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  1. Have you got any mms you could let me have? Ive been feeling a bit rough lately and this could be the pick me up I need. My stools are a disgusting brown colour. I would give my right arm for the possibility of ‘Brilliant white shite’ That’s a definite bird puller.
  2. Followed by your immediate spontaneous combustion. I’ve left out the word ‘human’ as that wouldn’t apply to you
  3. Cremation could be the solution to your current difficulties. Leave your glasses and gold teeth in the tray by the door. Auf Wedersehen
  4. It’s even worse during festival week.
  5. No I’m actually from Chelsea. How ever did you know?
  6. David Lammy would be spinning in his King Size water bed if he heard you say that
  7. All with different baby fathers blad. You get me bumba clot
  8. If you give the thieving cunts a deposit to do your driveway I think you’ll find they’ve moved on quicker than Usain Bolt Probably gone to the builders merchants for materials and got lost in the nearest pub.
  9. I was at Mrs Furrys big fat gypsy wedding. Unfortunately it ended up in a mass brawl. Something which apparently has been known to occur every time the honest ethnic moving around community go out in public
  10. Diane Abbott says she is sorry for being caught. Doing what? Sending her children to a school 12 miles from their home, which just happens to have the best ratings for a state school in the Greater London area, because apparently the schools in her area/constituency just were not suitable for them. As she has been the MP for said constituency for the last 32 years it’s a bit rich that the schools seem to be good enough for everyone else’s rugrats but not her working class little darlings. 100% hypocrite cunt
  11. Speaking to your own genitalia is a recognised symptom of acute insanity
  12. Arc welding could be the solution to this rather sticky dilemma.
  13. Glad to hear you’ll be cycling to Fuengerola this July then.
  14. I think Crimate change is road of borrocks. And grobal walming.
  15. You goin to Cwucibre tomollow? Ereven ocrock bleak off
  16. I’ve put “caught” into every foreign language translator on the internet and ‘Fat greasy slimy slug arsed licorice allsort shitbag’ seems to be the most common translation. Just as I thought,but one can’t be too sure nowadays. “Knowledge is power” apparently.
  17. 2 goldfish in a tank and one said “I’m glad we joined the army”
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