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  1. You are very similar to Jacko.
  2. Fucking jump in the cage with your mates for your thrice daily gang bang.
  3. Crab


    Where do you get this shit from? More like David Nixon in black and white than Merlin. You fucking festive tart.
  4. Utter fucking shit from Cuntybaws the crap merchant.
  5. No he is very much alive and kicking you up the ass though that's an easy target. Howz the mobility scooter going? If you need a new battery you can ask your mate Wuzard to stick his cock in it ti give it a quick charge.
  6. For him CC is the nearest he gets. Very touchie these little bitching girlies. Always imagining improper suggestions or rule breaking so they can scream and holler for the Law. The Wizard hasn't had a Christmas single out for years so it's too late now as he's fucking brown bread. Taunt him about his Christmas Chart success. I Wish It As Christmas All The Time. He won't like it...
  7. Spot on. Plus the invasion of Yankee women extreme feminists on BBC Radio 3 and 4 which they see as cultural terraforming except they have nothing of interest to replace that which mainly men have produced.
  8. Another girlie congregating for a bitching session in the playground. Have a white wine for the ladies on me.
  9. No because they are worth more than your house.
  10. That's a lot of supposition on your part. Mind you 10/10 for running like a little girl to the scene of the alleged crime. Treat yourself to a white wine with the ladies.
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