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Found 2 results

  1. This was the Greatest Generation. Some of them died so you and your social fuck-up, LGBT chums could suck the great EU cock. These days, after a threat of world domination and subjugation from some aspiring fascist dictator, our feckless and spineless, snowflake, younger generation would probably take to social media, asking their 'friends' on Cuntbook or Twatter to give them a 'like' for their e-petition, or waste a shit-load of crowd-funded money creating a pointless, barrage balloon effigy, hoping the cunt would feel so ashamed he'd toddle off back to his own country, never to be heard of again (that's if they could drag themselves away from Love Island and X-Factor) Fuck off back to your Pride parades, that's as close as you'll ever get to marching for your country. cunts!
  2. So, I settled down to watch the BBC's version of Hercule Poirot . Not usually interested in historical drama about bloody foreigners, but it was Malkovich, who can usually put in a decent turn, so I gave it a go. Imagine my disappointment when I find the BBC had hired a writer to turn Agatha Christie's mystery story into some politically correct, bullshit propaganda, broadcast, probably to keep the LGBT brigade happy. If the BBC wants to waste my licence fee spouting that sort of shite, they should do it with their own specially written screenplays for twatty, bum-fuck rug-munching, right-on, snowflakes and quit fucking about with a classic crime author. What a shower of cunts !
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