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  1. I'll just wait and see. The whole comedy of American politics just gets better and better in the meantime. I do though look forward to seeing Kim Kardashians massive arse wobble up the steps of the white house, and one of the skanks tits flop out.
  2. Iv'e heard " on good authority" that he's in his late forties, and still being breast fed by his mother. Bitty, i want bitty.
  3. I quite like you too so have no intentions of getting cunty. As for @ape , from memory he started this little tiff because he took exception to an insignificant comment i made about his mother and had me banned "again" by roops. Ive got this image of him as an obese chair ridden key board warrior wannabe, living with his mother in a council gaff in Hull, or Liverpool. Plus i dont think he's particularly bright. I could be wrong of course, but a cunt he certainly is. He couldnt eat me alive, couldnt catch me with his little T Rex arms in relation to his oversized obese corpse like body. Besides i'm far too old and skinny to be worthwhile eating. I was hoping this year to travel back to Blighty for an extended holiday for a few months. Instead i've had to make do with buying some more kippers for breakfast. I do like a good scottish kipper.
  4. So now your telling me your obese, how utterly vile and disgusting. Do you use talcum powder under yer moobs to help with the chaffing. Also, when did you last see your pecker.
  5. Morning, Hows your mother?, No, not rattled at all, i just like picking on you.
  6. True, but still far better than the equivalent American likes of die hard shite and cobblers infesting the entertainment channels. Also. i vacated the pikey, chav, and now covid infested ilse"s a few decades ago so feel entitled to scoff at some of the hapless cunts still living there. Especially the likes of Ape. What a cunt. Toodle pip.
  7. Add another twelve hours to the time you estimate and you have it about right. The location that is. Cunt.
  8. Ive seen it, once for a few minutes and that was enough. WTF, there was some ginger flabby swing breasted woman with emaciated legs, and a navel that stood out like a heap of small stones. My knob retreated into it's scrotum and i havnt seen it since. I expect Ape would be on that show like a rat up a drainpipe, his old mans balls and tiny pencil dick swinging in the breeze. Humanity has set a new low. Disgusting to say the least. Cunts the lot of them.
  9. I can see you now, in your council flat gaff with yer mam. Necking the last of a few cans of stella. You live in Hull, don"t you. Cunt.
  10. I"ve never read or heard such a complete load of utter shite, as i heard on good authority that you cant even lever your fat self out of a chair without soiling your strides. The truth more like is that you simply shat yourself again, the result of having no control whatsoever over your tattered and aids infested ring piece. You filthy ring piece ferreting low life. Your kidding no one, cunt.
  11. Have a like. I was banned by old flabby bits Ma Roops, for nothing other than suggesting some blokes mother ( i think he goes under the name of Monkey or something equally silly) was a bit of a thot when in her youth. Not even remotely offensive and old Ma Roops has picked on me again. I thought this was a cunting of cunts site. Anyway i'll be seeking counselling as a result and hope to be a better person. Cunts.
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