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  1. Let's not forget the huge number of hunting hounds the cunts had put down when they had no more use for them either. Bunch of wankers should be tied into chairs and have rat poison poured into their eyes.
  2. The Yanks have been talking about waves if that helps. My guess is the Chinks have given us the forever flu. No pesky dependance on seasons, twice the strength and extra effective on the elderly, male and infirm. If one was particularly into conspiracy theories they could point out that it seems to be the perfect virus for population control in a country with an ever increasing elderly population which is unevenly dominated by the male sex due to a few generations of badly planned birth control laws set by a communist government that can only see its subjects as resources for the machine. But that would be paranoid. And waycist.
  3. Don't worry about me. I've taken up sewing so I can make masks for my friends and family. So we can rob the local shops anonymously.
  4. Where do you live? (general area not address). Up here its just business as usual, probably because the covid deaths have simply replaced the upper-class university spastics throwing whities on synthetic high and dropping dead at raves in town and Mackem drownings...
  5. Blanche Monnier managed this shit for 25 years and she was a Frog. You'll be fine, just don't start giving out more of your shite life experiences - even your lesbian tendency stories are disappointing shite.
  6. All true, however you've been on here more than me lately - especially since this whole virus thing kicked off. Walls closing in?
  7. You're getting desperate for attention in your old age. What wondrous exploits shall we be told of next - the time you told some chavs to shut up in the cinema? Did everyone give you a round of applause afterwards, did they? Six months stuck in the house, Roops. None of your weird, dead inside, middle aged swinger friends and dogging partners around to laugh at your stories over wine and olive turnovers (I don't even know if those are real food but it sounds like something cunts would serve at parties). Six months closer to the Zimmer frame and piss smelling sheets of the care home, and its already so close at your age. Its OK - you tell us all the stories you want - we're all in this together.
  8. Fat cow has burst a button on her jeans.
  9. You'll be alright, 'ev. The benefit of the ornamental glass sculpture market is that it can't get any worse no matter the circumstances.
  10. Oh for fuck sake. Get a fucking cat you pair of wankers.
  11. Children will start being rewarded for reporting their own parent's breaches of quarantine next. We'll all be required to download tracking apps to our phones like the Chinks and report our location and medical status three times a day to help "research".
  12. Rather like your rancid front-farts then. What annoys me is the brilliant tactic employed by Tesco in which they avoid people getting ill by making them stand in the middle of a freezing fucking car park for forty five minutes at eight in the morning, only to have you greeted by some overly cheerful cunt telling you how to use hand sanitizer and disinfectant spray on the trolley handle when you stumble inside looking like a member of the Terra Nova expedition. Twats.
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