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Found 3 results

  1. So, I settled down to watch the BBC's version of Hercule Poirot . Not usually interested in historical drama about bloody foreigners, but it was Malkovich, who can usually put in a decent turn, so I gave it a go. Imagine my disappointment when I find the BBC had hired a writer to turn Agatha Christie's mystery story into some politically correct, bullshit propaganda, broadcast, probably to keep the LGBT brigade happy. If the BBC wants to waste my licence fee spouting that sort of shite, they should do it with their own specially written screenplays for twatty, bum-fuck rug-munching, right-on, snowflakes and quit fucking about with a classic crime author. What a shower of cunts !
  2. Tata Steely Dan

    BBC News. Again. Probably.

    So I made the mistake of watching the BBC news at 10:00 on two separate occasions this week. Same bollocks, twice over. Each time there was ten minutes about that poisoned Skripal cunt. No way the Russians did it, as the cunt is still alive. Right? Useful for hushing up the Telford abuse scandal though, right? We haven't heard anything about that since that dude didn't die of poisoning. But Porton Down! Porton Down! Then you get five minutes of random sandpit warfare. Some mother sobbing away next to a pile of rubble, some unverified mobile footage of Allah Akbar explosions somewhere. Some under-equipped 3rd world doctor trying to do surgery while mortar rounds thud outside. All very miserable, no end in sight, better send in the frumpy Northern Ireland wifey to report on it while wearing a flak vest and a tin helmet. If the reporter is a man then we have to get the shaky camera 'OMG it is all kicking off' bullshit as he runs through a street to find shelter. Then you get some touchy feely story about a wee girl with a disability, or a preachy one about the sodium levels in school dinners or something. Utter bollocks. BBC news isn't the news any more, it is a weird dystopian soap opera for miserable people. Enough interesting shit doesn't happen in 24 hours to warrant wasting 45 minutes of everybody's time every single day of the week. You either have to invent it, misreport it or dress up banal shite as news.
  3. Lord McCunty

    PDC Champions League of Darts

    Why the fuck, with all the hundreds of TV channels now available, have the BBC fucked the entire evening BBC TWO schedule for fucking Darts? Instead of watching cunts getting the shit ripped out of them for their shite inventions on Dragon's Den, the whole evening is full of Fosters swigging, fat bald cunts. I've known for a long time that the BBC are cunts, but this is a new low.