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  1. Terms and conditions are a load of wank sock. I have customers on 28 day term's and I am expected to be grateful for payment on 90 days. Load of fuck knuckles! I do however think you have been slightly niave going in to business not knowing this but at the same time wish you the best of luck.
  2. Guidance as a newbie. I like this and can develop my future posts, at last a bit of structure. Thank you
  3. Go and play with your drone you fucking pissed up legend.
  4. Oh the fucking grammar police are all over --wwwwwwwwwooooooooooo
  5. What the absolute fuck is going on . Failed Manager - José Mourinho an egotistical wank puffin of modern football. Sacked after 3 years for piss poor results and shit man management.In what other job would you be rewarded for failure with a pay off of between £15 - £18 million ? Turkeygate - A gathering of Vegan cunts decend upon Waitrose to stop people buying Turkeys ! I don't complain about these fuck nuggets not working or smoking or eating my bastard hedge row. So who gives them the right to complain about me eating turkey or meat. I bet it looked like a scent from Shaun of the dead with all those pale complexions. Knighthoods - Alastair Cook is to receive a knighthood. Ride a bike , paddle a boat or play bat and ball. These fucking knighthoods are given away like kiddies sweets at a Jimmy Saville party. UK Politics - What an absolute fucking mess (this has been well covered already) You really couldn't make this shit up.
  6. Puffs and fairies have now taken to wearing fucking leggings. When will this shit end ! All this equality bollocks is going too far. You cant put the radio or television on without getting a token gay or lezzer. Imagine if we actually went to war with any country , we would fucking struggle to get an army of new recruits as we couldn't work out their fucking gender. Then again most of these cunts would enjoy a big weapon in their fucking muddy trench. Cunts
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