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  1. Poor old Pen, reduced to name dropping me in a desperate attempt for attention. You're a dense cunt of monumental proportions, aren't you? I hate to break it to you, but you're ubiquitous to 99.9% of punters, hopefully it's gonna sink in one day. You're finished here...
  2. He's been sending me selected pages from Mein Kampf in DM's, Jewdy, and is heavily pushing the idea of a pilgrimage to Bavaria. In fact his last message contained a video of him sporting lederhosen while proclaiming National Socialism from the in-store tannoy in Tesco. I knew he was off-key, but I think he's finally lost it...
  3. Shut your fucking mouth, Jewdy. I'll deal with you in due course.
  4. What, because I agree with his opinion? You wanna slow down on the pub grub.
  5. Cats are cunts, Eric. I'm with Ape on this.
  6. I've been called many things, but "knuckle dragging chav" are you fucking sure? You depraved, bestial, fecal enthusiast. Let's look at the facts for one moment, cunty. You live with your parents, are an admitted incel gamer, and have no fucking idea how the world works, which is aptly demonstrated whenever you post. You're in the top 3 ridiculously shit posters on here, it's a widely held opinion. You're the fucking idiot who wants to shoot defenceless animals? Where did I say I let my dog attack any cunt or cat? I'm a responsible dog owner, and he likes to bark at cats in the garden, show me a dog who doesn't. So as much as I'm sure you'd like to grab some rottweiler shit, you're out of luck. I'd honestly like to continue this conversation in person, and iron this out, well me ironing you out anyway! Wanker
  7. If you had the temerity to even think about shooting my dog in my own garden, when he's minding his own business, and doing what dogs do, I'd hope for your sake you can run, because I'd hit you so fucking hard you'd seriously contemplate ever leaving your parents cellar again. For the record, I abhor any cunt who thinks it's acceptable to mistreat any animal, and any cunt who perpetrates cruelty upon one should receive a fucking beating. You fucking wanker.
  8. I found a solution 10 year's ago in my sadly now deceased rottweiler. No fucking moggy was safe to take a dump in the garden of chez Major while he was on stag. When one was occasionally brave enough to venture onto our turf for a crafty pony, I'd be alerted by a bark as deep as a sub-woofer, and a cat getting on its paws rather sharpish. It's a breed of dog which sadly receives a lot of bad press due to them falling into the hands of fucking idiots who are incapable of training such an animal or mistreat them. I agreed 100% with Stubbs on the menace to our feathered friends from the cat, and obviously there just doing what felines do. It's the fucking cunts who have 3 cats to a fucking house that pissed me right off.
  9. Can't make any promises on that, Herr Oberst.
  10. It's a well established fact that the only thriving industries north of the border are methadone clinics, counterfeiting valium, and off licenses. I'd like to see that Jimmy Krankie looking cunt Sturgeon try and find the dough for this after devolution. If memory serves me correctly the even more unsavoury cunt Thatcher sold most of Scotland's North Sea oil to the Septics. Is there some grand plan to replace it with Iron Bru. Other than that I quite like the Jocks, the ones from Edinburgh anyway.
  11. Eccentrics in glass houses, Francis. You washed up old Willie Nelson-esque cunt. Anyway, when are you releasing this batch of new videos? Don't fucking let me down, I backed you on this...
  12. Fucking hell Bertrand, don't take it literally. Besides you've fucked off to one of the most racist nations on the planet, where the Abos are still persecuted to this day. People in glass houses and all that mate.
  13. Do me a favour, Jewdz. It's a well known fact that you're more than capable of making yourself look a cunt without my help. Catford's always had a roaring trade in barbers, and if tramlines are your bag it's the place to visit. I make you right about Brixton though, it's got a bit of a bad rep but has been up and coming for quite a while. Obviously if you stray of the beaten path and decide to visit one of the sink estates of an evening, you're odds on for a mugging or worse. I wonder if the Jamaican dealers who peddle their wears on Coldharbour Lane are still in business. I'd imagine that like most Londoners there suffering, they've probably been undercut by some cunt not from the commonwealth. What's with all the hostility towards the Wall neanderthals anyway? Did you get of the train at South Bermondsey in the 80s, and get a couple digs from the cunts? If you wanna bring your surfboard down that's fine with me mate. Don't expect me to get you of the mobility scooter and in your wetsuit though. 😄
  14. How long do you think it's gonna take for the Camel to become a regular staple on London's pavements, Jewdy? You're abso-fuckin-loutley right about the goatshagger invasion though. I had the misfortune to be in Lewisham the other week, its still a shithole of the highest order as you well know, but it's looking like even more cultural enrichment has recently arrived. You wanna follow my lead mate and get on your toes to the west country, you'd love it down here. One of the last bastions of white England sadly...
  15. Jesus H Christ Roops. Just when I start to think you're not as much of a brainwashed cunt as my initial prognosis, you come out with this gem. Regulatory authorities are more concerned with who's paying bribes to who because their fucking hands are tied, by not being able to go after the fucking crooks at the top. Lords, MP's and lawmakers facilitate the global arms trade through the old boy network often taking advisory roles, and directorship position once out of public view. Corruption is just as rife in this country as any African backwater, the only difference is we've learnt how to hide it better.
  16. It's definitely Pete, RK, I'd put money on it. If memory serves me correctly he also alluded to MASH in a previous post and is fond of the moniker sunshine. The only missing piece of the evidence trinity would be regarding using Greta's shit as peanut butter, or another scatophilic nonce reference. Give him time though.
  17. Fuck off. You bankrupt, unendurable, muggy frog cunt.
  18. I'm pretty sure Regan was on the blower to 10 Downing St asking Thatcher to not go to war with the Argies? She told him to politely fuck off, which is exactly what you should have done a month ago. You fucking Septics' never fail to either completely bend the truth, or just ignore it... Cunts of the highest order.
  19. More like 40+, but close nonetheless.
  20. Close. It's Roops demonstrating the size of Saltys' daily triple cheese and baloney breakfast sub.
  21. What the fuck happened yesterday, Jewdy, beaten by the "watchers" at the "paddling pool". Anyway fuck all that shit, I guarantee we'll finish above them, and probably get in the playoffs. I take it you'll be toning up your Poundland Richard Littlejohn act what with an election round the corner. I'm making a prediction that you declare that "Sir Nige" was robbed by the leftwing shape shifting lizard people, and you can see the curvature of the earth from your Woolwich tower block. There'll also be no mention at all of the international Jewish banking cartel, for obvious reasons...
  22. You're many things Francis, but being seen as straight is certainly not one of them. Play to your strengths, stick to being a cunt beyond reproach.
  23. Just PM Dusty, Punkers, I'm sure he'll take you as his plus one.
  24. A lot like your Tinder profile then, Jewdy, but unlike your advert scrawled in trap 3 at the Pink Oboe.
  25. That's the problem with the average politician's philosophy regarding regime change, there's far too much emphasis on the carrot and not enough on the fucking stick. Personally I'd be fine with going over and kicking the shit out of camel jockeys, installing a friendly no nonsense dictator, and looting the black gold. My main gripe is with sending our young men to some fucking shithole to get traumatized, and possibly paralyzed for 16k a year in a hollow victory. With all the oil we are nicking we could certainly double their salaries. Anyway it's in the Yids backyard, so l'm all for letting them stick their giant conks in and sorting the desert mess out.
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