears on my TV screen.
  7. Fake news. Mine still returns the same results when I search for 'lesbian bingo grannies full house after a line'
  8. Are you currently flicking your own bean, you filthy whore?
  9. It's no surprise that Trump is president with fucking idiots like Salty Cum Breath voting.
  10. Spelt is the past participle of spell, you fucking ignorant cunt.
  11. It's news because all the words were spelt correctly so they are working on the assumption that it's a tourist. You fucking yanks can fuck off with your 'center' and your 'color'. Learn to fucking spell properly you red neck cunts.
  12. Cut to the fucking chase Neil, did you, or did you not join the mile high club? ps. I don't know whether it still counts if it's gay sex.
  13. I would have thought South Africa would have been more up his street.
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