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  1. That was when he was preparing for his upcoming role in....
  2. And you keep it in the freezer in your basement.
  3. So, you're asking me if I know of anymore cocks for you to suck? No, I don't. Sorry.
  4. I don't know, I hear she's one of the more popular attractions in the hippo enclosure at the London zoo.
  5. Wrong, you festering pool of fermenting anal discharge. I'm 5 hours behind GMT, not 8. Minor point? Yes, but solid evidence of how fucking lazy-minded and stupid you are, and which makes every subsequent thing you said or will say, totally lacking in any credibility whatsoever. But then again, you had no credibility to begin with, so no great loss for you. Minor Cunt.
  6. I started to read the article until I came upon the word "diversity" and stopped right there.
  7. "I've just been down the gym with my pals..." is probably more like "I've just gone down on Jim with my pals...", you sausage smoking pole slider. If you're out showing this forum to whatever sorry lot passes for your "pals", you really are a little Marjorie.
  8. Happy to oblige, good sir. Although I do believe your conclusion in the matter has already been drawn.
  9. Everyone is way out of their depth with you, as your depth barely covers most people's ankles.
  10. I don't have a GPS or even a cell phone, "smart", "flip" or otherwise. But I'm still waiting for PM containing an unflattering, badly lit picture of myself unkempt and peering downward toward my tablet screen. Or you can email it to me, assuming you can determine my email address. I have a secondary "throw-away" email address on file with my CC account.
  11. Ric Ocasek with a blonde dye job.
  12. Over here we call it a "unibrow"
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