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Found 2 results

  1. So, I settled down to watch the BBC's version of Hercule Poirot . Not usually interested in historical drama about bloody foreigners, but it was Malkovich, who can usually put in a decent turn, so I gave it a go. Imagine my disappointment when I find the BBC had hired a writer to turn Agatha Christie's mystery story into some politically correct, bullshit propaganda, broadcast, probably to keep the LGBT brigade happy. If the BBC wants to waste my licence fee spouting that sort of shite, they should do it with their own specially written screenplays for twatty, bum-fuck rug-munching, right-on, snowflakes and quit fucking about with a classic crime author. What a shower of cunts !
  2. So I posted a comment on a Guardian music blog, and almost immediately it gets pulled. Why? Because I used the word 'cunt' in reference to egotistical pop star Robbie Williams. I mean, what other word would have been appropriate to describe that talentless, fat cunt from the ice-cream munching boy band Take That? And while I'm at it, WTF happened to free speech, the Guardian, fine upholders of civil liberties and people's rights to express themselves as they see fit, unless it goes against their leftie, politically correct doctrine. Also, WTF is some cunt doing moderating a blog on New Years Day, has the sad Billy no mates cunt got nothing better to do?
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