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  1. That Dale Winton-esque long streak of piss has had more household items up his arse than Wilkinsons stock... Supermarket sweeping faggot.
  2. I'll believe it when the dense cunt makes it to New Year's Day without name dropping me once for attention, Decs. I honestly can't believe how spectacularly thick it truly is. I know British Rail's aptitude test ain't Mensa, but come on, surely.
  3. This is the first time you've ever made me genuinely laugh Pen, and I should probably commend you for that. Unfortunately for you though the cause of this laughter has nothing to do with your wit and humour, as it's based purely in irony. Every single quality punter on here who's forced to wade through 30 of your daily nonsensical posts and noms, will certainly agree with me, when I say you're above post describes you to a fucking tee... Fuck off.
  4. Still reading and quoting the BBC website then, Pen? I'd bet you believed their Jimmy Savile fooled everyone bullshit. You gullible old trainspotting tranny.
  5. Cheers Herr RatsMarshall. You're an absolute raving lunatic, but you also piss Frank off which makes you strangely endearing. You're alright in my book.
  6. I've recently noticed that you're back to posting an excessive volume of shite again, Pen. I'll take it that coming winter months will see you venturing out even less, and this trend shall no doubt continue till spring. Get yourself a fucking hobby, read something other than the Daily fucking Mail, and wind your fucking neck in... You gin soaked old cunt.
  7. It's surely. Hoots mon, Withers fucked a Goose, and like an empty headlock Punkers sphincter's loose.
  8. I've just reviewed his stats, Bill. Over 1200 posts since June, of which 1197 are a combination of memes and puns targeting the Chuckle Brothers demographic. I honestly think he's the worst I've seen since joining, what a prize cunt, hey.
  9. Major Cunt

    The Irish

    Funny you should say that, Francis. I have it on excellent authority that after another late night kicking you console yourself with this...
  10. That's good to hear, Herr Oberst, I'm not gonna conduct a fucking survey though. Your words enough for me.
  11. The worst fucking double act since Siegfried and Roy. One can only hope you both get mauled by a starving Siberian Tiger... Fuck off.
  12. I beg to differ, WC. There's abso-fuckin-loutley no way Randy Andy's gonna be deported to the States, or even charged in an indictment. I'd put good money on him getting away completely scott free, and I'm certain the Buckingham palace PR machine is in 5th gear as we speak. I'm pretty sure that he'd be covered by some form of diplomatic immunity, and what's being revealed is just the tip of the iceberg. The ruling elites have always had an unhealthy interest in teenagers, I suppose it's a case of the forbidden fruit, when you can fuck whatever you like. And these filthy cunts are supposedly our betters?
  13. Truly dreadful. I'm surprised you're still here, Yank?
  14. He's a connoisseur of canine fecal matter, Stubbs, granted. But a collector of anything animal turd. So I'm informed.
  15. Good, you should be. There's been several emails flying back and forth between myself @Decimus, and @WILLY SHITTERS, regarding the inane horseshit you smear our sacred pages with. Quit while you're behind...
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