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  1. This guy had his good points...
  2. I figured somebody here might recognize him, as I'm assuming he's a soccer (football) player, possibly on a Brit team. The reason I think that is because along with boxers and martial arts fighters, soccer players are amongst the primary group most often afflicted with cauliflower ear due to being repeatedly struck there. If you do a Google Image search of cauliflower ear, you'll mostly get pictures of soccer players, boxers and martial arts fighters.
  3. Maybe he didn't hear the guy correctly because his hearing was affected due to a cauliflower ear.
  4. Poetic justice would have been achieved if the lezbos had used part of their windfall to purchase a load of sex toys, then after going home to celebrate having screwed some male pig out of his hard earned money, all choked to death simultaneously while performing fellatio together on a four way dildo.
  5. Every cloud has a silver lining and you found it on this one. Good on ye. 👍
  6. Is that a Henry Crabbe creation? Sounds like something he might've concocted.
  7. Same kind of thing happened over here...
  8. Kirstie Valley is a large, deep canyon in Southern California, created when actress and former Cheers star Kirstie Alley slipped and fell down on what was previously flat land. It took the Army Corps of Engineers several days using hydraulic building jacks and large earth moving equipment, to finally get her into an upright position from which she could walk out on her own. It has been speculated that a couple of recent earthquakes were triggered by the shock waves from the pounding of her immense feet with each step she took. Word is that they're designing a highly specialized, oversized rail car to be pulled by four to six large diesel engines working in tandem, to get her around from place to place. Studies are also being done to examine the feasibility of employing multiple Sikorsky Skycrane helicopters to utilize as part of a personal transportation system for her. We all wish them the best of luck.
  9. Sounds like Britain's version of Kirstie Alley...
  10. Speaks the voice of experience.
  11. "Tried"? Worked for me!!!! 😎 😍
  12. The funny part was when he turned around, right before he kicked her in the cunt, and said "Just one more thing..."
  13. By "us" do you mean your great, great, great grandmother who, along a group of other whores, kept the French army occupied and listless by giving them free sexual favors after the revolution, so that they lacked the energy to turn around and take over after helping us send the British army back home? Oh hey, thanks for that.
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