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Found 1 result

  1. Stubby Pecker


    Malta's top brass have finally stepped down over years of corruption allegations bought to a head in 2017 by the car bomb murder of the investigative journalist who exposed their shitcunt tactics. Departing PM Musc-twat stated that "this case cannot define everything that our country is". What a complete cunt. The thing that defines Malta to me, and should do to every European, is the illegal killing of 100s of thousands (one estimation is up to 3 million annually) of migrating birds every spring as they travel from Africa to Europe to breed. Some stats on estimated annual numbers killed: - 200,00 Turtle doves (declined by 95% in the UK) - 19,000 Quail - 200,000 to 300,000 song thrush (song thrush for fucks sake) - 27,000 Chaffinch - 70,000 Linnet - 10,000 Siskin - 30,000 Greenfinch Other species needlessly killed include; Herons (32,000) Bee-eaters, Golden Oriole, Cuckoo, Peregrine Falcon, Kestrel, Little Egret, Cattle Egret, Night Heron, Black-winged Stilt, Swift, Pallid Swift, Grey Wagtail, Greater Flamingo, Great White Heron, Pallid Harrier, shearwaters (250 to 450) etc etc etc - basically anything that flies. The levels these murderous fucks will go to includes coating trees with glue, using lures and nets and going out at night to blast birds of prey in their communal roost sites. One wonders what goes through the tiny inbred minds of the native Malteser cunts who enjoy this sport, but not as much as the logic that sees the EU prop up their government (200 million a year) without even a slap on the wrist it seems. To me there is a simple way to solve this problem- a month long campaign of dropping biological weapons on the island (Ebola, anthrax, swine flu, airborne tertiary AIDS etc) until every human is a rotting corpse leaving the place to nature as intended. I'll take the 200 million as payment for fixing the mess and distribute as I see fit. This shit also goes on in Italy, France, Cyprus, The Balkans, Turkey etc- the main migration routes are a literal killing zone and other European counties spend millions of euros every year trying to conserve the same birds their southern neighbours kill with impunity. If ever there was a cunt that deserved nomination Malta is right up there.
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