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  1. King Billy

    Owen Jones

    Big batty boy “Good evening. I can see that your sausage needs seasoning”
  2. Statham In ‘Spy’?
  3. “Just give me a sign. Any sign”
  4. King Billy

    Owen Jones

    Owen Jones = Jessie Smollet Bullshit. Never happened.
  5. How to shoot your own foot off. That was a rather cuntish error wasn’t it considering the context of the post. Oops!
  6. Was it the words of more than three syllables that made you give up twice. Don’t throw the towel in. Have another go. You’ll get there eventually. Who knows you’re own grasp of the English language may even improve to the level of an average retarded 6 year old spastic. Thank you for your obviously well intentioned advice. Fuck off.
  7. The enemy are cracking down on all the generic prescription drugs recently. I wouldn’t touch them with a barge pole.Most of them are totally unsafe as no one knows what’s in them. Sildenafil (viagra) are a great earner though, from India. Since Pfizers patent expired about 5 or 6 years ago the biggest pharmaceutical firms in India knock them out by the millions. And the U.K. deprescribing them means that it’s not even a nicking to posess them. Couple that to a 1500% mark up and it’s a sort of a no brainer. As opposed to a no boner.
  8. I was gonna try ‘clog smuggling’ but I just couldn’t swallow the cunts
  9. Please tell me it didn’t involve a large window and a red light?
  10. Don’t know how old you are MC but the ‘slopping out’ days are best consigned to history. Nasty. (Especially as most peters were two’d up even if they were built by the Victorians to hold one of lifes unfortunates.)
  11. Does Bear Grylls shit in the woods?
  12. ‘The land of the free’ (prison population over 1 million and rising) lol
  13. It’s a pity the ‘cheese eating Surrender monkeys’ couldn’t have shown that ’va va voom’, and accuracy in the war.
  14. Airline pilots have a slightly different opinion of them
  15. Fucking great. About time those wankers livened themselves up. Lazy cunts. I bet the fucking sandwich would’ve been shit anyway. All snails and garlic and frogs beaks. Whatever happened to ‘The customer is always right’?
  16. I actually think the death penalty should never be reintroduced, under any circumstances. I have for a long time been fascinated by the judicial system in this country. I have retained the services of one of the leading QC’s in the country on a couple of occasions. The difference between a top counsel and a run of the mill barrister is the respect which they command in court, both from the opposing counsel and crucially from the judge in most cases. Added to their ability to get the right result that’s money well spent usually. The obvious problem with the death penalty is ‘Dead people can’t be revived’ when they’re discovered to be innocent. Even people who had been found guilty without a shadow of doubt and vilified by the public, (Usually down to bent, lazy, fucking useless at their job, old bill) have often been acquitted and released years later, due to forensic science advances and also, and in my opinion a good thing, the reluctance of jurors nowadays to simply accept the word of a police or professional so called ‘expert witness. Samantha Ford in my opinion has been very very fortunate with the outcome of her case but I still wouldn’t like to live in a country which would kill her. The strange thing is that it appears that she was devoted to her children yet decided to kill them anyway. Who’s to say she wouldn’t kill again if she’s let out, which she undoubtedly will be. Just popping back under the parapet now. lol
  17. King Billy

    Owen Jones

    I didn’t see someone who doesn’t look like him not doing it.
  18. King Billy

    Owen Jones

    Did anyone see you not doing it?
  19. You betcha!! I’ve tried the Guardian but the paper is much harsher if you have a delicate bottom. And when I looked down there was a Jason King moustache perfectly smeared onto Philip Hammonds face. Frightened the life out of me. I almost shit myself again.
  20. That is quite possibly the finest compliment I’ve ever had. Who is Marje Billy? Do I know her?
  21. The justice system isn’t working in these cases.Somethings got to change. Maybe executing the cunts before the court case could be the answer.
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