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  1. Mind you there is a symmetry here you are saying the same shit as yesterday. I unblocked you as I’m a kind natured person & felt you needed another chance to redeem yourself, but clearly once a Cunt always a
  2. Son, mmm yeah you’ve been ridden like a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader
  3. Here he goes again, verdict demotion to private cunt, the self named Major is not befitting of such an ignoramus & cunt of a person. By decree of the Commodore
  4. So I’m guessing that Major has a free hand to cunt fellow members off? It got personal & sometimes shit happens but my guess is he likes to be centre of attention & as the newbie he jumped on the bandwagon of the equally obnoxious Roadkill, another top cunt. Anyway all said & done point taken.
  5. You can’t help yourself on the treacle front. Try not to go into meltdown as the memories come flooding back.
  6. Road, please don’t push me into ruining you again, Major has got sorted during your enforced absence & I will feel bad having to take you to cunting hell & back.
  7. Leaderboard? Fuck if only I’d known. Perhaps I need to up the ante!
  8. I would concur, there is an under current as to why this word keeps appearing in his very limited vocabulary.
  9. I’d wager your wrong & I ain’t finished with you yet, just warming up, you pitiful cunt. Treacle you mention that quite a lot ? Was that by any chance your special treat after being passed around your family to be religiously & systematically fucked?
  10. I’ve blocked you for this afternoon as I have some important business to sort, but don’t worry I’ll be back tonight, to cunt you over time & time again.
  11. Are you getting flash backs again? Bless you, it’s a lot to shoulder your family members continually fucking you & your secret love for saville
  12. I got to the septic part, I genuinely didn’t read anymore, really a waste of your limited talents, your boring the fuck out of me, so I will be polite & just say, leave it now cunt you can’t beat me I will always, always dominate you.
  13. Lovely words Glow, personally I don’t despise you, I defended myself previously against your unwarranted attack. I actually pity you a little , someone who has penned some half decent ditties in the past has chosen to spew their vitriolic bull shit in my direction. Keep in coming. As for Marjorie, I can fuck him up verbally anytime, I would liken it to fucking a Vegas whore, no real emotion, just taking it time & time again with the occasional murmur that falls on deaf ears.
  14. Yep I can feel that that, we’ve been down that track already. He he has the repertoire of a deranged radical flag burning fundamentalist, repeatedly shouting ‘Allah Allah’ Cunting bonkers
  15. Cheers for that , he is actually using material from some 1970’s documentary with a budget of £17.00
  16. I’ll tell you straight & only once corporal cunt, I’ve decided to demote you from Major as your clearly delusional. Your making a lot of noise but making no sense. The jimmy saville jibe? Is he perhaps somebody you idolised & wrote too? Come on you can tell me, do you still hold on to your wank stained poster of him?? You do don’t you? I know it’s okay he’s gone now try & let it go. . ‘Mong’ a term used too many years ago to give you even the the slightest modicum of credit for dissing me badly. Back to the drawing board for you me thinks.
  17. Ah Captain punctuation. Correct me if I’m wrong , the word cunt can be extracted from punctuation? Tad ironic.
  18. Super intellectual comment, your killing me, stop, stop please. Although on second thoughts, carry on cunt, actually good title for your auto biography, Let me know if you need a helping hand penning it? I can choose some very expansive & explicit words that you may not grasp at first, nonetheless the large marauding crowd at the book shop waiting for a a signed copy, shall we say 3 of them including family members will be massively impressed. Now fuck off you nonsensical cunt.
  19. Your starting to sound suspiciously like Roadkill, kind of a cunt, if you get my drift.
  20. So you would like me to delete my profile based on the fact that Roadkill gave it the big fucking banana & I ruined the cunt. Is that correct ?
  21. Hello, Hello, who the fuck are you? Get off the bandwagon fuck wit. I was never ripped, so back in your box bitch, back in your cunting fucking box.
  22. I’m kind of flattered I fucked up so badly, I will try in the future to be a little less rambunctious.
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