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  1. Cunty BigBollox

    Gemma Collins

    If you got the ugliest hippos arse you had ever seen, and slapped some fake tan on it, put it in a pair of skates and a blindfold on it and then let it loose in a paint factory. Well thats what Gemma Collins looks like on that Dancing on Ice shit tonight. #fuckingrepulsiveslag
  2. Cunty BigBollox

    Gemma Collins

    She is one fucking useless waste of carbon. I would prefer to stick my cock up Punkapes capacious ring than sling one up this fat munter. That's how much she despises me. I hope she slips on some of her own fresh vom and breaks her fucking neck.
  3. Cunty BigBollox

    Cunts who put “sauce” bottle on the table

    Didn't Ming like the odd wild mushroom? You Dennis Nilsen sounding cunt.
  4. Cunty BigBollox

    Dr James Watson

    Sounds reasonable to me. We ought to get somebody trustworthy and competent to look into it. Dr Gillian McKeith sounds ideal. Fucking load of bollox and fuck off Flemmy.
  5. Cunty BigBollox

    Philip Schofield

    Did you leave the dead prostitute in the boot? I find it limits your potential buyers.
  6. Cunty BigBollox

    No speak the English .

    I'm afraid you confirmed the level of their IQ when you said they drive a Rover, and you definitely confirmed they are bunch of brainless fuckwits when you said they work with you at the garbage depot. Have you been pulled by the pigs during your commute with potential terrorists?
  7. Cunty BigBollox

    People Who Send Their Children To Boarding School

    Don't forget getting a blow job from a dead pigs head.
  8. Cunty BigBollox

    Stupid bird box cunts

    I emulated the film BEFORE going to see it and I must say it was uneventful and dark in my blindfold.
  9. Cunty BigBollox

    The 'Gaming' Industry

    The one and only time I played on one of these FOBT was when I went to put my Irish Lottery bet on at the bookies and they had one free £2 play as a promotion. Three minutes later I'm £30 up, take winnings never to touch the fucking things again. I prefer bets where there is an actual element of uncertainty of whether you'll win or lose plus, I'm not a fucking idiot.
  10. Cunty BigBollox

    Beauty and The Flid

    Mr & Mrs Decimus of Caister are locally referred to as the title of this nom. What a coincidence!
  11. Cunty BigBollox

    People using my living room as a garage

    Fucking ace. Does it mention anything about road closures and cycle routes fucking up the transport system in the 16th century?
  12. Cunty BigBollox

    People using my living room as a garage

    Then why not let him have access to your front garden. It might just distract his attention from fiddling with his chopper and playing kids computer games.
  13. Cunty BigBollox

    Cunts who use Bisto

    Well all this jibba jabba about cooking techniques has convinced me you're definitely a raving, shitty starfish stabber. We've got a bit of a he/she on another nom. who cant stop talking about motorbikes and X-box that probably has a bigger cock than you Punky.
  14. Cunty BigBollox

    People using my living room as a garage

    Do you not have a garage or a large garden shed he could carry out home mechanics in?, or do you live in a flat or an alms house like some of the chav sputum on here.
  15. Cunty BigBollox

    Brimstone And Treacle

    It doesn't sound as if there's going to be any pushing effort when it's time for the sprog to make an appearance. Although I have it on good authority that child birth is so easy you can do it in your sleep - would any of the female members concur with this.