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Found 1 result

  1. 47 cunting years on and this saga continues to evolve now it's revealed that one of the soldiers involved can be prosecuted. Granted the Paras are a blood thirsty bunch of subhumans who'd punch their granny in the cunt if she said the wrong thing (at least the fuckers I met), but if you're being fired on, or think you are and are young, shitting a brink and surrounded by potential enemy, you're going to shoot a few of the cunts. The whole thing was a fucking disaster and Johnny Mick should be grateful more weren't killed considering the provocation and presence (and then the legging it away) of armed IRA cunts, stirring up shit. The level of angst and need to get revenge is verging on scouser levels and the endless Hillsborough bandwagon. Perhaps the two groups could get together to burn some effigies and grasp for scapegoats whilst Bonio and Cilia Blacks corpse penned a touching tribute whilst forgetting the countless poor cunts killed by the IRA and their cowardly brethren? Truth and reconciliation my fucking arse. The sooner we get shot of Northern Ireland the better- the ones that still want to be British can swim to the Isle of Man
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