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Found 2 results

  1. Apparently some woman in a permanent vegetative state, from the permanently vegetative state of Arizona, has given birth. Fucking Hell. Most of my early sexual conquests involved one, or both, of the combatatives being in a state of comatose, but this is a bridge too fucking far. Either a doctor, nurse, or visitor has pumped this cabbage. Or an orderly. Or Neil. You decide.
  2. Somecunts can drink more than others; that's just one of those things. But there's a difference between someone who can handle their drink and someone who can drink loads, but can't handle their drink. I don't consider myself to be a big drinker (3-6 pints+a couple of shorts type of guy - I far prefer marijuana) and I'll never drink more than 5 pints of Weston's Old Rosie Cider before attempting to drive home- a health and safety issue (although when I do drink drive I always wear a hi-viz vest- I'm not an idiot), but when I want to get tanked I want to get tanked. I don't want to have to stay the sober side of wankered just because the cunt I'm drinking with (specifically our lass-but there are many, many drinking partners like her) goes from pissed to comatosed in no time at all. Because if I don't stay a bit sober, who the fuck's getting us back home?
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