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  1. Im seeing Frank mentioned a lot,who the feck is Frank?
  2. Pure projection that,Wolfster probably spent Christmas Day in his shed wanking into his sisters thong after his festive tinned mackeral on toast
  3. The BBC have fucked every single bit of their output now with diversity and cultural marxism,they are beyond fucking woeful,other channels arent far behind tbh,its everywhere now,we are drowning in a sea of diversity and I cant see a fucking life raft.......
  4. Simone Uranus deffo needs spraying with clanger juice
  5. Simone Bendix in Space Precinct,now theres a space tart needs her face covering in moon goo
  6. Always fondly remember Ripleys white knickers in the escape pod,plus if you check her out in Aliens 1986 when she sits up after hypersleep in her chamber thingy she has grey knickers on with some bush hanging out the sides.
  7. If Joe Cockers wifes labias were very big and droopy,would that mean she had cocker spaniels ears? Im here all week ....
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