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  1. Don't forget - you know what I mean, and brightboy.
  2. Judge, if I was a writer, I'd be on to a winner with you as a character. Who'd believe a story about an angry jewish wheelchair bound alcoholic who plots to destroy Brexit traitors with a large explosion. Guido Flid - could be the title? Day of the Spakal - is also an option.
  3. Come on now Punkers even you were a teenager once. Let them go out and enjoy themselves safely. Clubs are also where non mainstream music gets played, along with promotion for the artists. Get yourself down to Heaven, if you're lucky Kylie might be performing.
  4. Now I usually purchase things from eBay (I once lost out on Pens jock strap in an auction, vintage whalebone and leather) So I'm having a clear out and there's two items of clothing in excellent condition due to not being worn. So I thought why not stick it on ebay for a little earner. Now despite my items selling and cash paid, eBay now keep new sellers money despite my account being several years old. I have no problem with people being protected by scammers, no sir. I do have a problem with being potentially ripped off though, when they want to hold it for 3 weeks, long after the buyer has received the item. Oh, and to top it off. The cunts took £28 on fees of £160 odd
  5. What's your beef with the hardman, Jewdz baby? I think you're a bit envious of his B Mob days, due to being unable to join over the wheelchair?
  6. I've heard about the Akryod vodka, apparently its the bottle which is half the cost. Yeah, right Dan.
  7. Is that what happened when you pulled Steven Hawking over due to a defective rear light? I'd imagine your career in the traffic police was eventful? I heard you once pulled Ronnie Corbet over who proceeded to call you a jobsworth, and told you to fuck off.
  8. Basically she'd ask you to stick it in her arse with no preliminaries and probably no lube*. That sort of thing? *Jewdith has a lifetime supply if needed though.
  9. The country is completely corrupt and infiltrated by the Itie mob. Remember that cunt Berlusconi? He made a fucking fortune through contracts to them. It really is a tale of two countries with the wealth and prosperity centered in the North, and the peasantry and agriculture, but tourism in the south too.
  10. Besides yourself. Why do you even bother? You really are a fucking idiot.
  11. Major Cunt

    John Wayne

    Your obsession with cocks and prisons knows no ends, does it jewdy. The only time I saw a cock was in the shower room mate, and even half a seconds enough. Unless you have a continuous prison phantasy? You should do a bit of bird, well when I report your posts you will. Being in a wheelchair you get a ground floor cell, and front of the dinner ques. I'll ask Hasan to look after you. No need to thank me, obviously!
  12. Like he's walking a brace of pitbulls with each arm. I can actually picture him like that. What a wanker
  13. Judge, did you end up bashing the Bishop, or was he kind enough to do it for you? Was you mobile then on the calipers?
  14. Ghislaine as we all know use to participate in the revelry. Mind you, I'd let her tongue my balls whilst banging. Just not with an underage girl. High society fiddling faux philanthropist cunts.
  15. Bugsy Seigal, one of many. You see the Jews have been very clever constantly turning out Italian mob films. Only to distance themselves from the Jewish mob who were the dagos predecessors. Amazing what you can do when Hollywood's in your pocket.
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