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  1. Don't forget the fire retardant abilities of the polystyrene cement holding the little plastic parts together
  2. Wouldn't the downforce from the rotor blades suppress the flames??
  3. Back in the actual world we live in, the real question pops up. How much is it going to fucking cost? 2 fucking days. Because no matter how little of a fraction of a day you're using you're paying for it. Fucking teachers are out of touch with reality.
  4. Don't worry salty. You can observe it about 3 weeks later in honour of the Americans arriving late for the war as well.
  5. I am sure that there are some members of the National Front, and groups with similar extreme views, who are gay. I'll give a days supply of likes to the poster of the best 'pride' swastika - just to maintain the equality that the LGBTN-B community craves.
  6. Victoria Beckham would probably think Frank's legs are just too skinny. The only person I know who would make lycra leggings look like flares in fact they look so weak and feeble I imagine he sits down to piss.
  7. Second worst., Second worst Francis. People in glass houses and all that you fucking Schmiegel in beige slacks, twiglet legged cunt.
  8. Well as Mike Myers is actually British himself, I thought it was a very good parody.
  9. The trap worked as expected.
  10. I don't mean to rain on your parade Salty but we say 'Honours' over this side of the pond. Just saying. You have a nice day now.
  11. Man???? You've seen the videos haven't you?
  12. I wonder if this place has an annual Pride event?
  13. Punkape's NOT offended by the highest point of Bodmin Moor, in fact he wants loads of them.
  14. Time to resurrect my campaign to get the double yellow lines removed from Norwich City centre because they offend the Chinks and Japs.
  15. I'm more surprised that she actually peeled the bananas before eating them.
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