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Found 25 results

  1. judgetwi

    Dominic Raab

    I can’t tell you how happy I was to hear that somebody in public life, somebody with a platform, actually had the balls to come out and question all this libtard crying over a druggie, dangerous career criminal bastard who deservedly snuffed it 4000 miles away. He would only “take a knee” for Her Maj or his Mrs, says Dom. At last, I thought to myself, a man with a pair of bollocks! Then I see the cunt on the telly backtracking and saying that the “taking the knee” thing comes from some TV shite watched by children and morons. Jesus fucking CHRIST!! This is the FOREIGN FUCKING SECRETARY for fucks sake and he doesn’t know the origin of the knee bullshit!! Handed a propaganda coup to the libtards on a plate! Somebody kick me in the bollocks, wake me up and tell me I dreamed all this shit. Will Boris sack him? I fucking hope so but he’s got enough enemies in the Tory Party already the useless no balls bag of shit. What a bunch of pathetic, out of touch cunts.
  2. judgetwi

    Google Camp

    So a bunch of rich cunts and their sleb puppets turn up for a piss up to discuss “climate change” and other ways they are going to save the world (ie make sure they are calling the shots) They they are ....... President O’Bummer, Ed Sheeran, Harry Styles, Orlando Bloom, Katy Perry, loads of slebs i’ve never heard of and, the jewel of the crown...... the ginger Rupert himself, the pussy whipped Harry Hewitt, the newly converted Prince of the SJWs. Fuck me, do they really think we are interested in these rich ponces lecturing us, telling us what to do, how to think? Yes they do and, sadly, they are probably right. I don’t know how James Corden and Gary Taxdodger Lineker know more about geo politics than I do but most cunts think they do so that’s ok then. The way I see it, if these peacefuls really want to integrate they should have found a way to get some suicide bombers into that cuntfest and blow the fuck out of these stinking hypocritical parasites. That way I could have given old Abdul a smile the next time he is ripping me off by skimping on the salad on my chicken shish. Tight fisted Turkish cunt.
  3. A pair of Antipodean cunt-beards, Gregg and Kathryn Brain, had Nicola Fucking Dirty Commie Lesbian Bastard Sturgeon highlight their plight this week, in an effort to play political football with their case. The cunts allege that their son's first language is Gaelic and that to deport them is depriving him and them of their human rights. Firstly, these utter cunts were here on a student visa, whose criteria they refused to fulfil and it has now in any case, expired. Their bastard son, according to teaching staff at his school is fluent in only four words of Gaelic. They were recently told they can stay no longer than August and are not permitted to work in the UK. The nationalist supporting Scottish media are now advocating that they should not be handed over to the authorities when they legally have to return to Australia. The Sturgeon cunt has since secured a high-paying job for the bastard father, because he has oft publicised his hatred of the UK. If he despises the UK so much, why doesn't he take his whore's breakfast-ugly wife and bastard fucking son and fuck right off back to Australia, who wouldn't have afforded him any of the privileges he's been shown here, had he been a British citizen on a student visa in Australia? These pricks are part of the self-entitlement, uneducated walking waste shower of shite infecting Scotland and are welcome to fuck off out of my country with immediate effect. Skippy was a cunt.
  4. This is not repeat bollocks as the Spice girls have announced that they are to reunite again. Stalwarts of the corner will know my historical hatred of these howling harridans and their piss poor attempts at pop music. The only reason for this shower of musical shite being wheelchaired out of obscurity has got to be money. I will tell Boots they can keep my new hearing aid. I would rather listen to my own tinnitus or an air liner taking off, they both have more nuance and talent. The reunion must be stopped at all costs. I will set up a campaign to rid the world of these wailing witches, I will call it "halt the harpies, stop right now!"
  5. Snowy

    Elf and safety

    So Gareths just loaded up the wagon and like the usual student cunt he's forgot about the usual procedure. Along comes Mrs clipboard and her mighty fucking pen to rain piss on our parade as the student cunt is swinging off the cab door like an orangutang waving his cock about in a spazzy manner ,I'm trying to make a rolly whilst giving me a quick pick me up cus I've not been to sleep,if I get nicked now the cunt is getting his house burned down,it didn't go down well to be fair,moody splitarse.
  6. Snowy

    My left foot.

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/education-44210683 I've been trawling the BBC website lately in a blatant attempt to play our own resident tranny at her/his game and stumbled across this. Now I will not go into the whole suing for money culture we are copying from are burger munching alies as that needs a cunting itself,but here we have a disabled boy suing a theme park because their disabled facility's did not meet his requirements or the money grabbing cunt who would be his mother. Rachel as said cunt is known has taken it upon herself to sue the flambards theme park because they don't have a hoist to let the little cunt have a shite. Now I wouldn't mind this had there not been pictures of said child on the rides enjoying his little downey self,how did he get on the fucking ride in the first place ,the mind boggles. Pick the the little runty cunt up stick him on the bog and let him have a shit you money grabbing fuckwit.
  7. Snowy


    "Young snowy" thought he would take a day off from picking up shit for a living and took his teenage daughter to see the new Avengers film, little did he know that going out on the opening night would bring every dribbling spazzy cunt out in the droves. Now all was not lost In this venture, the grown adults crying like someone had just killed one of their children was absolute gold and I even said to mini me look at these cunts as she sniggered away, I've taught her to be a right cunt and she done me proud ,it was after the film ended where all was lost with humanity where these cunts all stood up and clapped. Now I'm accustomed to yank cunts doing this,but since when did we become that entrenched in there shitty culture that we have to clap like seals at a movie like your at an opera or a play. Fuck the lot of them uncivilized swines .
  8. I genuinely feel enraged whenever this gargantuan fat cunt appears on my 50 inch screen, blocking out every other televisual point of reference whilst guffawing like a fucking idiot. Whilst I could possibly tolerate her existence as long as it was kept to ITV and Channel 4, it now appears that the porky fucking slag is popping up in every news thread I open, whingeing about "trolls" and "body shamers" who question whether her social media pictures are photoshopped. Of course she denies that they are, as she just looks "different" on the telly as opposed to real life. Unless the camera now adds ten stone and not ten pounds, this disgusting fucking pig is lying. These pictures were taken two days apart, and based upon the evidence I hereby declare that she should be stripped naked and flogged through the streets of Newcastle, her disgusting quivering, jiggling flesh exposed to ridicule with each stroke of the lash.
  9. Snowy

    Nazi erm Nazis

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/education-43555737 So to complete my Nazi trilogy I end with this shit, people being abused in University's for being black. This far left bbc bolllocks needs to stop, the real snowy went to uni, he ended up leaving because he couldn't keep his dick in his trousers, there was no racism then there is none now, no one is being abused maybe fucking twats who have no balls. Grow a pair stop blaming society for your failures and fuck off.
  10. Snowy

    Nazi liberals.

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-43536830 Just to go for the double wammy on the old croan and her apprentice I will get your juices flowing with this. Now I'm not gonna harp on about politics because I'm a dumb as fuck brummie, but it would seem the saviour of the left is a bit of a jew hating beardy cunt, which leads me to my next point, how can the far left call everyone a nazi while opposing the jews ,makes absolutely no sense ,fucking idiots. I am an impartial neither left or right non voter and I think the far left are out of fucking control. FUCK THEM ALL.
  11. Snowy


    Sitting with my two teenage daughters they are watching youtube on the telly I'm pretending not to care while i look at some weird as fuck porn some cunts sent me for shits and giggles i guess ,why I would be interested in a man fucking a a woman while she fucks him is anyone's guess, but it distracts the cancer on the screen. I look up to see some brought to life bratz doll called bhad bhabie (sic) yes you read that shit right, acting all ghetto while the people in charge of her sexualise her and money grab the fuck out of the spazzy 14 year old. Now this wouldn't be a problem if this shit was contained in yank land but as i sit there i envision my own daughters sitting there talking like complete retards and waving there hands in front of there faces like some spasticated chimp. Brian Harvey's a cunt.
  12. Snowy

    Nazi dogs.

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-glasgow-west-43478925 I'm going all Lady P and reporting on some news, and one upping the geriatric old cunt , suck it flappy lips. A man has been convicted of commiting a hate crime because he filmed his dog making a nazi salute which he had taught him to do on youtube. Now I've seen the offending vid and followed the case closely for the very reason that I feared would happen, that a joke could send a man to prison. Now I'm no expert on Scottish law but surely a silly joke about Nazis shouldn't put you arse deep in cock and a run around the yard for 20 minutes every day, but it also sets a precedent that you can not joke about anything anymore or snowflake cunts will send you to jail. I fear for the future and ratty may be fucked to. Adieu adieu.
  13. So I rarely use public transport as Im usually hanging off the back of a lorry. So after travelling back from Cardiff early for the snooker open I took the option of using a bus to go home and save myself some money where I was met with what we call a slaggy chav slack fannied cunt ( sic). She wasn't well pleased that I was sitting in the baby maker part with my heavy suitcase full of welsh crap I'd bought for the young snowys and preceded to drive her 2 baby buggy into my leg proclaiming that the designated area was for her and not the wheelchair cunt that was plastered on the window and she couldn't sit the area right next to her that was unoccupied. Fuck off you dirty slag didn't go down well in hind sight.
  14. This very may be repeat bollocks who gives a fuck. So Snowy's been a naughty boy over the years and he has travel into the arsehole of brum town or others call it the town centre to pick up his out of wedlock offspring so the other fruit of my loins can see them and it gets harder for them to fight over my life insurance. As I picked her up we get bombarded with the cunts saying jesus will save you , Mohamed is the way blah blah.blah but it didn't hit me till we got to the Bullring how fucking mental these cunts are. As we approached on one side is a Muslim with a speaker shouting his hairy chinned cunt off about his particular deity. On the other is a Christian with another said speaker also spouting thing's about fish and bread. It was very much like a rap batlle but whos sky fairy could give them the loudest voice. If you need a megaphone to get your point across maybe you should pack up shop and fuck off. Get fucked.
  15. Snowy


    So I work with a rather mixed bunch of binman cunts but there's one type we get by the bundles, gormos. I was saying to Gareth other day your fucked either way student loans and you want to go into a profession that will hardly cover it. I was then taken off guard as the greasy haired cunt said I'm not as fucked as that cunt while he points to the Gollum looking cunt sticking Sutton towns rubbish in the compactor. The poor lad isn't quite a mong but he isn't all there either, hes a chromosome from eating his own shit if he didn't pack some cunts rubbish into a lorry. No real point tbh Get fucked.
  16. Snowy

    The Intranet.

    So been a hard shift over the Christmas period, unwanted presents, carboard boxes, a fuck ton of beer cans and bottles ( think a normal week at drews collection you'll get the point) . It's like a reverse Santa but smells as bad as a day trip to hull. So the time I get with the little Snowys was a god send untill i plug the ps4 in I got them for xmas. Youtube dad is the first reply I got.once the cunt was hooked up to the toshiba 40 inch from brighthouse. Im met with these pair of pillocks that all the young kids love called the pauls , Jake and Logan who have got onto the news because they showed dead bodies hanging in japans suicide forest to their milllions of young fans, I stood there scratching my head and abruptly ripped the cord out the telly. Happy new year indeed.
  17. Guest

    Elf on a fucking Shelf

    Another fucking moronic American form of bullshit thrust upon us for no reason. Some creepy little gnome cunt is meant to be watching your children every day between "Thanksgiving" (retarded American festival of obesity) and Christmas. Or some shite like that. Sounds like something a paedophile would come up with. Saw this shit for sale at the weekend. "The Elf on the Shelf: A Christmas Tradition". Where is this a tradition? Jimmy Savile's house? It isn't a tradition. Some daft yank woman wrote a book in 2005.I know that 12 years is about one tenth the total age of the United States, but that does not constitute (geddit?) a 'Tradition' on these shores. Fuck off. Paedos want this in your house.
  18. Snowy


    So I've just finished shift.Gareth is just emptying the wagon and it's onto the greasy spoon to cut the shit Reservoir Dogs style round the table with the lads. Skim over the usual political bollocks then we read in the Sun that pink has decided to make her kids gender neutral, this pleases Gareth very much, fucking leftie student wanker. The people with half a brain pipe up surely this load of shite will make kids confused as fuck as they grow up and if you want to pack your fudge in some man's arse or to drink the furry cup it would be better if you had at least been of the age you could swallow a cock. Gareth drunk his latte up rather quick after that and fucked off.
  19. Snowy

    Poor me cunts.

    So I get back in from the late shift, Gareth has done a runner the lazy student cunt,so I just wanna get in, pull one off and go bed to recharge the batteries before the Mrs picks the little Snowy's up from school. As I walk in I'm met with the Mrs talking to my next door neighbour let's call her cunt for security reasons. So Mrs cunt is laying it on all thick she has this problem, her kids aren't doing what she wanted , her work is shit, life is shit in general blah blah fucking blah while she lists every cunting thing that has ever happened to her or her ancestors. She ate my custard creams to...cunt.
  20. So im loading the lorry up with bins and fuck me is it a graft after all our strikes, so I say to the lads lets take a breather before Mrs snowy gets the news her beloved has had a heart attack. So let them all have a fag break and we get talking, turns out young Gareth has a degree in photography,always knew he was a bit of a stalker. Then its Abduls turn to tell us his life. Fuck me if he didnt own every business in Birmingham while having every property known to man that he rents out on the cheap whilst working for Birmingham city council putting peoples rubbish in a compacter. While I admire his enthusiasm I may need to gut the cunt in the morning.
  21. Guest

    Serina Larvin

    A quote from this stupid bint "A much loved friend of our community got taken away in unexpected circumstances". Well,I guess when you go out to steal cash with a golf club and baseball bat you don't usually expect the general public to have a go back, and now he's dead. Oh well, at least the staff in the Co-Op that he threatened can have a good laugh about it - I know I am. I also understand that this fellow may have a tan but I do have the brightness turned down on the monitor, so I might be wrong on this irrelevant detail. Discuss with mirth and merriment you cunts.
  22. Guest

    "Too gay" gay cunts

    Suits you sir. Mmmmatron. Oooh! - you go up the garden path and I'll take the back door! Oooh! Fucking oooooh, you cunts you. Something terrible has happened to the good old fashioned British woofter in the intervening years between Ken Williams and this Nortonian epoch, and I don't mean Bad AIDS. I mean those that talk and act like your shrill, drunken auntie who doesn't get any. This isn't a homophobic rant, no siree, but why oh why do so many of these awful gay cunts affect such ridiculous daft old wimmen airs and high, effeminate, nasal intonations, when it is other bent blokes they ride and seek to attract - not - men who are into silly old raucous aunties, if not the aunties themselves. Back in my dads day, a proper queen was a hilarious day to day fixture in drag, belting out innuendos left right and centre, and everything was totally clear, above board and right out in the open. This cunt would like to politely suggest that if the current crop of fruit cannot be as fucking hilarious as Stephen Fry himself, they should jolly well better go round my aunties and give her an absolute fucking anal pounding.
  23. Guest

    Fucking Harvey Nics

    It has taken the whole of the walk home, 3 rapid jars and a sly one-skinner to quell the fucking justified annoyance from having been dragged round these robbing cunts store by Mrs C. In an effort to "get that Christmassy feeling going" I am every year obliged to endure this shite, and look forward to it about as much as a turkey to the fucking block. Though it's a go-to outlet for many sad cunts as they've got "everything for everybody" who haven't been fucked buying anything before the last minute at crimbo, it should read "shite for cunts" in large tacky neon. Possibly this won't mean much to many who don't have one of these crowning turds locally where it is held up as the Jewel of the High Street, apart from London where it's all like this, in which case fuck off, faggots. Entering, it's like a fucking airport- greeted with saccharine sweet pretend welcome by a pair of orange faced dogs, one realises one must literally walk over every square foot of retail space in this cunt before you get out, all the way being accosted by other caked-in-makeup cunts. A sickening, greedy cunt of a place, nauseating to observe all the fat lazy old bags, minted unnoticed Muslim wives and high-stepping faggots with far too much dough most of them haven't earned handing over thousands to the Cunts in the belief, belief successfully sold to them, that one can infer quality with price. Possibly this is a too-self-evident rant about commercialism at Christmas, but outside of London it's rare to find in such pure form in one spot. If anyone from ISIS is listening, if you are planning an event over here, I'm fairly sure this fucking place is the place. For once, we are in accordance. I'd suggest some type of barrel-bomb parked outside sheathed in ball bearings, while a gas/air device goes off in the cunting basement, which is right by the perfume counter where the worst of the awful slags gather. And remember- any cunt wearing a staff uniform- one in the chest, two in the head.
  24. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone. However, fireworks are a bit shite and noisy and I've never seen the appeal. So stick your fireworks up your arse anyway. Also...feel free to stick any big item up your arse, as is your wont.
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