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  1. Are you sure it's not her 'spam head' that's the attraction for you. Admittedly the overall assembly of her face makes her very doable, but her forehead makes her look like a female version of Dec from those two little fucking annoying Geordie cunts.
  2. And they're even charging the gentleman with murder just for taking the trash out. If there was any justice Paul Fitzgerald would be awarded points which would count towards his parole hearing for early release. Recognising a wrong-un means he can be rehabilitated back into society in my book..
  3. He's clearly got 'short-arse syndrome' the shouty little cunt just because he doesn't get his own way. He reminds me of Spoilt Bastard from Viz.
  4. It's a real pity she's actually Norwegian - Scottish then.
  5. I bet he's the sort that would give them AIDS seeing as he looks as if he'd make an extremely good extra for Planet of the Apes without any additional make-up.
  6. X-Factor? More like perverse, paedo Sex-Factor. Apparently this wonky nosed fuck weasle is a paedo. I wondered why Simon never let him meet Eric.
  7. Thanks King. I've now got a mental image of the gurning, toothless, slaphead of a co-presenter, Phil Spencer riding her around the bedroom of a shitty 2 up - 2 down semi in Walthamstow, and this close to teatime aswell. Yuk!
  8. It's funny how much of leg up you get in life just for having a Lord for a dad. The situation reminds of the sly old slag, Deborah Meadon who only made money after she ripped her own parents off through the sale of their holiday business.
  9. To be honest, this is the only place I feel included. Don't ruin it by making it look like I'm any different to anyone else on this site.
  10. Presumably you mean Shaun? As you're in Planning, can you explain why the fuck they haven't even started building any houses on Pinebanks yet? Have a pleasant journey to work and watch out for the beet lorries turning in to Cantley.
  11. Say hi to Shaun and Karen for me. He's your boss now isn't he? Don't worry I'll put in a good word for you next time I'm round theirs for dinner in Spixworth.
  12. 6x car nudge. Its headline news in the EDP, the article goes on to mention the make and model of all cars involved but it doesn't describe the feckless fucking morons behind the wheel of each car whose moment of daydreaming completely ruined your journey to your worthless job at the bottom of Harvey Lane.
  13. You mean like in that famous game "zero's" and crosses?
  14. They're Noughts. Are you continental and American?
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