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  1. Not bad but I feel he's been photoshopped and not for the better
  2. I appreciate the slack, always preferable in my opinion to the tight
  3. Seems like there's a lot of fear of New Cunts on here, pick yourself up from where you fell off the Stannah and try and get back to piloting Concorde, mate.
  4. I nominate this cunt. Can anyone trump me?
  5. On a side note? That suggests there was some content to begin with in your posts.
  6. The Pied Piper of Hamlyn was the founder of PETA (Paedofiles for the Enlightenment of Trapped Animals). Since you mentioned strumming out "Sweet Child of Mine" on a homeless man's broken guitar at New Street, I imagined you were simply letting us know you were a PETA cunt.
  7. Playing "Sweet Child of Mine" is part of your Pied Piper routine, right?
  8. Finally, after a page of dribbling gob down yourselves, some cunt has finally nominated a spazzer.
  9. Gobbles Magoo


    Paedofiles for the Enlightenment of Trapped Animals came to my house dressed up as furries when we were testing out our onesies last Crimbo with all these mocked-up posters of chipmunks with their back legs splayed and had the cheek to ask for a donation so I gave em one of those little bottles of camping propane right up the chuff
  10. No idea mate, you're in some kind of cunt's bubble like the other cunt and thinking about 2 inch chubbies is not likely to pierce it
  11. Loud and clear mate, the problem is the other fuckin mongs are either fitting or lip readers or probably both
  12. Last year I wrapped my dick in edible gift paper and put a fuckin edible tinsel bow on it and that homeless bitch still asked me for 10p.
  13. Joey Deacon could do fuckin better, mate ... and he's dead.
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