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Found 2 results

  1. Scousers, scallies, thieves from the pity city. Maybe so but here we have a different level of nastiness. The cowardice kind rearing its head once again and the rat featured little shit still hasn't been given a real pasting. Must be he stays home placing illegal bets and getting into rows with people he's never met on Twatter. Sums him up. No qualities of a man.
  2. Deputy Commissioner of the Met Police, acting Commissioner at the time, told the court of enquiry today that he , another pen pushing police ponce, and his driver locked the car doors and watched that peaceful cunt butcher PC Palmer, did fuck all and then drove off with squealing tyres like Jack Reagan after a bunch of blaggers. Oh dear, they couldn’t hang about and do the job they are paid for because they didn’t have any “protective equipment.” What a miserable, stinking, cowardly piece of shit. This Mackey cunt is a fucking disgrace and has brought shame upon the uniform. The wanker spends all day shuffling paper, worrying about diversity and equality quotients and sending coppers after some cunt who has upset trannies on the internet, and leaves one of his colleagues to die at the hands of one of the filthy scum he cares about so much. Run, tell and hide, they tell us. Yeah, run like Sir Craig, find a police car, tell them the peacefuls are slaughtering the Infidels and hide in the back of their motor. This country is fucked.
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