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Found 1 result

  1. So Mark Carney at the Bank of England has come out with what has been dressed up as a scare story about a no deal Brexit. The fairy story goes, House prices will drop by up to 35%, interest rates will go up and inflation will fall. well shit me sideways, this guy is a fucking economic genius. If he can help make this happen he has single handedly solved three of the main problems this country has faced in recent years 1). House prices falling 35% is fucking great for everyone. Even Young millenialist must agree this is fucking tip top as they will be able to finally shut the fuck up about how expensive houses are and that they can’t afford one because they have just had three skiing holidays, two weeks in Ibiza, a gap year in Peru and bought a BMW M4 on finance, an arm full of 3 grands worth of tats, a forty pound per day Vape habit, yet wonder why they can’t afford a house. Whereas, Old cash rich cunts will also be able to buy a bigger house for less, with their cash getting more House for their buck. Win win situation. Where do I sign. 2). Interest rates will rise, which is just dandy. Anyone with savings will at last start to earn something more than £1.50 interest per year off their Investments and savings. 3) inflation will fall, eeerr I simply don’t see the down side. So if Carney is trying to stir up some beef then he has spectacularly failed to do so. He is a fucking economic genius. Top work fella. however, he is a massive cunt and will probably campaign successfully for a Brexit deal to ensure none of us get the above benefits of leaving the miserable cunts the other side of the canal.
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