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  1. Why yes i do. Puns!!!!! Now just tang on a minute.....
  2. Knome need to get angry....
  3. I give you a lifeline (predictive text aside) to look less of a cunt and this is how you repay me, knome helping some people *sniggers
  4. I believe that would be a file young lady.
  5. You are obviously commenting in regards to your inferiority and insecurity complex, which in turn is compensated here by your dull facade of someone in good social standing, fucking idiot *sniggers
  6. Very few musicians can actually swing a live set, the majority of them sound shit live with these Glasters cunts being no exception. Anyone that forked out for a ticket paid the garden gnome Eavis to laugh at them.
  7. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-humber-48839849 Should have been jailed for life even though he is 78, cunt!
  8. Along with Top of the Pops for certain.
  9. In a news headline in the last few days about sex scandals Cliff Richard was quoted as saying "you feel you're in a hole you can't get out of". I also remember a few years ago a radio presenter announcing that "Terry Wogan has pulled out of children in need". A practice run would be in order before any sort of public statement is made however hilarious the double entendre is.
  10. What and it took you all that time after "Fluff" to think that up, pffft nice try twinkletoes, there is only ever going to be one sulky bitch out of the 2 of us miss, and yup it's you lol.
  11. Then you do remember why you come here less, it's because you're not getting things all your own way anymore, boohoo i'm sure, what a loss lol. What a strange thing to ask, surely you would remember that unless it wasn't a lone incident, is that something you do often? what sort of puppies were they out of interest?
  12. No need to sulk miss, tell the sad sad story about why you come here less again, that was fucking hilarious...uhahaha.
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