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  1. Eric has a new nickname and a new hobby. Henceforth he wishes to be known as Eric Tiledissfunction. His new hobby is called Slapping my flaccid dangler in the general area of Spazardsleeve's dirty Garry. Hope that explains all.
  2. Cardi S, I don't suppose you also have a head soooo fucking huge that your appearance in public startles the horses and upsets the children ? Man needs to grow a beard. The people were spared Jimmy Hill's gargantuan chin for decades thanks to some superbly crafted facial hair. I mean we honestly had no idea what was lurking beneath. Why can't Big (bonce) Sam grow an afro or dreads ? My basic problem is weird people acting like they're normal..Dermot O'Leary,40cm inside leg. Troy Deaney looks like somebody drew a face on a balloon. Garth Crooks malteser head, its an almost perfect sphere. Get back indoors the fucking lot of you. And finally , I don't believe you are a real Cardinal.
  3. There's only one Big Sam....as the song goes. Eric Tiledissfunction.
  4. He just walks among us like it's completely normal to have a head that big. It's not normal you freak. Get to the fucking circus quick. Where does he get his hats ? Oh wait, he has no hats, obviously.
  5. Erect Cuntman !! More like Eric Tiledissfunction. Yes your new nickname is Eric Tiledissfunction. And I believe your threat to sneak into my bedroom. I reckon your number1 hobby is sneaking into bedrooms, but I ask you...what's the point if you can't achieve erection when you get there?? So why don't get a new hobby. Let's call it "slapping my flaccid dangler in the general area of Spazardsleeve's dirty Garry."
  6. I have bad tidings for you Spazardsleeve. I just spoke with your mum and she tells me that she has started recording the contents of her underwear drawer as she has suspected for some time that items are going missing. But you wouldn't know anything about that ??? Would you ??? If you really want to get her frillies wrapped around the honourable member, why not just pay like the rest of us ??? Also, I wouldn't bother "borrowing" any if I were you as she has just ordered one of those jizz detecting blacklights from Amazon. It's just not your day is it ???
  7. Still can't work out how to join Isacunt so have decided to continue to annoy DavidBlainesArmpit aka Spazardsleeve. I do like his/her avatar but that is the only good thing about this inconsequential nose drip. The Spaz ( so many nicknames ) claims that he is unmoved by my wit, but continues to avidly follow my every post and responds with his inimitable brand of twattery. Later this week I will demonstrate how to make a Fuckwit do my bidding. Yes I will.
  8. So you believe that women shouting is acceptable ???? For God's sake man/woman/hermaphrodite (delete as applicable). I can't communicate with this level of twattery. I'm off to try and join Isacunt. Any chance of a reference Spazardsleeve ??? Ps. Your new nickname is DavidBlainesArmpit.
  9. Presenters and commentators are two different professions. Plus, I don't live on this site you sad twat because I go outside and stuff therefore I can't remember all the previous posts . But if I could I would nom anyways just to piss you off you massive bell end. And finally, I simply do not believe you are wizard or a sleeve.
  10. Everton goalie. So, automatically a cunt . But given that his job is to stop the ball going in the net , why is he so enraged with his defenders every time he has to make a save ? Calm down you angry little cunt.
  11. Vicki Sparks is a shouty little bitch on Radio 5. "And now over to Vicki Sparks at Turf Moor where a substitution is taking place"....... FUCKING SHOUTY SHOUT SHOUT FUCKING SHOUT. Its only a fucking substitution for fucks sake you hyperactive bint. My core belief is that it is only acceptable for any woman to raise her voice if . a. her house is on fire (and she is in it). b. she is being raped. So in principal I have no problem with them commentating, providing that they can remain calm whilst doing so. I cannot see how anybody could possibly disagree with any of the above and therefore expect only positive feedback. Thank you.
  12. Kasim Khuram actually doesn't need cunting. When everybody in the world knows for sure that you a cunt, then he really doesn't need a cunting from us. The BBC do indeed need a cunting due to blah blah blah the usual shit. Our job is to highlight hitherto unnoticed cunts. And as a relative newb, I have to ask....are we "in the corner" , "at the corner", or "on the corner" ?????
  13. I think scrotum is the absolute best word in the English language. Is that what you meant ? And btw stevenage is unquestionable the worst.
  14. I can't think of any world leader who doesn't , to some extent , pillage , subvert , and oppress. So who the fuck do we think we are to decide which ones we support and which ones we oppose. Our role should be simple. If we see two kids in the playground fighting we should try to break it up. But we never ever do. We pick a favourite , slip him a knuckleduster and start cheering for him while trying to get a sly kick or two into the head of our new enemy. That , in a nutshell, is why nobody likes us. Nobody likes you, because you are a pompous cock. And finally, I don't believe you're an real woman.
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