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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, my names Quincy Cockfingers, when I'm not heli-skiing with John Leslie or pipetting coke up a hookers asshole, chances are I'm in the fucking Priory. I had always thought it crass for any cunt to flaunt his wealth or flash it, until I had it in fucking spades, and can now confirm it is no issue at all to be a smug, insufferable cunt beyond belief. Not that I give a flying fuck about fucking scum like you I am absolutely plum tickled to be in the position to bitch about parking ones yacht, fucking wasted. I rarely drive, because it is immensely more preferable to be driven, dead drunk; without practice in these matters it is a total cunt to have to park ones yacht, fucking wasted, especially in foreign shite holes like Antigua or Santorini where the sky, land and berths are normally reeling all over the fucking place in a boozy, benzo haze. I'm not sure what the fuck you're meant to do with parking these >120 foot yachts when you are out of your rich, rich mind, because any cunt that can afford one will by default exist in a permanent state of shitfacedness, if he's worth his salt. Personally, I'd be more comfortable if they did not have a fucking steering wheel at all, for to me, it's like a very swank, comfortable, 2 cinema room fucking loaded gun.
  2. Guest

    Blind Cunts

    It isn’t that bright, not indoors anyway you sunglass wearing faggots. Unless you are about to piano up a top pop tune, I suggest you man the fuck up and stop waving your head from side to side like a black woman criticising a blacker man. Mmm- mmm. You do not have radar and it does not do anything apart from irritate us normal, sighted cunts. Medically speaking, wanking less would be a step in the right direction. This would be a step up from fucking a Labrador, you glassy eyed perverts. You think nobody has noticed ? Wrong. I am told the acoustic sense is heightened after the loss of sight, maybe not like a super hero, but some way. Whatever the case- listen with both ears:- FUCK OFF
  3. Guest

    Mulled bleach

  4. Guest

    Fat vegetarian cunts

    It was only recently I was feeding some slut oysters down at Wishart's on the shore when I noticed an elephantine monstrosity of a woman sitting opposite, moaning to the waiter in that way only fat cunts are wont to do. Although I couldn't hear fuck all, I could tell that in essence, her bleating about the salad was really a peevish attempt to somehow offload culpability for her being such a greedy fat cunt onto the waiter. Before I could leap over the table and plunge my Sancerre glass into her gut, imagine my revulsion to note a second waiter appear with a fuck-off brick of sticky toffee pudding whilst the other carted of the 'inedible' salad. Naturally the pudding was inhaled like a fucking dust mote- no bother at all! I only then began to ponder on why so many fat cunts sing such a loud, smug (and suspicious) tune about being veggies. Dont get me wrong, i've nothing against veggies, aside from their selfish, awkward demands on any host and the self satisfied cunt manner they exude, but that's another story. I do draw the line at fat cunt veggies. Now, when I hear this spouted by one of them I immediately think "your fridge is busting with fucking buns you cunt" - a quick glance at someone else reveals them thinking "you must eat a fuck load of vegetables eh?", and another "aye, hippos are veggies and all" and so on. I find these cunts an affront to the species whose religious assertion on diet clearly brackets them as prey animals fit only to fill the spaces inside dog food tins. At the very least they are consuming far more than their fair share of vegetables from this biome so for that reason alone should fuck off to another better able to support their glutton and body mass, by which I mean the ocean with the rest of the fat fucking whales.
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