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  1. You also have to balance that outlook with the legion of companies throwing up their arms and threatening to take their toys with them in the event of a no deal - people in this situation might like the idea of Brexit, but when you're getting screwed by immigration on one side and told that any change towards the issue will result in the complete disappearance of the company you want to work for on the other, maintaining the status quo will always appear to be the safer option. Add the fact that any complaints you voice towards the current state of affairs is likely to get you labelled as a racist or xenophobe by a far more vocal minority clearly supported by a biased media pushing their own agenda to the point of influencing your family and naive young friends, keeping your gob shut and your head down probably seems like far less hassle to younger workers that might hold these views personally.
  2. The result of group hysteria brought on by the negative effects of a collective vegan diet IMO. The irrelevant cunts should all be shipped off to a small island somewhere to give us an idea of how an economy based solely on the export of daisy chain necklaces, produced by a workforce of malnourished hippies high on legalised ganje and shipped worldwide via peddle boat logistics would work before we take them seriously.
  3. That was my proposed slogan for the RAT party, but @ratcum appears to have taken an extended recess from Parliament these days...
  4. I think a lot of people will be doing the same - considering the fact that the two big parties are so similar these days (despite everything the cunts say stating otherwise), the Lib Dems are and always have been nothing but a spare wheel for when a coalition is needed, and a space saving one at that - only for short term use, and UKIP have finally started to believe what everyone else is saying about them and become a bunch of far right loonies inviting all manner of undesirables into the party. I mean, don't get me wrong, Sargon of Akkad and Count Dankula (AKA Nazi pug man) are entertaining enough on YouTube - at least Dankula is, Sargon has always been a bit of a smug cunt - but I simply don't see what having a pair of internet "edge lords" in the European Parliament, both with close public ties with Tommy "professional victim" Robinson could do for the cause other than damage it. Don't get me wrong, Farage also comes across as a bit of a rat, especially with his natural ability to know when to abandon all manner of sinking ships, but he seems to be the only cunt out of the lot of them with a backbone. If you have to sift through a pile of dog shit you might as well start from the top down...
  5. Indeed - I've had my own words with Pen but Panzy nicked the opportunity kindly given to show some signs of life - Pen is too set in her ways and no cunt on here is going to change that. Besides, it wastes valuable cunting resources that could go towards promising meltdowns elsewhere, such as @Erroreptile404.
  6. Admit it, Eric - you just like the feeling of a fence post up your arse.
  7. Fucking hell I remember Creep - is that the one where a single deformed spacker who can't even put rubber gloves on properly manages to kill about ten people?
  8. I'm the best you've got on here Panzy - every other cunt gave up on you long, long ago. And look at you now - triggered into a more active and coherent state than you've been in years. Its a thankless job, but your welcome all the same - the puppet master pulls the strings, but he also needs to put on a good show to make a living.
  9. Rattled like a child in the arms of a Mackem babysitter - still holding a grudge twelve hours after being made to take yer medicine.
  10. I think that goes without saying...
  11. Its a load of shite, no doubt - however it does serve as an effective warning against improper dental hygiene to the chavvy masses:
  12. Fucking hell! Looks like he's digging a woman out of an avalanche with a spoon... Did Cuntwad fit into this category?
  13. I bet you were a right little shit in school, Ratty. You were supposed to be burning the fucking things, not reading them.
  14. A Chink beat him at Halo by the sound of it...
  15. We don't really have much of a local culture of our own aside from mullets still being an acceptable hairstyle and being the largest importer of tin bath tubs for over 500 years - but we're fucking pros at nicking the best aspects of others. You really must try Hippy Green on your next visit - the Goth girls that frequent the area are very open to the offer of a shag when you buy them a new pair of New Rock boots and the ganja they sell is of the highest local quality - even the pigs turn a blind eye when you light some up on the Green.
  16. The questionable state of his credentials aside I find myself agreeing with the good Doctor on this one, Pen. Go outside once in a while - take the fucking train if you have to - you used to like them.
  17. Didn't he end up washing dishes in Rocky's restaurant in the later movies? If this is the relationship you're working towards with Frank I feel inclined to have you do some research before you decide to go through with it: https://frontlineaids.org/
  18. Oh let him have his fun, Wiz. Besides it opens the door to some new and interesting "eye for an eye" tactics.
  19. Oh Betty. I do envy you in some ways. Being a new punter on the corner is a truly wondrous time, but I just don't see the potential in you to evolve past the primitive stage of cunting you're already at. Metaphorically speaking, you're a newly born fawn - blindly stumbling towards a busy motorway on shaky legs as you concentrate on blinking your mother's congealed fanny batter out of your eyes.
  20. More observing your behaviour on the site to measure how much of an absolute spacker you are compared to how much of an absolute spacker you appeared to be than "checking up" on you. So far the results don't look promising - they're leaning towards you being a fast burner, heavily defensive under pressure whilst relying on an easily noticeable charade of self confidence and an uncaring manner to hide what a delicate little flower you are deep down. I doubt you'll be around for long on here - although the flamboyant vocabulary and high ego should make the inevitable meltdown interesting to watch...
  21. Tragic. I jumped over to the online users list after posting this and saw you were already sniffing around trying to figure out a reply. Seven fucking minutes it takes you to write such a weak reply relying on information you've clearly researched before the fact - I'm flattered that you looked into my history - but you're still shit.
  22. What a boring fucking twat you turned out to be. I'd hoped that your fondness towards correct grammar and men in grease paint that you were a @Cuntybaws sock puppet. How about you just kill yourself now and save us all the bother of explaining why its the best option for you? Good man.
  23. No. Eminem is dead. He's locked in my basement.
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