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  1. Its like a cockatiel eye fucking a rotten potato...
  2. Isn't she just Owen Wilson with a more fucked up nose and a bowl haircut?
  3. He was Mexican? But how? He had employment and was almost never seen sleeping...
  4. They literally are - only slightly more likeable because they show some redeeming traits as characters in DS9. I'm drunk at the moment though, so this is all I'll say against the Jew before I get on a list
  5. Let it not be said that the common Jew possesses no charisma, Ratty. Getting other cunts to take their side is their ultimate form of warfare after all.
  6. Q was the ultimate twat, but the way they had his character introduce the Borg was brilliant. He blatantly tells the cunts that they're becoming a bunch of flower sniffing pansies in Next Gen and diplomacy that will only get them so far - the cunts need to continue to stay militarised like they were in Kirk's day. Its extremely foreshadowing writing that sets up the darker tones of DS9 years before it starts. You don't get that sort of quality behind shows these days. Its all just softcore sex scenes and waxing philosophical for hours on end.
  7. Laziest cunts in bed too. All that "they're more eager to please" bollocks is just that. Like shagging a bag of tatties. And I'm not even just talking about the unconscious ones...
  8. Nope. Haven't had a chance to check any of my go to pirate sites yet. Any good, or a load of affirmative action PC wank parading around in the freshly peeled skin of a beloved series like STD is?
  9. I don't really watch telly that much anymore, but I'm pretty sure this is common across the board now. It was all downhill once they shamed people into accepting spittle laced food from that dribbling spastic Jamie Oliver. Don't get me wrong - the lad is good at hiding it, but as soon as he speaks you can see he's at least slightly moon-faced. We still throw them off high cliffs at birth up here.
  10. I may immortalise them through the medium of Internet art however. @Cuntiemagic, your posting times are very worrying. You aren't a Yank are you? The last one we had couldn't adapt to the culture shock.
  11. Shame the cunt never had the chance to inherit her chauffeur.
  12. Male to female participants basically have a pus-filled wound that they have to keep shoving pieces of plastic in to stop them healing over - its a guaranteed lifetime of treatment and shouldn't be allowed on the NHS as its litrally self-harm. The female to male divs just get a fake nob made out of a skin graft sewn to their fanny with a catheter shoved through it so they can piss - not as damaging as the other surgery, but undoubtedly prone to infection and obviously not functioning... unless you sellotape two ice lolly sticks to either side of it I guess. They'll be giving those body dismorphia cunts a free ticket next - the ones who want to live their fetish by amputating a perfectly healthy limb, then it'll be the furries getting animal parts surgically grafted on, then we'll all be told paedophilia is a disability too. Hopefully this new Chink virus will be attracted to festering crotch regions.
  13. Now now. Just think of all the failed cunts who would have been just as insufferable if they'd been given a chance. All the saddo twats running around Los Angeles waiting tables and desperately handing out their portfolios to any cunt in a suit, many of whom will end up living the rest of their pathetic lives with crippling depression when the dream never becomes reality. The cunts on screen all come from the exact same stock of disgustingly eager to please human filth who will do anything - anything - for that main role. Just assume every cunt on the big screen from now on, regardless of age, gender, or race has sucked cock for the job, and the desperate pandering and moral preaching, the drug abuse and sexual deviance will make a lot more sense - it's all just to get the taste of executive cum out of their mouths.
  14. I'm with MC on this. Never trusted the beady eyed fuckers. If they could speak they would all be Scousers.
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