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  1. Whadaya expect, the cunts from Straya. The bred from criminal stock shackle rattling bastards just like all aussies. Pull ya head in.
  2. Reckon there's more to that story than has been reported. I'd put money on it that the filthy bastards been fingering the poor bastards, even when still in nappies. I suspect he spends time in Hull. Cunt.
  3. Enough of these delaying tactics, yer not getting a picture of my knob just so's you can flick the bean over it. Just get yer rat out and be done with it.
  4. Look; forget that. Are ya going to show us yer snatch or not?
  5. Thank you. I've always considered myself quite poetic.
  6. FF sake, she looks like E T
  7. I'll give him this. He's got some speed for a fat cunt.
  8. Bull shite. She was in awe at my stupendous appendage. From what iv'e heard, your enormous flappers have seen more shriveled bell ends than most. Prove me wrong, show us yer snatch.
  9. They did, i'm old, i can no longer be bothered to be correct every time. Obviously to even point this out, you have become bitter and twisted. Suggest you fist yourself up the chocolate starfish. You foreskinless cunt.
  10. No wonder there are so many cunts in this world. I would estimate that most if not all men who have had the end of their pecker scythed off end up as cunts of epic proportions. I came to this conclusion after an old girlfriend of mine told me she dumped an ex boyfriend because she couldn't stand the sight of his pecker minus it's foreskin. Looked like a a wrinkly dried up wall nut on the end she said. More than that, school showers after gym confirmed the reason some kids are just cunts. A cursory glance inevitably confirmed a complete lack of foreskin. Then there's Isis and head chopping bastards and Muslim murderers and obviously none of those cunts have a foreskin either. Conclusion, if you don't have a foreskin, there's a very high chance your a cunt. What say you? Fuck off.
  11. He looks like a cunt, sounds like a cunt, obviously he's a cunt. leave it at that. Cunts.
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