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  1. Dilloss

    Racist Toys

    They've announced a role for a golliwog in Toy Story 5. He will sneak onto Buzz's back and fall off him mid-air, landing in Woody's garden when he's sunbathing.
  2. Dilloss

    Chuka Umunna

    The cunt would join the KKK to stay in the limelight.
  3. The cunt is always mentioning he walked across Iran, Mongolia, Syria etc. meeting 'the people'. Rory: "what time does the conference on Diversity at a time of conflict begin". Diplomat: "it finished 3 weeks ago you cunt, everyone else arrived by plane".
  4. Dilloss


    My sister is living in luxury off my back.
  5. This was caused by his long running feud with Roadrunner. An Acme receipt was found nearby.
  6. Dilloss


    Don't forget student Cunts who all seem to be mentally ill now.
  7. Just to make it clear not all beardies are Cunts. Tzar Nicholas ll, top beard. Boris the Blade.(Snatch) Capt. Ramius.(Hunt for Red October) These are acceptable beards.
  8. I find it strange the amount of Cunts with beards. Corbyn, Noel Edmonds, Keith Lemon, Ed Sheeran and the Cunts Cunt James O'Brien. These 5 would be in my err...top 5 cunts. Is it me, as a beard disliker, drawn towards these 5 Cunts or would they still be in my top 5 clean shaven. I suspect the latter.
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