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  1. for one thing, you fucking pond life, I wasn't referring you your goodself,( mainly as I've never had the unfortunate chance to make your acquaintance ) . and secondly, I was fortunate enough to have had an education, and therefore can read, ( I see a signpost directing the unwashed to the show) . May I take this opportunity to thank you for sticking your pox ridden snotty little nose into where it wasn't wanted, and have a rest of a wonderful day. oh ps. pull your foreskin over your head and vanish down your own Dick.
  2. and he had the audacity to label myself as a troll? perhaps the little lad should look at his own posts, that consist of nothing more than just hot air and mindless abuse. I think he needs to see a head doctor.
  3. the Jeremy Kyle show is that way .
  4. kuntrybumkin


    not the shaved headed fat cunts that go to council flats and remove unpaid tv's etc. but the little jumped up CUNTS that approach one when fishing. they seem to think they're important and love flashing their little photo id card at you that's been laminated by a twat in an angling association shitty office. yes I've got a rod licence, no I'm not paying you for a FUCKING day ticket , I'm fishing from a public bridge, now off you fuck before I fucking throw you in the drink you blocked adenoid sounding four eyed satchel wearing piss ant.
  5. chum? pal ? chappie? hmm, I see a pattern emerging here amongst you dog fiddling cunts. I thought as much. any way I must dash, I've got to pull my boxers off before I get in bed.
  6. the thing is this, it's actually more of a condescending, patronising belittling term often used to make the less informed and or, uneducated among us know their place.
  7. or do you just sit there , waiting for newcomers to arrive and hurl nondescript abuse at them whilst masturbating, or do you actually post constructive content ever? you melt.
  8. big words for a little man. does mummy know you're on the iPad sonny? lol
  9. yes Billy I do. last night I watched a documentary on shipbuilding. this was also riveting.
  10. I recently visited a cafe to nearby where I was working , and proceeded to order the " all day breakfast stick " , the person serving glanced up at the clock and said " erm I can't do that now, it's ten past eleven." I said okay then, may I please have a baguette with bacon, egg, sausage and mushrooms then please? she said , oh sure okay. it was exactly the same price and same content. this is a true story from only a few weeks ago. cafe name and location withheld.
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