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Found 1 result

  1. Just looking at the traffic reports and there's 15 mile jams on the M6 heading for Blackpool and 20 mile tailbacks on the M5 to name just two. Now I'm just trying to work out why the fuck would you think "Going to be a scorcher tomorrow. Let's drive down to (insert coastal shithole) for the day. How about it kids"? Four hours later the cunt and his family are trapped in their metal box, sweating like Vannessa Feltz on a treadmill, kids moaning "How long to go daddy" and "I need to go pee pee mummy", cursing and calling all the other cunts that are stuck, "stupid cunts" because it didn't enter our cunts mind that thousands of other cunts thought exactly the same stupid fucking thing. And when our hero arrives he joins the 3500+ other knights of the road, searching for a parking space because the 300 space car park filled up at 9am by 300+ "up and at 'em" smug bastards who are now slowly frying on the beach. Same goes for fucking idiots who go to theme parks on bank holidays and wonder why there's a 2 hour queues for all the decent rides.
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