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  1. I've never seen one sneeze but I've made one or two fart in the past, and I believe a more polite slang descriptive would be 'fanny'.
  2. Don't people with depression quite often kill themselves rather than try and get publicity about their 'issues' on TV? Apart from that cunt on Jeremy Kyle who did both.
  3. Like getting your moneys worth? Then forget about a Big Mac and fuck off to Wetherspoons with Ape instead where you can get free electric to charge your phone.
  4. T probably stands for T-bone like that fucking twat Tommy Lee. The sheep are petrified of him, the fucking Welsh Worrier of sheep.
  5. If people didn't then you wouldn't be here to post this nom. would you?, you stupid cunt.
  6. I don't think we've been properly introduced. Who exactly are you?
  7. Serious question Ape. Is model envy a thing, and have you been anywhere near Stamford recently?
  8. Imagine if you got Ratcum mixed up with Rectum. What a pain in the arse that would be.
  9. Now watching my best ever episode of The One Show featuring a teacher with Tourettes. It's fucking ace watching her swear while teaching kids. Shit, fuck wank toss!
  10. From the brief snippets that I've been unfortunate to catch on TV the programme should be called WON'T pay, we'll take it away. As the people always appear to have labelled clothing, A smart phone better than mine, A bigger telly than me and a better Sky subscription. The fucking twats must think those sort of things are benefit necessities and therefore they deserve everything they get, and more.
  11. No. But I wish it had been a chocolate milk shake. Tommy Robinson would have loved that.
  12. You're quite correct of course. I'm afraid my knowledge of deviant gays isn't as good as some posters on here.
  13. I thought Marc Bolan had the record as it was found in his stomach, which is quite impressive if it entered his body through his arse.
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