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  1. Sorry but I find your claim suspect. Mrs. Roops has even posted multiple pictures of her Welsh growler on here for the world to see - and even she is still questioned occasionally.
  2. Cease this faggotry right now, both of you. I'll not have this site descend into some grotty little backwater similar to a furry forum with "uwu"'s and "*" RP smeared all over the fucking shop
  3. Possibly, but Rollo simply followed good advice and fucked off when he was told to - there was no reason for him to come back under another ID. It has however signed itself off as if writing a letter twice now to my knowledge, a spackeresque tendency we've only seen one punter - Panzy himself - use often. I've also noticed a use of flamboyant wording and an overuse of the "-" symbol - all of which I understand are easily noticed characteristics of my own. Now I've served my time and learned my lesson when it comes to sock-puppetry, but Panzy recently brought the entire thing back up again in his recent displays of petulant rattling towards me, and I wouldn't put it past the grudge bearing paddy bastard to set this entire thing up in an attempt to get me coolered. At the end of the day, if it is Panzy I applaud his creativity at trying to get me in trouble, even if it is a blatant sock puppet and a weak attempt to do so it shows more spirit than I've given him credit for, and on the off chance it does turn out to be a genuine newbie, then it really is just a hopeless, floundering spacker that needs to be relentlessly mocked and abused in the traditional fashion to test the thickness of its skin. Either way, I want it dead.
  4. Fess up you sinister cunt. Avatar already set, even a custom title - pretending you don't know how to quote punters in replies isn't fooling anyone. Who the fuck are you really? Panzy?
  5. Be warned - its a well known fact that @Ollyboro's avatar is actually a real life picture of the moon faced twat. Continue to anger him and he'll strike you down with all the unnatural strength his kind possess and likely shit on your twitching, broken husk. We do not discriminate against the mentally disabled on here - we simply weaponize them.
  6. Drench yourself in petrol and light a match. We'll see where it goes from there:
  7. My apologies. Until you have proven your worth on here in something other than licking arses and getting groomed by Eric, being told to fuck off is the most pleasant welcome you can expect.
  8. I'm not sure who it is yet, might even be a genuine newbie for all I know - I just want it dead.
  9. What bored cunt hides behind a false mask today? I'm starting to take this influx of blatant sock puppets personally, almost like you twats are rubbing it in that all of my attempts were so short lived...
  10. Sounds promising, Ratty - hopefully you can refine the formula to add man-bun wearing cunts who cant grow facial hair.
  11. You also have to balance that outlook with the legion of companies throwing up their arms and threatening to take their toys with them in the event of a no deal - people in this situation might like the idea of Brexit, but when you're getting screwed by immigration on one side and told that any change towards the issue will result in the complete disappearance of the company you want to work for on the other, maintaining the status quo will always appear to be the safer option. Add the fact that any complaints you voice towards the current state of affairs is likely to get you labelled as a racist or xenophobe by a far more vocal minority clearly supported by a biased media pushing their own agenda to the point of influencing your family and naive young friends, keeping your gob shut and your head down probably seems like far less hassle to younger workers that might hold these views personally.
  12. The result of group hysteria brought on by the negative effects of a collective vegan diet IMO. The irrelevant cunts should all be shipped off to a small island somewhere to give us an idea of how an economy based solely on the export of daisy chain necklaces, produced by a workforce of malnourished hippies high on legalised ganje and shipped worldwide via peddle boat logistics would work before we take them seriously.
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