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  1. 8. Ginger. 9. Canada. 10. Annus. 11. Horribilus. 12. Expelliarmus.
  2. I hear Mills & Boon are looking for another ghost writer Rev. This eloquent piece will definitely give you a shoe in.
  3. Fat cunt, and one half of Little & Large (guess which one) has checked out early thanks to Covid-19. Although, as it turns out, he was receiving treatment for heart failure!! Now if I was a heart doctor I would jump at the chance to blame something else for a patients death.
  4. You mean the return of Anti-social distancing or, to term it another way, "Oi!, did you spill my pint, you cunt"
  5. If you live in or near Hounslow then frankly you've obviously given up on expecting anything good out of life. Seeing what you describe sounds very much like the norm given the location.
  6. It's a case of life imitating art in this instance. Anyone remember Operation Good Guys?
  7. What about her son? Do you reckon its because after suckling on those titties he realised he wasn't going to get any better so decided to push shit around and drool over hairy backs instead?
  8. Who? He/She/It sounds like a real limp twisted, snowflake of a cunt.
  9. Should have heeded her own advice all those years ago in Portugal. "Stay indoors, look after your kids."
  10. Yes, but put it in context Neil, that's a MASSIVE 10% increase, in 10 days 100% of the people in Norfolk will be dead. Dianne said so.
  11. Chest (of drawers) infection.
  12. I've heard of reports that the capacitive screens on iPhones are temperamental when they're operated with hands that are plastered in another mans jizz
  13. For that very reason, I am using plastic cutlery to eat food as a temporary measure. I find this works if I cook my Findus Crispy Pancakes for 70-80% of the recommended time otherwise the fucking knife breaks before it's made a dent on the surface.
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