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  1. Evil Gazebo

    Will Young

    Ok then.. As for me, I’ll take the TGV to Zurich and jump off the roof of Dignitas so long as you have your head dissolved in acid by a Belgian clean up team ... Mr Longevity
  2. Evil Gazebo

    Giant pandas

  3. Evil Gazebo

    Will Young

    You seem to be well versed in all things young ....well you are a cardinal after all ... Think you better leave right now ... You Cunt of the papal order
  4. Evil Gazebo

    The Welsh

    The gorgeous Georgina ....... "She's not Welsh is she .."
  5. Evil Gazebo

    I'm Barry Scott

    Worst nom ..since I joined ..( well better than mine) ..but mine was wank as well .. heres the full review for you to digest https://youtu.be/3B9-wdaxV7Y Go fuck off back to where you went to sixth form ,.spaz
  6. Evil Gazebo

    England Cricket Cuntbreeds

    Too right it's a problem ......I can see your style emerging from the gorse " When I was at school, education could go hang. As long as a boy could hit a six, sing the school song very loud and take hot crumpet from behind without blubbing" close ?
  7. Evil Gazebo

    England Cricket Cuntbreeds

    Thanks .. Did you play cricket at Harrow then dear boy ...? You utter bell sniffer
  8. Evil Gazebo

    England Cricket Cuntbreeds

    Bishen Bedi .. Cunt.
  9. Evil Gazebo

    Dion Dublin

    Was a guess soft twat !
  10. Evil Gazebo

    Dion Dublin

    Circa 1994 .. stick to the facts
  11. Evil Gazebo

    Dion Dublin

    Garth Crooks top of the list
  12. Evil Gazebo

    Dion Dublin

    Go and tend a wrong grave ...
  13. Evil Gazebo

    Dion Dublin

    Fuck yourself with a frosty mop ..albino bonce
  14. Evil Gazebo

    Dion Dublin

    Homes under the hammer ... wish this anti clockwise short tongued cunt was under an home after being smashed with an hammer ....
  15. Evil Gazebo

    Emiliano Sala

    An Argentinian going to Wales ...only tragedy is there was spare seats ...