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  1. I don't mind seeing that kind of thing when the woman in question is a legitimate, bonafide badass. My problem, is the skinny, willowy blonde, Hollywood fashion model waifs that you see in commercials and TV cop shows, aren't anything close. Most of these "actresses" who they portray kicking ass and throwing big, hairy biker gang dudes twice their size on their asses, would in reality, probably lock themselves in their dressing rooms and spend the afternoon in a pouty snit if their eye makeup and hair weren't exactly right. The twat in that car commercial I posted, probably couldn't parallel park on an empty street.
  2. Pretty much. Can't think of any examples as obvious as that, but we get stupid "hot yet determined badass bitch beats the guys in traditionally male dominated areas" crap like this....
  3. Nowadays, if there happens to be a "man" (neutered eunuch) present, he's just there to make the wife look like the smart one, by making himself look like a bumbling clod who couldn't find his "arse" with both hands without her guidance.
  4. That's Gilda Radner as Emily Litella.
  5. Oh, that's right.... Asda is owned by Walmart, isn't it? So in order to support this poor cunt, I'd have to boycott Walmart over here and shop somewhere else, meaning I'd have to pay higher prices...
  6. I'm going to boycott this grocery chain!!!! I'll never shop there again until they give him his job back!!! That'll show them a thing or two!!!!
  7. Leaving that half smoked joint burning in the ashtray was probably her least favorite mistake. But looking on the bright side, maybe a change would do her good.
  8. Salty Piss Flap


    Oh yeah, great. He's a useless asshole except for when his battle is with me, then he makes sense. And I thought we had become friends!!!! 😭 Big cunt.
  9. Salty Piss Flap


    Yes, and because of his dyslexia, he was constantly getting the first letter of his first name confused with the first letter of his last name. Very embarrassing for him.
  10. Salty Piss Flap


    Seen on bumper sticker: Dyslexics have more fnu.
  11. One wonders if maybe the makers of some other product or products might have had a hand in the production of this ad....
  12. I think I'm still out, so I haven't even attempted to give any.
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