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  1. Cunty BigBollox

    Christmas lunch cunts

    After I saw a swan swimming through the effluent in the Cherwell it put me right off swan as an edible feast. Eat shit! Lol
  2. Cunty BigBollox

    Social Prescribing

    The problem here is mobile phones. You can now do everything from the comfort of your armchair from playing on line bingo, socialising with friends on FuckFace or Twatter, you can even go fishing or play darts. So, my prescription would be, take the fat cunts internet access away.
  3. Cunty BigBollox

    Richard Baker

    Pen, you stupid cow. Why don't you just nominate death as a cunt then next time you're trawling the obituary columns you can just add another post for someone rather than nomming non-cunts, as cunts. No offence intended, you dopey old hag.
  4. Cunty BigBollox

    Black Friday

    Black Friday is just a day created by big businesses to give thick cunts like yourself, the impression you're getting a good deal. Wednesday and Thursday of this week will be spent brushing the dust off of last year's stock they couldn't sell to idiots like you for the MRP.
  5. Cunty BigBollox

    The Cunts Corner Music Exchange lV

    Anyone got anything by Lil Pump? (I wondered who? aswell) Preferably the bit after the smoke flare, when you can't hear any music (rap?).
  6. Cunty BigBollox

    Ian Naude

    Cunt-stable Ian Naude. I wonder what sort of punishment the inmates have got lined up for him?
  7. Cunty BigBollox

    Inappropriate people advertising products

    The McCanns advertising Nytol?
  8. Cunty BigBollox

    Brexit..the meltdown has begun

    You're not fucking wrong there Panzer. Back in the day when we wanted the Norfolk Broads constructed us bog dwellers employed the services of cheap Irish navies now, where a journey by road from Norwich to Wroxham is only 7 miles, by river on the broads it is nearly 50 miles. I said at the time, "yuz git wot yiz pay for". Stupid fucking oirish cunts.
  9. Cunty BigBollox

    Inappropriate people advertising products

    You're missing the point I'm trying to make such as, it would be more appropriate if Wayne Rooney advertised Vagisan or Michael Barrymore was the face of the new "Learn to swim" ads. etc
  10. Cunty BigBollox

    Inappropriate people advertising products

    I've just witnessed an ad with Su Pollard advertising Vagisan moist cream. Apparently it's for dry post menopausal fannies. Upon seeing this advert I had a mental image of Su applying this to her twat which is a massive fucking cunt because I can't now get this image out of my head. I guess in that respect the ad worked although I'm not going to buy any. Why the fuck couldn't they use somebody like Suzi Perry, who I would quite happily apply it to.
  11. Cunty BigBollox

    Cunts that wear 'Driving Gloves'

    Wait for it............ .. ...The only driving a cunt should do whilst wearing a glove is on the golf course while dressed like a gay Rupert Bear. Lol. Punkape.
  12. Cunty BigBollox

    The Cenotaph Anorak v2.0

    I think I would rather slam my cock in a filing cabinet drawer.
  13. Cunty BigBollox

    Fixed odd betting online

    Its surprising how much fun those old flat cap wearing codgers and chinese are having playing the FOBT. They're having so much fun they thump and kick the thing in the throes of giddiness.
  14. Cunty BigBollox

    The Camera Never Lies

    Shopping for footwear must be a bit of a pain now. What he needs to do is find himself a friend that's lost his left leg, they'd make a right pair. I'll get my duffle coat.
  15. Cunty BigBollox

    Fixed odd betting online

    All odds are 'fixed' in my opinion. Besides, if you can afford to bet £100 In one outcome then why not have the freedom to do so? Just because some filthy, social housing dwelling cunt doesn't have a clue how to manage a budget we've all got to suffer another change.