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  1. Haha, you really don't get irony do you? I don't see you pulling of a Guido Fawkes any time soon, Jewdy. Not unless you can navigate your way to parliament, and there's a disabled ramp to the cellar. That's all you do is moan like the snowflakes... 😁
  2. Of course you can't join you're in a wheelchair for fucks sake. That only happens in movies (I know you call them that). The cozzers are scraping the barrell lately by admitting midgets, spackers, and probably trannies, but not raspberries as of now. You should think about joining up again? With your many mental conditions and mobility issues you'd make commissioner in no time. No need to thank me
  3. Predictable bullshit you bigoted cunt. It's none of your fucking business what I made. Do you honestly think your accusations bother me? I sold cannabis Jewdy, I didn't abuse kids or rob old ladies. You're ex-old-bill so it's no surprise you got a hard on for me! Some coppers are ok, and some are cunts. I've a strong feeling you represented the latter. That shit don't happen with 'Big Erroll'. He'd of got served up quicker than corrupt old bill. No doubt you fall into that category too.
  4. If Boy George tried to play his faggot techno in a pirate studio. I'd beat him as soundly as I would you with a golf club. I hope that makes things clear, lol.
  5. I honestly can't picture Wolfie in front of a computers Beringer monitor speaker with a baseline rumbling, and the obligatory break running above it. I didn't know you were such a Bowie man, Ev? I discovered him through my elder sister as a kid. 'Modern Love' is a personal favourite.
  6. Low grade sound engineer? Okay, where do you wanna start? Samplers, synthesisers, compressors or EQ's? Never been a vocalist, Punkers. I produce the tunes.
  7. Err, that would be quite difficult considering I wasn't even born during the 'Ziggy Stardust' era. Facts dickhead, facts.
  8. Yawn. You never fail to disappoint with your pitiful retorts. Do something original, or fuck off. Cretin
  9. Well as a Bowie fan myself I thought I'd have a crack at a cover. In a previous life Ev I was a producer, and sound engineer. Nothing to fancy I was producing jungle way back on an Atari ST. Had some success, and should have stuck with it. My mate who carried on Dj's out for about £200 an hour. Not bad work eh.
  10. Dame widow Fwankie's back posting 'Rocky' videos the twat. A long, long time ago he proclaimed to be the best, but all I see is desperation no longer fit to test. Add to that he's out the clique, the cunts a total mess. Driving round the West End looking for rent-boys, he spikes the Babysham with rhoypnol and says his name is Roy. Frank you fucking wanker I see you keeping a low profile, and make sure that it stays that way, before your nickname rhymes with the word profile.
  11. LCS, will be back in blighty again at some point. I lived as an expat in Spain ten years ago, and as beautiful as the country is, it's not England. It was simple things for me like having a laugh as the dagos don't get British humour. It was also full of Russians who are arrogant cunts also with no humour. If I could I'd spend my summers in the UK, and fuck off there come mid October. I could live with that.
  12. Space oddity This is Major Judge to ground control, and I don't like the spades, and the papers want to know if it's Oxfam you where. This is Major Judge to ground control I'm feeling very scared, and my kebabs are floating in the most peculiar way, and my piles look most different today. Cause here im floating in a Special Brew can far above the earth. Planet earth is blue and my kebabs contain spunk and poo.
  13. They call him judge, judgetwi. He zooms around sarf London on his mobility trike. Abusing Abdul, Mohamed and the kebabs they supply. Kicked out the old bill for gross misconduct after beating a kaffer with a walking stick. Oh Judge, Judgetwi watches to much Sweeney thinking the old rules apply. He now stalks the corner minus his warrant card. A cyberspace warrior portraits a retard. Marge and Hardman his stock replys I hope diabetes kills him, his time is nigh!
  14. Is it really David Icke? Funny that as my uncle caught Corona when he was suddenly struck down with asbestos related lung cancer. Another friend of mine lost his Nan to Corona. It is real. I'm not saying the figures haven't been boosted. However, to put the country in lockdown suggests there's probably something in it.
  15. Thanks for that insight, Withers. I'm completely lost for words, but also in agreement. Welcome back, and fuck off, obviously.
  16. I'd also bet heavily that his next retort contains accusations of "arse licking". For a bloke who hates faggots as much as the next man born pre 1989 to mention it so much, leads me to the conclusion... he's also a closeted shirter.
  17. He's a fucking idiot. The Corners most hypocritical and easily rattled member. He pass's himself off as some faux intellectual 'Jack Regan' after reading a discounted psychology book on Kindle. Throw into the mix his incredibly poor logic and social skills, and you've got the perfect storm of a cunt.
  18. Do spare me from your poor man's Sigmund Freud act, Jewdith. I hear it at least once a week, where you're diagnosing some unfortunate cunt with a perceived mental health illness. I'm not looking to impress anybody, you fucking idiot, and I'd rather you didn't project your own insecurities on me. It might suprise you, but I come here for a bit of a laugh, like the other 99% of punters. Maybe you should try some illicit substances as the booze just makes you more of a cunt. I wouldn't worry about it though mate it happens. Know what I mean... I also think it's time you seriously considered joining 'Alcoholics Anonymous'.
  19. No need for a slagging mate although we both appreciate the abuse. What I'm saying is let's get are ducks in a row, eh.
  20. Judge, when you have a stressful job and are sorounded by those who like a dabble it's no shame. If you were to drop the odd sedative, and smoke a bit of ganja, you'd be far more chilled. It's better for you than Skol Super mate. Known what I mean.
  21. My fucking country too Jewdz, but the Chinks have fucked us worse the Sukdick ever can. Let's get things into perspective here. Any thoughts on Roman Polanski and Qualudes? Shalom
  22. I should have posted this while Reptile was here. I could imagine him dancing in his SuperTed y-fronts to it. And @Joker
  23. Only a shish Jewdy, only a shish. It's a well known fact that donner meat normally contains portions of teen sex victims killed by grooming gangs. It happened once in some northern shithole like Bradford. Don't believe me Google it, but Roops probably will anyway. You carry on eating em!
  24. The only thing that's missing is the 'Milky Bar Kid' glasses, and the SpongeBob t-shirt. Apart from that spot on.
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