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  1. Your survival isn't the thing in question, Yank. It's already been determined that you're as stubborn a last word monger as Roops. It's simply the constant outpouring of low quality drivel and delusional flag waving that everyone is subject to in your presence that fucks them off. Feeling the need to argue every tiny little insult with walls of text, a severely underdeveloped sense of humour and the insecure yearning to win an argument no matter how tedious it has become. You're just dull, and you're scared to push the envelope because you don't want a repeat of your first meltdown when you basically made an enemy of every cunt on here. Improve by next week or I'm blocking you and going back to the better days when you weren't around.
  2. I'm sorry, but any cunt fighting on behalf of the Frogs long after they've predictably run away deserves what they get. Only reason they held their ground during the Dunkirk retreat was because the only thing the cunts fear more than a fight is a bath. EDIT: With the exception of @Witheredscrote, of course. That cunt would swim the channel, IV stand and all if there was a fucking goose on the other side.
  3. You cunts had napalm, air cover, and movable go-fuck-yourself artillery on the shape of actual fucking battleships. Sorry, but the fact the cunts had basic Soviet infantry kit and a better lay of the land just doesn't cut it as an excuse. Let's not forget the fact that most of your military at the time consisted of poorly trained conscripts from the poorest areas of your country, blatantly sent out by the rich and powerful to protect their own interests, whilst at the same time often doing everything in their power to keep their own loved ones as far away from the conflict as possible. It was a pointless war that only happened because your lot had the excuse that you were protecting the world from the red menace.
  4. Maybe you should have spent more time in English class and less time flailing around to Gary Glitter's Greatest Hits.
  5. I'm 29, Pete. Far too old for your tastes, or have you dug up my high school pics, you filthy fucking deviant?
  6. I fucking knew it. Fuck off you dirty little nonce fantasist cunt.
  7. Come on now, Pete. Just admit it's you already.
  8. I think I may have to find you and stab you in the face now.
  9. Its nice of you to stay up past your bedtime with your sickly nana and let her give you tips for your next comment, but isn't it a school day tomorrow, or do you little shits have yet another holiday?
  10. I don't see him lasting very long on here if he's a genuine newbie. If it's a sock puppet the cunt behind it will hopefully get bored sooner rather than later. I know my past exploits in that area we're cringe inducing shit, but this cunt is taking it to a new level.
  11. Yeah... You left an active war... Retreated. Lost. To a bunch of cave dwelling opium farmers and holes with shit smeared bamboo spikes at the bottom.
  12. Can't. Using my mobile in bed due to a cunt of a chest infection. Can't say too much though as Erroreptile404 will call me a puff at the thought of me lying down and make me cry. You've got real problems, though. Eric wants you dead and the last two cunts he's wanted fucked off have been fucked off in spectacular fashion.
  13. Its fucking brilliant to see you back on cunting form, Eric. May I ask what made you want to make this doomed creature join the ranks if Welsh Cunt and BTW?
  14. There's a big difference considering Argentina were the aggressors in this conflict - we weren't just stomping about on foreign soil with very vague ideas about fighting "Them damn Reds", we were actively protecting legitimate British territory, and yes, the entire business was over and done with in less than three months - far cleaner than your Korean and Vietnamese mud matches.
  15. I've been trying my hardest to get a short break from the site, yet cunts like you and Reptile keep dragging me back with your shitty little @ mentions every other nom. But neither of you are rattled of course. Wankers. Fuck off and stop crying - I don't give a shit about your little feely weelies, regardless of you tearfully pointing fingers at me. You'll get my attention when I consider you worthy of it, not when you @ me.
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