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  1. Quaint


    Awww! It's so sweet that you're concerned about me. Thank you Punkrape 😍. You're a nice person and I'll be keeping an eye on you sugartits.
  2. Quaint


    Hilarious. I see what you're doing. You're pretending to sound like a dumb cunt for shits and giggles. Because nobody can come out with such dumb fucking opinions and really mean it.
  3. Quaint


    Nah I meant this Sting. Fuck's sake! Who can look at that image without screaming "Twaaaaaat!" Not me. And now I've been kicked out of Nandos for screaming twat and scaring a pensioner so much that he pissed himelf. Thanks Sting! You fucking inconsiderate cunt.
  4. Quaint


    Dunno. I was looking for a picture of Sting to use and that came up for some reason. He? How dare you make assumptions about my gender! Nah. Just joking you cunt.
  5. Quaint


    What a bunch of rancid cunts! People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. I like animals and I think the ones that I don't want to eat should be treated ethically, but I think these cunts should apoligise for existing and fuck off back to where they came from. I mean they should should all lube themselves up and crawl back inside their mother's beef hole, all the while saying sorry repeatedly. I'm not even convinced that they like animals. On the contrary I think these cunts hate animals and wish they were all dead because they find the thought that they're also animals disgusting. The cunts. Just that every story I hear which involves PETA makes me think "Oh fuck off you worthless attentions seeking cunts!" Google them and every story about them displays a world class level of cuntishness. "The animal rights group PETA announced Thursday that it will honor the chickens killed in a truck crash Monday night with a billboard near the site." And this fucking bullshit about getting rid of certain phrases and replacing them with more animal friendly alternatives. "PETA says phrases like 'bring home the bacon' are comparable to racism and homophobia." 🤦‍♂️Just no! Because ... fuck it! I could explain the difference between homophobia and a phrase like 'bring home the bacon' but if I have to explain this to anyone who's over the age of 5 then that person should either be sterilised or stick to anal sex for the good of the gene pool. Though in a way they have made me more sympathetic to animals, by making me hate the human race even more than I did to start with. The cunty fucking cunts.
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