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Found 2 results

  1. So when do the star spangled spastics plan on giving the entire west coast and texas back to Mexico and the rest of the country back to the natives eh? Interfering faux-oirish fucking pricks. Oh yeah spew-york looks like a grey, dirty, miserable dump that i wouldn't piss on if it was on fire.
  2. In pursuit of youtube fame a teenage dad (Pedro Ruiz) was shot at point blank range with a 50 calibre hand gun in the chest by his lover (and mother of his child, with another on the way, Monalisa Perez) thinking a hardback book would stop the bullet. This was all filmed in front of many witnesses live on youtube. A 50 calibre can stop a car engine at a distance, it can bring down a charging elephant and most certainly will go through a load of card and paper. It beggars belief that people stood around and let this happen. Proof that if you arm a nation of fucktards you will lose a few from very friendly fire. NRA are a bunch of cunts oblivious to reality like most of the USA. Don't see why they can't see if Donald Trump's wig can act as a deflector for an RPG?
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