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  1. What is 'who'? Why does there need to be a 'who'? Your delusion is easy to see through, if you try.
  2. Well, I hadn't heard of the live crab vending machines, but it didn't raise an eyebrow.
  3. I'm not completely sure what your Noirs are, but it's cool, I got this. Keep 'em leashed for now.
  4. That's a good cryptic analogy. I hope it doesn't come to that, as I won't be lacking inspiration.
  5. It's worth a try I s'pose. Who should I see for size and colour preferences? Or is it safe to assume you all take hot pink extra large?
  6. I'm not naive at all, it was just a rant to introduce one cunt to a bunch of others. The cunt who's holding out on me, will work for me within 12 months. It does suck that my timing for starting up and receiving first payments all landed at Shitmas time though.
  7. Cheers. That reply was far more eloquent than warranted. I have already addressed the egg basket issue, by knocking back work from the non-payer, to work for proven payers. I'm sure this action won't speed up the payments though. I'm a ginger who came from public housing a few decades ago. The hide is pretty thick.
  8. G'day cunts, noob cunt here. I started a new business from scratch 2 months ago. Done a majority of my work so far, for one person (company), who agreed to 28 day terms on invoices, paid weekly. Received my first payment 7 weeks after invoicing, and still waiting for the rest. Being self employed is great, except for the part where cunts expect you to produce money from trees to support their businesses indefinitely ...... They're closed this week.
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