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Found 1 result

  1. So a second referendum is still being called for by the people’s vote wankers. And Labour, who actually want Brexit. Oddly. So when they lose a second referendum, how long would it take for them to call for a third referendum? The point of NO return has been reached. The EU don’t fucking want us anymore, in the uk more than half wanted out last time and even if it swung the other way it still means about half and half are in or out. So the Brexit lot would then play at Rock Paper Scissors and ask for a Third Referendum if the cunty Remoaners don’t. all of this would add up to democracy being ended, as a vote of national importance with a truly fucking massive turn out will have been thrown in the bin. So killing the meaning of voting. That’s fucking clever. Any cunt who supports such shit needs fucking off on the next puke filled ferry out of Dover. Fucking cunts. Go join a non democratic amalgamation of states run by unelected cunts. That cunt with a banner behind every TV interview at Westminster needs fucking. If it was a Brexit banner it would have been moved by the BBC. They are cunts allowing it to be seen every day. I bet he’s a BBC executive.
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