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  1. James O' Cunten "lost his shit" months ago, Brexit has destroyed the lad, his obsessed with it. His show is like ground- hog day on acid. Its cringeworthy, entertaining and pandering to anyone who shares his views- no matter how deluded. Worse presenter on LBC by a country mile, all the other presenters challenge anyone even if they share the same political view, which is good presenting, but not O'Cunten, he blows smoke up their arse! If anyone calls with a london jacifan/bad man dem accent he goes into total awe of them, bizarre shit. His obsessed with Farage who also fills a prime slot (O'Cunten don't have one of those), cant help himself from making snide remarks, his the epitome of a petulant child! Total twat and should have his soap-box (radio show) cancelled. Same boring shit, everyday.
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