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  1. For fuck sake, if its spuds that need harvesting, get the Irish onto it. They have potato digging skills better than anyone. The pikey cider necking cunts. Jobs a goodun.
  2. Bollocks yer cunt. I had a Lotus Esprit for around six years, went like a stabbed rat and never had a spot of bother with it. Sold it a few years back to an engineer who still has it and polishes every week. How very dare you besmirch the name. Cunt, that is all. May your children all be black.
  3. Bull shite. I heard somewhere that god is a cunt.
  4. The fat dart throwing cunt should be flogged. I loathe fat cunts.
  5. There's some truth in this i don"t deny it. Also my girlfriends German, and drives a BMW. A bigger cunt you won't find.
  6. For your information, as an Audi driver, i have an almost unsurpassed level of cuntishness and i reserve the right to use it for lesser tailgating cunts. Fuck off.
  7. Always do this to some driving too close tail gating cunt of epic proportions. Everytime i drive down my street and one of these cunts is behind me. Leave it until the very last second, hit the indicator, jab the brakes sharp, and swing into my drive. Fucking love seeing the arsehole bastards hit the brakes, especially if they have their cunts of kids in the car or a harrigan of a missus. Fuck em the tailgating cunts.
  8. I'll mention this to him. I reckon he'll probably go for it.
  9. A good raping of his arsehole leaving his sphincter in a bloody and tattered mess if there's any justice in the world. But then again, he's certainly had some top shelf snatch. Nothings for free anymore.
  10. Not sure there's much i can do about the thieving bastard. However the reason for this nom though is because an old mate of mine, a bloke in his fifties. Well, if you ever saw the poor bastard on a dance floor you'd understand. He's has no sense of beat at all and just stands bolt upright shuffling from one foot to the other like a flid. His missus has coerced him into going along to rock and roll lessons, bought him a massive collared jacket and a pair of flares and the spineless bastards gone along with it to keep her happy. Iv'e nickname the poor cunt Elvis and it's stuck. Any advice as to how he can extract himself from his dilemma would be welcome. The poor Elvis look alike cunts suffering is a cunting tragedy in the making.
  11. Cunts the lot of them. That, and Elvis was a cunt too. That is all, and fuck off.
  12. Whadaya expect, the cunts from Straya. The bred from criminal stock shackle rattling bastards just like all aussies. Pull ya head in.
  13. Reckon there's more to that story than has been reported. I'd put money on it that the filthy bastards been fingering the poor bastards, even when still in nappies. I suspect he spends time in Hull. Cunt.
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