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  1. According to what I've seen posted here by some old-timers who have a less than glowing opinion of you, I get the impression that you don't know when to shut a certain hole of your own, though I would assume it is one that has nothing to with the insertion of cake. Of course, one can never tell with regards to the personal proclivities of strangers, can one?
  2. Didn't see the Jets game. Never watch them. But you're right about the Fins. They suck hard this year. I'll just say what we Fish Fans say every season... Maybe next year. I'm more worried about the LA Rams starting to slip and the fucking Patriots still undefeated. I hope to God they don't win another Super Bowl. I hate those fuckers!!!!
  3. Yet another American who, like most Americans, has risen to a higher station in life than you'll ever come close to. No wonder you're so bitter with envy towards us, trash eating beggar that you are.
  4. Of course it does. That's just a typical weekend for you two.
  5. I'll be by your place for tea some afternoon next week. I might be a little late because I'll be stopping off for some hot, spicy Mexican food, then afterward, some Indian food loaded with lots of curry on my way over. (You might want to reserve two Rug Doctors rather than just one.)
  6. Same way you'd think you thick cunts would welcome the Muslims for upping the level of civility and improving the smell and dental standards.
  7. Says the pea in a tin can who keeps responding to everything I say.
  8. If that's the kind of brain dead shit you have to tell yourself to get through a typical shitty day in your boring, shitty life, knock yourself out. No American gives a rat's ass what a raised pinky, tea-sipping girly man like you thinks.
  9. I'd like to think that the reason you're such a bad liar is because you're just not used to being one. Unfortunately, everyone knows it's because you're too fucking stupid.
  10. I'm soooooooooooo scared. 😑
  11. As long as the likes of you and your smelly, cunt-breath faggot pals around here can't get in, I'm happy.
  12. That's probably the same thing you said to your faggot boyfriend the first time he shoved his cock up your asshole.
  13. Funniest fucking thing I've heard in a long time. I hope the fat little Nancy boy bounced a few times and skidded across the pavement for awhile before coming to a stop, then laid there gurgling for his mummy before he died. And if you shit bags try to play the offended little victim card over that, I'll be happy to refer you back to the posts by your little sado-queer buddies, cackling with glee over 9/11. If you fucking inbred retards had been intelligent enough to begin with, to put your steering wheels on the left side of your cars and orient your roadways like the rest of the world, foreigners who visit your screwed up, bass-backwards little island wouldn't get confused like that and those kinds of accidents wouldn't happen. I hope the Diplomat's wife never never stands trial and the kids kid's weepy cunt snowflake parents go home and hang themselves in their garage. You know as well as I do, that you'd give your right arm and sell your worthless soul to have been born a citizen of the greatest country on Earth, you jealous little loser. Same with your faggot bum buddy Dreck.
  14. Who was it that expended the time and effort to actually COUNT THEM???? What a fucking TOOL you are.
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