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  1. It was my first time stage fright I guess
  2. I remember reading Bram Stoker’s Dracula for the first time, fuck I was scared shirtless.. other than that, I agree, fuckin puffs.
  3. Fuck off Queerfolk with your CID inspection of what I maybe or not maybe I see you like to take notes, just like those male cunts working for the NHS that inspect one’s penis for any malfunctions then after 20 mins they say “ok you can pull up your pants now”
  4. Ermmm!! No, but dying along side a brother in arms has to beat dying broke and lonely I stand by any man that can get this motherfuckin revolution in motion
  5. Eric I’m tired of warring in a world showerd in cunts, just looking looking for brethren that can be counted on when the bullets rain down no need for name number or rank anymore
  6. Ok fair enough, no more lies, been unemployed since May 2018 and my name is Rob you did ask me earlier who the fuck am I? But you can’t force me to fuck off so let’s be good neighbors and leaving all the warring to the real cunts roaming this earth
  7. Bob....Bob George, I manage Rock Stars.....who?? Prince! Prince, that skinny motherfucker with the high voice???
  8. Yeah, tell that cunt to the left that “It’s my way or the highway code”
  9. I masterbate over their decision to participate in such a lewd conversation and show no objection to having one or two of their buttons loosened... Savile was I sinister little cunt yet I the Melody Maker conjure up nothing more than some great Cock Worship for both sexes to indulge in Stop shitting your pants just cause your 18yr daughter is a telephone receptionist at Ann Summers and you have no control!!! It’s all deranged
  10. Or alphabetically call every lingerie retail shop in the UK Isles and blagg them that your a “male stripper” and need a g-string for a up & coming show...if they take the bate let the wank-fest begin, if you aint quite got them hook line & sinker then chat them up for the potential wank-fest ahead... It will take cunning & charm to loosen up those ladies thighs but hey I managed to spend many a hour stroking my knob with their approval, surely you can too, right? If it wasn’t for those BT cunts raising the price of wank-lines from .03p pm to .35p pm I would have had no need to disturb those sweet honeypies trying to sell frilly panties for a living
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