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  1. Are you ok? You seem really nervous and trying to deflect the fact that I can see straight through your awful clumsy bravado. I'll be here as long as I choose to be as there seems to be no one here able to get anywhere near me despite multiple retards joining in to help you and others to try and oust me lol Better than you, just remember it.
  2. Your angry fast reply that you yourself admit shows you were checking up on me makes me as my title suggests "Better than you" loser...*sniggers
  3. In the meantime you're a complete meme of your own reply you fucking idiot. The only thing worse than that is being from Scotland and or getting banned for being an easily recognised predictable sockpuppet yourself, choke on your alcoholic mother's under-cooked tatty stew you worthless vapid charlatan lol.
  4. How devastating i'm sure. Now let me see if there are still "Filofax's" and "paging beepers" on the market so I can keep up with your state of the art retorts you clumsy fucking blunderbuss lol
  5. If that is what helps you through the days and nights.....
  6. The problem is with coming from humble roots then doing well for yourself is some of your keep at a distance needy friends or just some of the people you know in general think that you now owe them something, from buying them a pint when they're skint, which with some of them is all the time, right up to asking for a soft loan till they "get sorted". If telling those sort of people to fuck off is snobbery...then fuck off!
  7. Is that a no then? Otherwise it seems like your over-compensating.
  8. Ask him nicely he might come and finish your original rushed gobbledegook lol.
  9. Ouch, my virtual feelings, my virtual feelings...........
  10. You must have that reply written on the back of your hand, there couldn't possibly be a way you could remember all that devastating repartee unaided. No, I'm laughing too much to try either.
  11. "Tragic", oh dear, now you're adding a word. As for the rest of your clumsy effort what an unimaginative wanker, fucking amateur lol.
  12. Don't fret, in your rush to leave a reply you left some words out making your sentence look like gobbledegook. Although rather amusing no real need for you to get in such a hysterical state about it.
  13. Then best some of them help you out with filling in the missing words?
  14. Having tried to allude any MSM news for the last few days on the strength of this but even then still catching glimpses of the mass tv and tabloid coverage it would appear the whole fucking world does. I hope that answers your question.
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