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Found 1 result

  1. In yet another sign that humanity is hurtling backwards, we learn today that vaccination rates across the world are plummeting and another global measles outbreak is coming. Good. Frankly as we touch 9 billion, the human species could do with a bit of thinning, and I look forward to the day that the anti-vaxxer mothers start flipping out and queuing up for Doctors to inject their children with what they currently label poison as soon as little Jacinta breaks out in Koplik spots. Personally I think the anti vaxxers should be made to do a YouTube video admitting what cunts they have been before they get a jab, perhaps swearing on a stack of Vegan cookbooks that never again will they choose crystals and mung beans over science and evidence. No matter how much Michael Gove says we are all sick of experts, nothing conditions stupid behaviour like a good dose of reality garnished with mutilation, pain and death. They will switch sides faster than an Italian tank commander. Andrew Wakefield should be personally made to care for all the deformed babies that will result from a new age of infectious disease, when he isn’t being ritually sodomised on CNN with old copies of The Lancet. I do hope he gets dragged onto the news soon from his bunker hideaway in Knobhead, Texas, to explain why he should not in anyway be held responsible for putting humanity back a century or two. Quack Cunt.
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