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  1. So you're blurphobic? I was warned about you.
  2. Just testing the double-postability on this site.
  3. Yes. My brother Herem had a lot of fun there. I've noticed a lot of people saying 'Nom' on this site. I'd watch that.
  4. Wahlberg's daily schedule is already remarkably similar to my own except for the prayer, showers, and workouts. Oh, and golf. And I don't have children. But I can 100% vouch for cryo chamber recovery though. I always feel wonderfully recovered after my sessions. However, considering how successful this routine has been for the former world's highest paid 'actor', emulating yet more of his habits will doubtless bring rich rewards. I'll start with prayer: at 2:30am each day I'll pray that a short-sighted but talented quantum physicist, while testing his new weapon-grade laser, mistakes Wahlberg's forehead creases for the double slit experiment while streaming live on YouTube. Wahlberg's only facial expression (pained confusion) will finally be revealed as a prophecy of his fate.
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