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  1. Yeah I thought you'd go for option three. Too thin skinned to take a cunting, too much of a spacker to listen to good advice.
  2. It was a bit flamboyant, like. I'll just blame the white man's burden. @Erroreptile404 Fuck off.
  3. Look at it this way. So far the only ammunition you've had to use against me is the fact that I work as a cleaner and like to draw as a hobby - all of which you've already heavily used at this point. Now look at this entire thing from my perspective - I'm looking at some gobby little slag who has pranced onto a site where the piss taking of others is the very point of its existence. They've expressed a fascination with a hobby that is easily taken the piss out of and an easily exploited sensitivity towards any criticism on the subject. They've gone so far as to threaten legal action and when everyone took the piss out of them for that they resorted to threats of hacking - which was also instantly taken the piss out of. Now, instead of just backing off from the conflict, they continue to stamp their feet like a petulant child throwing a tantrum. The Moderators of the site have warned them about what will eventually happen if they continue down this path, even members newer to the site than them have hinted towards it, but the tantrum continues unabated. Every other user on the site now see's them as an easy target - an easily triggered, thin skinned little wanker who can be sent into a blind rage at the merest mention of their past transgressions. At this point, with the reputation you've set for yourself, you have three options: You can shut your whore mouth right now before you dig yourself a bigger hole, take a few days to cool off, grow some thicker skin and take your chances at weathering the tsunami of shit you're going to have to put up with during the rest of your time on here under your current ID. You can leave quietly and maybe ask the Moderators to allow you to come back under a new ID after an extended period of time. Or you can continue the tantrum and inevitably get so angry that you say something that gets you banned from the site permanently (AKA a meltdown). The choice is entirely yours, but I'm really, really hoping you chose the third option. @Mrs Roops, I'll be taking my Admin badge now.
  4. Careful now. No doubt he has contacts in the anime industry as well. They won't take kindly to slander...
  5. Indeed. Good thing it looks like she lives in some shitty dust bowl of a country far away from any oceans. She could have a catastrophic influence on the tides otherwise.
  6. I always wondered if Vazquez out of Aliens somehow escaped...
  7. I don't trust the cunts one bit. Every time you drive past an upside down burning car they're there wrapping the survivors in foil blankets and ushering them into ambulances, yet you never see anyone arrive at a hospital in a foil blanket... I can only assume they're cannibals, locking the flavour in for later.
  8. If its all inevitable at this point, why not just sit back and enjoy the show?
  9. Ereptyle has proven on two separate occasions that the shit he comes up with under pressure is ten times more entertaining than the shit he'd be posting if left to his own devices. That's as good as I can explain it before me morning cuppa...
  10. Everything, 'ev. Everything. I'm going to bed watch out for the tanned ones, Lazlo.
  11. Roadkill

    Theresa May

    All the EU cock slobbering innit?
  12. Roadkill

    Theresa May

    Cunt couldn't wipe her own arse without getting shit on her hand. Of course shed claim it was someone else's fault afterwards...
  13. Mackems. They made me do it. I'm also very very drunk at the moment, although I wasn't then. So fuck knows mate...
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