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  1. What and it took you all that time after "Fluff" to think that up, pffft nice try twinkletoes, there is only ever going to be one sulky bitch out of the 2 of us miss, and yup it's you lol.
  2. Then you do remember why you come here less, it's because you're not getting things all your own way anymore, boohoo i'm sure, what a loss lol. What a strange thing to ask, surely you would remember that unless it wasn't a lone incident, is that something you do often? what sort of puppies were they out of interest?
  3. No need to sulk miss, tell the sad sad story about why you come here less again, that was fucking hilarious...uhahaha.
  4. Yup you got it, oh but wait, and according to the other sulking wankers here i'm everyone else too, silly boy lol.
  5. Someone you can't forget by the looks of it, fucking idiot lol.
  6. Holy fuck the glowworn has turned (no pun intended), about time, good for you.
  7. Holy crap don't have me start agreeing with you, I believe I am getting the vapors. As mentioned in the other thread there were no peado inferences made, it was a sockpuppet inference, and given the fact the other cunt brought "trolling children" into the fray quite a fitting sockpuppet inference.
  8. Betterthanyou


    Does it really matter. As if the other cunts from all the other party's wouldn't be doing exactly the same thing on the sly anyhow.
  9. Uhahahaha What againnnnnnn! Another obvious mars bar helper reply you bowl headed silly slow traits dribbling spastic gezza *sniggers, awaiting you as your empty gestured threats to NOT read and therefore NOT reply to my hilarious atrocious forum beating of you thick fucking idiot....uhahahahaha, pity poor billy, he cries in the corner, thankfully it is in the very public Cunts Corner lol.
  10. Uhahahaha, and you gave up your weekly bowl headed trollymong mars bar treat for not pissing and shitting in your nappy more than three times a day to get your helper to write that for you and that's the best he could do, dribble him to just wipe away your piss and shit as even you could of done better than that...well just. You should both be ashamed of yourselves gezza, especially him! Now stick to your sulky threats about not reading my drivel anymore, or you will just look like the thick as pigshit spastic you are and as I predicted will read my every post proven by your replies, fucking clumsy idiot *sniggers
  11. Opening crybaby class action blocking threads is one *sniggers.
  12. Uhahahaha get your helper to google "irony" you bowl headed thick cunt *sniggers. You will read every post I make, however now you have realised I have you pegged as the fake pretend geeza you are I wouldn't be surprised in the least if you haven't got the courage to reply lol. Toodles miss and an absolute pleasure to know how badly the truth hurts you....Consider yourself at home, consider yourself one of the family etc etc etc....uhahahaha.
  13. Join here desperately trying to fit in...check. Suck up to the pack animals and more importantly who you think will accept your trollymong lies even though they know you're a spastic but can do with all the help they can get....check. Over engage in ganging up to fit in like all cowards do....check. Use a generic insult every thick as pigshit cunt uses here that has absolutely no effect on anyone but that is totally oblivious to you because you're a bowl headed dribbling spastic plastic pretend ard geeza...check. Uhahahahaha fucking weak worthless oxygen waster.
  14. Great holy fuck you got so worked up you dribbled two replies in a row bowl headed fucking trollymong, even your helper knows what a ard cannnt you dream of being, no more Eastenders for you mongoloid.....uhahahaha
  15. Everyone is better than you queen silly slow traits, you fucking effeminate bowl headed spastic....uhahhahaha.
  16. Nice try clumsy spastic. Then those would be the same rules you should read that would forbid you to mention my recently deceased father in such a lame effort to offend me. Ps, how you remember your mother is your business however your pretend umbrage will have me laughing till thursday sniggers..uhahahahaha.
  17. Who says? You just go and tell everyone that knows you, you are not a spastic!!!! You are just an angry bowl top half wit, that'll show em peewee, uhahahaha.
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