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  1. The fact that you all have a longstanding and illogical stiffy over antiquated engine technology (namely the V8 engine) doesn't help either. How many pickup trucks do you really need? Do you even put anything in the back, or are you all just compensating for something?
  2. Roadkill


    Maybe you should, Ratty. I'd rather my money goes towards forming a new Reich through compensation cheques than the fucking BBC wankers.
  3. Pffft... clearly you've yet to learn the superior quality and longevity of Primark mannequins.
  4. That isn't necessary - just thinking out loud. Do as you please, just keep in mind it might end up with me jumping on you from the rafters with a nice bit of piano wire and a vat of acid nearby if the quality doesn't improve somewhat.
  5. Billy... When you write absolute wank comebacks like this I really do seriously consider just throwing you in the pen with Reptile and letting him have his way with you. If you're going to draw this shit out at least make it entertaining.
  6. I think I know what happened to Ding. He's transcended the limits of mind and body, becoming a fart-like pathogen transmitted by air...
  7. Its a proper shit hole - and this is coming from me. Stinks of shit and full of tramps. At least the tramps in Newcastle have the decency to drown in the Tyne, and we can just blame the shit smell on Gateshead.
  8. It's all just natural backlash from another Trainspotting film being released. Rest assured, we've reinforced the Wall and increased patrols along the border to contain the spread of the epidemic and all broadcasts of Braveheart have been blocked remotely to avoid giving the tweaky bastards any ideas.
  9. Their democratic party leader, Ehud Barak has just been exposed over pictures of him entering one of Epstein's paedo palaces.
  10. The cat was a great actor, but he got too greedy when it came to the contract, hence his character being left behind in the second movie when Ripley moved on to bigger things. He was supposed to be re-hired to play Hicks in Alien 3 - being the spitting image of Michael Biehn - but told them to go fuck themselves, forcing them to kill off the character completely.
  11. He won't listen, Ape. He's hell-bent on having another meltdown and completely blind to good advice - cunt's clearly been stashing the Ritalin and sadly failed yet again at suicide. He was comparing himself to fictional fucking aliens earlier. He's too fucked in the head to salvage - best just to let nature take its course with this one.
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