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  1. The complete opposite happened?! What, the fugly Muslim cunt was kidnapped, taken to Syria against her will, after which her parents never stopped shouting about it from the rooftops until the thick cunt got interviewed by the media? Doubtful . . .
  2. Unfortunately he was at school until 20 due to being a thick cunt.
  3. Live in Somerset, English, dispair over these cunts claiming to be MPs “acting on behalf of the people” . . .
  4. Did you learn your retorts from the science teacher who used to bend you over and tell you not to tell your parents?
  5. Is that emptier than your stupid fucking head then, or are you saying that Neil’s sac is fuller than your cunt brain?
  6. Perhaps in an open box, strapped in, and left outside the barracks of U.K. personnel who have lost servicemen in Syria - and let anyone who wants to piss and shit into it . . .
  7. So why ask who I am, you stupid fucking cunt? 🤷🏼‍♂️
  8. Some fucker that has an opinion, you?
  9. Totally agree - the decision impacts England, Wales and NI - so EVERYONE in the U.K. should’ve been given the vote - that would’ve given those cunts in Kilt-land the decision they wanted . . .
  10. Perhaps, but taking the seed of Alan Carr would be preferable than a shit-cunt like Fish-Face Sturgeon giving voice to things that affect English people . . . . you total cunt.
  11. That and the fact that the English are the only nation within the U.K. that don’t have their own devolved parliament - once that happens and Welsh, Scottish and Northern Irish cunts can’t vote on motions that affect people living in England, then there will be parity.
  12. Why should I?! They aren’t my or anyone’s elected representatives (you stupid cunt), hence my point . . .
  13. I would quite happily film this wonky-mouthed Remoan-slag being raped by broken glass bottles whilst she claims to be “neutral” in her reporting of news
  14. Interesting how the Polack shit Donald Tusk has his tongue so far up Junckers asshole after Junckers ancestors probably sent Tusk’s ancestors on a train to Auschwitz! Both of those unelected shit-cunts (plus Barnier et al) need to be strapped to the tracks of Panzer tanks and driven through the streets of Brussels to remind us of why European cunts should not be listened to going forward.
  15. As for this cunt - I would happily force feed the stupid racist cunt with the remains of her kids after they have been passed through other ISIS cunts. She made a choice, as did her thick cunt parents, who never contacted the U.K. Govt before she was made public. Let her and the cunts who support her, be publicly punched in the face until they are unconscious, then stick them in bin bags and chuck them off the side of cross-channel ferries - fuck ‘em! Cows pass matter which gives more to the U.K. economy!
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