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  1. As long as I got to go first and didn't have to stick around afterwards. And only the bird was allowed to play with my bollocks when I was there. Unless it was Jeri Ryan. I'd wait at the back of the queue for some of that. I'd let every cunt on this website have a squeeze of my knackers too if it was a requirement for entry.
  2. Your ability to turn any conversation into a conversation about guns is almost as good as your ability to make sub-par little wankers from foreign forums follow you home like lost ducklings.
  3. @Mrs Roops He's not fucking with me, is he?
  4. FO, I've been nice to you so far even though other cunts are having a dig, but I'm a bit suspicious about all this talk of proxies and your willingness to talk about your location, cars and what businesses you frequent in the local area - before you take offence, its a common paranoia around here that all of us are sock puppeting cunts fucking with one another (me especially). You're not fucking with me, are you?
  5. Arses and mams. Your repertoire is fucking dismal. Fuck off back to Dosbods where they all clutch their pearls at your razor sharp wit then you backtracking little spacker.
  6. LOL. Choking little div. Vomit on his sweater already, Mom's spaghetti, etc...
  7. Best fucking thing you've said all day.
  8. Leave W&D alone you pathetic little chest beating shit rag. He's a neutral presence - like Ireland in WW2. Bit of a silly bugger, but generally decent.
  9. I did get him to mention tits, but that was with subtle coercion. He's a lost cause.
  10. Closest I ever got to something like that was ripping open a full bag of fucking cat litter on the handbrake of my Skoda Yeti. Still had bits in the seat rails and foot heaters when I traded it in.
  11. He's from that Dosbods forum. He seemed entertaining over there, but it turns out that was just in contrast to everyone else.
  12. Wait, that was your best? I thought you were just titty fucking.
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