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    Round table

    These are the cunts who come out at Christmas pinching money for charity . No one knows where the money goes but these fucking self righteous cunts try to make people feel guilty for not giving money to them . Who the fuck are they and what do they really do . No one seems to know I've heard they give the money to whoever it pleases them. They act like a cross between MPs and American tv evangelists . They only want to sprout off about their charity work when there is a camera or a newspaper reporter there .Don't give these fuckers a single penny they are real cunts .
  2. My cousin was a member of the roundtable before. He invited me along to join though definitely wasn't for me . I personally thought that they seemed like a bunch of stupid cunts stuck up their own arses real do gooder cunts who you'd want to fucking smack in the face . If I was to see them collecting for charity In the street now I would tell them to fuck off and take a shit on their santa sleigh . There really just a bunch of useless cunts who think their the bollocks . Pathetic nothing better than little scool kids .
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