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Found 28 results

  1. ratcum


    People who really should be rubbed out
  2. That jock cunt loves what he does, I’d like to see him beaten into a bloody pile and then a stray dog pisses on the pile and actually improves the smell !
  3. nocti

    Robbie Williams

    Inspired by a recent post about venom being absent from the site as of late, I set off on a venture to resuscitate an old thread about this fucking piece of subhuman shit, only to find it has completely fallen off the site; even the archive. If I was a mod here, upon banning a couple of sad bastards, I would immediately sticky a thread that cunted this complete and utter oxygen wasting pile of shame incarnate. Talentless, pointless, fucking clueless, yet acting constantly as if the exact opposite was the case with his smug as fuck demeanour. A true fucking cuntbreed worthy of a strict diet of potassium cyanide. If listening to his music doesn't send you into an incandescent rage that could fuel one of Jordan's vibrators, then attempt just for a second to watch the footage of his child's birth (Google "two cunts one baby"). During his drug-addled faggotry in the 90s, an old Brit awards ceremony had Gary Barlow making the frankly sanctimonious speech of "Please spare a thought for Robbie and what he is going through" and all I could do was hope it was a fucking windscreen. In a month of rather alarming but subconsciously expected deaths, let's hope this fucking twat is a wildcard.
  4. This twice bankrupt cunt seems to have been forgotten. He paid £1 to Greasy Green for BHS and got £10million to go with it.Then three months later he extracted £1.7million from the company and later extracted anoth £1million and then used another £1.5million to settle the mortgage debt on his parents home the cunt then put BHS into liquidation leaving several thousand people out of a job and with reduced pensions. Currently the cunt claims to have “no funds”, and claimed he had extensive outgoings, of almost £9,000 per month made up of: £3,800 a month rent on a Dorset mansion; £2,666 a month leasing a 2017-plate Range Rover; and £2,500 a month school fees for his two children, aged eight and 12, on which he was in arrears. A total cunt .. He was educated at Millfields School in Somerset .. @Lord Punkape .. your views on this privately educated twat and also on the £2,666 a month fee for leasing a 17plate Range Rover.
  5. So this pompus cunt piece of shit aggressively "ordered" me to put my dog on a lead. It's family had a wedding reception in a fuck off great marquee on the village green. I don't have a problem with this. Although they did leave a few subtle "dog walkers, fuck off" signs about. A couple of which I ripped down. Of course, I and a lot of of dog owners need better control of our dogs. But had made considerable effort in keeping mine away, but the cheap bin bags full of empty smoked salmon packets, would probably draw in many of the lower classes you get on CC. The wedding was on Sunday, the day was Tuesday. These cunts live right next to the green, but don't like dogs. Still, left their pile of shit on the green. God forbid they soil their own garden with such disgusting waste? I seriously laid into this cunt. Next I'll just stop picking up my dog's shit, then go spastic at anyome who steps in it.t The green is a very dog friendly area. And frankly, anyone who doesn't like dogs is a cunt. So I told the cunt in no uncertain terms, to pack up the shite HIS family of inbreds left, and fuck off the peoples's green. His fucking lanky dickweed cunt son made a couple of reluctant appearances. Not that he would have been a problem. I could have raped every member of his family in front of him. And yes, that was meant to be disturbing. In my research on this stuck up dick face, I have discovered he is a former teacher. I wonder what else the cunt could be hiding. Still plotting further revenge. Will probably involve rotten eggs, dog shit and brake fluid (car paintwork 😉) Fuck off.
  6. I sit for days waiting to join the motorway T junction outside my house, which was once a rural road. Finally it starts to get clear, when some Helpful Herbert turns up, slows to a crawl, flashing lights and frantically waving in front of him. Usually fuck all behind the cunt. It would be so much more straightforward, and quicker if the cunt just make their turn, and then you make yours, you know, like in the highway code? Don't assume we are all as spasticated as you, and need constant help and guidance every time we move. I think most of these people are power tripping cunts. Fuck off.
  7. Mike, the durty little sleeveen cunt ditched the edd china over money or somthing. .little man baloon bastard Panzerknacker
  8. Lord McCunty


    Not content with spoiling people's lives five days a week, these cunts insist on working Saturdays and even on good Friday. With all this Tory cunting house building going on, you are never out of earshot of a brick grinder, hammer, Radio 1 full bore out of a shitty distorted radio and general shouting about. Not to mention the loud casual racism when they're in the pub. Nearly everytime I drive the road out of my village it's a fucking builders truck or van up my arse because I DARE to do 30mph. Antisocial cunts. Shut the fuck up! Fuck off.
  9. Guest

    Jeremys' List

    on behalf of CC I must express my disappoint at not being mentioned on Jeremys' List of abusers. This is a definite message that we all need to up our game. Form an orderly queue and fucking let him and that Diane Abbott slag have it with both barrels.
  10. The cunt in front of me at the curry house this evening: "Can I get a Chicken Pathia, not too hot mate, just like Korma hot". The phrase "can I get" deserves a thorough cunting in it's self, but to request a medium heat curry extra mild really does take some beating. What next "boiled chicken breast for me mate, no spices please"? I didn't get to hear his side order, but no doubt it was "pillow rice" with a dollop of tomato ketchup. If I was the chef, I wouldn't be able to resist chucking in several chopped nagas. I think there was a similar posting to this before, but I think this cunt deserved his own special cunting. A decent curry should at least make your ring piece in the morning feel a little warm.
  11. Another hollywood cunt with the personality of a wet dish cloth and all the acting ability of a lump of fucking wood who talks in a really fucking low and gravelly deep voice throughout every piece of shit film he's been in, who was presumably just picked by hollywood for his faggoty six pack and looks(?) despite having a fat squashed in bulldog face. Apparently australia just produces faggots with six-packs nowadays instead of real blokes like crocodile dundee. Oh and he can shove his Boss bottled up his fucking crack too.
  12. Guest

    Another fucking freak

    The world's first transgender man has given birth to some unfortunate child. That's topped it all so can we now go back to all getting along before this gender mixing fuck up started? This freak stopped her hormone treatment so she could get pregnant with her boyfriend. So not only is there a possibility of the child having some sort of physical and/or mental problems due to the hormone treatment still possibly being in the body during the first stages of pregnancy,but later in life will have the piss ripped out of it because of these selfish cunts only interested in their own sorry lives than the future of any child. It will bought up gender fucking neutral or whatever the fuck goes in the tiny minds of these freaks of nature. This cunt is obviously a woman internally to be able to get pregnant in the first fucking place so stop calling her a man for fucks sake. She said "pregnancy is not a gendered thing". Then what the fuck is it you cunt? http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/health-and-families/transgender-man-gives-birth-baby-first-child-woman-kaci-sullivan-wisconsin-a8107481.html Stickers,Bubba,Froggy etc. Are you fucking happy now I've put a nom up? Either contribute on topic or fuck off.
  13. The annoying spam slag in the foxy bingo ad. .she needs punishing Panzerknacker
  14. Apparently the Gagist has hitched a ride on the Fibromyalgia bullshit bandwagon. Now, whilst I don't acknowledge the existence of such nonsense, a small part of me harbours a glimmer of hope that her symptoms will (sooner rather than later) overwhelm her and bring about the inevitable mental meltdown she's clearly incubating. It doesn't bode well however to anticipate her premature demise, as it's been suggested by some that the saintly Florence Nightingale may have been a sufferer and she valiantly held it at bay until she died aged 90. Others speculate she most likely died of Syphilis. https://www.theguardian.com/music/2017/sep/18/lady-gaga-postpones-european-tour-chronic-pain-condition Thanks for reading and fuck off.
  15. Snowy

    Allen keys

    So these monstrosity of things ,you spend all day looking for the right one, you want to take down your ikea bed and these cunts dont fit, fuck you .This post hasnt been influenced by the tools trend on here...disclaimer.
  16. Guest

    Ken Cheng

    He has won the Edinburgh Fringe Funniest joke award with the following hilarious one liner .. "I'm not a fan of the new pound coin, but then again, I hate all change."
  17. Aka a cold fucking idiot. His sacrifice was utterly fucking pointless. Who knows; if he'd hung about a bit he could have at least kept everyone's spirits up by letting them all kick the pious cunt into a coma.....then eating him. Just fucking wandering off like that's not on. I reckon he'd seen a passing Eskimo tribe.....out the corner of his eye like....and thought fuck Scott and the other 2 cunts...and ran off and agreed with the Eskimos that in exchange for 1) Food. 2)Warmth 3) Mainly rubber clothing 4) An alibi, Oates was prepared to "get his eyebrows frosted" every hour -on the hour by the village elders.
  18. Switch on BBC2 and you will see a black snooker player named Rory McLeod sporting a sponsors badge on his waistcoat with ISIS in large lettering. I've just googled this cunt and apparently he is a Muslim and has been criticised in the past for refusing to shake the hand of female referees due to his beliefs! He's wearing a fucking badge that says ISIS! No doubt it's a company of some sort that happens to have those initials, but even so, considering his religion, this is taking the piss, if a white player with a crew cut had a fucking National Front emblem on their waistcoat, they'd be banned and crucified by the media. This shits gone too fucking far! These cunts can do and say as they like, and anyone daring to challenge it or disagree is immediately branded a right wing extremist, racist, or Neo nazi! I hope the cunt falls over and skewers himself on his fucking cue.
  19. Ape

    Jah Wobble

    Another ridiculously overrated bass player, like shit-cunt-Collins, with another ridiculous fucking name. For those who've never heard of this cunt, you'll be surprised to hear that he's not black.
  20. What the fuck is this stupid cunt playing at? I've just witnessed a shit advert of him dancing about like a cunt, throwing a hat and pointing at a drummer. What the fuck is he selling? Who gives a fuck? How can I kill the past-being-famous cunt.
  21. Bubba C

    Poet Laureate

    Carol Ann Duffy, is a rug-munching, drivel-spouting Jock who works at Manchester Metropolitan University. If the above wasn't enough for her to be classed one of the U.K's biggest cunts, she is also Britain's Poet Laureate, and for an additional income of about £25-30k p.a, she can pen ditties about 'major' news events. Some of her best work includes 'Achilles', about Beckham's foot, a sonnet about the MP's expenses scandal and 'The Counties' about Royal Mail removing counties from postal addresses. Her most recent work could be her best yet http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-36072091
  22. Guest

    Paul McCartney

    OK so he wrote yesterday but he's still a fucking flid.
  23. Everyone knows one, usually from their office. A nauseating cunt who revels in being a supposed jackanape court jester. Usually to be found skulking and giggling in a corner after pulling a "hilarious" prank, like hiding your coffee mug. They delight in telling all and sundry how karazzeee they are, regaling any cunt stupid enough to listen with tales of hand buzzers, water squirting carnations, and the time that they stuck their tongue out at a policeman who was stood 600 metres away. There's one at my work, a drab, polyester wearing creature with a bad case of comedy catchphrase tourettes. If he's not inappropriately screeching "Am I bovvered?", he's usually wailing " I don't believvveeee it!". Well, the cunt won't fucking believe it when I key his fucking Mondeo, shove a dead pigeon in his desk, and shit in his novelty Only Fools and Horses mug. A fucking cunt of the highest order, only surpassed by that other office character, the snivelling grass. Cunts.
  24. Guest

    The Telegraph Online

    Searching for news stories... headlines for some on the Telegraph website look interesting (the headlines....) So.... click on the Telegraph link, up loads the page, takes a while because of all the script-kiddie bollocks, just press Page Down to bypass the bollocks at the top and hey presto... this appears.. I have written my response on their webpage... cheeky cunts... think I'll just go an install another pop-up blocker... some of them stop even this shit like on CH4OD...
  25. This fucking piece of shit has gone on line moaning about how the crash at shoreham airshow that killed at least eleven people has ruined his value for money and wants to know how to get his money back. There are things that really make me want to commit murder and this cunt should have been directly under the fucking crash. Most despicable cunt on the internet right now. Shit, admin this may be an under eighteen, should have checked, but it is fucking terrible what he said. After seeing his retraction in the newspaper, he looks like an adult and its says nothing about aspergers so this nomination stands!
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