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  1. The Nazi will kiss the Jew.
  2. He is a "Caspar Milquetoast", Whipped by the Lord's,, ,Married to a "Feminists", Feminists are weak minded women, they need to go to seminars, and listen to some sour cunted hag go on about female empowerment," we shall all buy trouser suits, leave our husband's, kill our children, buy a voodoo doll and a large bag of pins" , they can not win the war, especially when they frantanise with the enemy. And in reality their just abunch vaginas with leg's that make sandwiches.
  3. It's Dale em dela creme Winton, not flecking" ANNTWAT BENDMEOVEDSIDEWAYS" fecker!!!!!
  4. I was thinking,, we cud have "Cunts of the Round table."
  5. So many cunts, and such little time.
  6. Ladies and Gentlecunts, I give you everybodys favourite Cunt. Dale I'm a cunt, chocolate box muncher, tea bag extrawdenair, Winton. Founder of Arsebandits Anonymous.
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