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Found 2 results

  1. Noticed recently on shit sites like reddit and subreddits for europe etc. that the french laughably still think they're a superpower or something and claim to have "numerous territories and alliances all over the world" really? Where are these imaginary territories the frogs have then? A couple of shit, insignificant places from when the garlic stinking cunts had a piss poor attempt at an empire that no one could even point out on a map doesn't exactly put them in the same league as the UK does it. Also apparently they can "project force" the same as the UK, again really? It seems the only time they can project force is when they're attacking British fishing vessels when they get denied access to British waters where they would net trawl with impunity, or setting fire to trucks full of British livestock. Any other time and they shit themselves and surrender.
  2. Guest


    Those cunts at Viz didn't print my letter so I'll air the fucker on here. Cunts. Why is it that when I drop my guts in the kitchen it stinks the room out for five minutes or so, yet when I have a shit - bearing in mind the turd is only airborne for an average 0.85 of a second - I manage to stink out the bathroom for the rest of the morning? It's not going to win a Gold Dagger award but considering some of the bollocks they do print it has taken the wind out of my sails. (but not the bathroom)
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